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Santa Cruz to Cancun (WTO) Planning Meeting

Santa Cruz Delegation to Cancun for WTO Events September 10 - 14
Planning Meeting: Wednesday, July 16, 7 p.m. at the Resource Center for Nonviolence

The Santa Cruz Peacemakers invites other groups and individuals to begin preparations for the WTO protests that will take place in Cancun this
coming September 10 - 14.

Our Mexican campesinos y campesinas have invited
us (and others around the world) to join them in Cancun and to organize events locally that will link the issues we are working on to the harmful
effects of the WTO.

We are organizing a delegation from Santa Cruz to
attend the meetings, teach-ins, demonstrations, and other events that will take place in Cancun
during the official meetings. We are working on a special "package" rate for airfare and lodging that will be available soon. Details will be
discussed at the meeting on Wednesday.

We will also be planning some public educational events locally leading up to and following Cancun, as well as a parallel demonstration
in Santa Cruz during the WTO meetings.

This is a wonderful opportunity to link corporate-led globalization to war, environment, labor issues, human rights, economic ineqity and poverty here and around the world, etc. etc.

A video on the devastating effects of globalization on a small Himalaylan village will be shown by Peacemakers on Sunday, July 20: "Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh."
Potluck at 6. Video at 7. Resource Center for Nonviolence. All are welcome.

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Re: Santa Cruz to Cancun (WTO) Planning Meeting

Oh right. I can't wait to see the faces of our little Yankee activists when they are bashed over the head and end up in a Mexican jail. Has anybody you know ever spent much time in our colorful third world drug cartel republic to the south? All I can say is be very careful, take a PASSPORT, let the US consulate know you are there, and you might make it home in one piece.

Re: Santa Cruz to Cancun (WTO) Planning Meeting

What a strange comment to make. First of all I wasn't planning on buying drugs from the CIA or selling there weapons (IRAN/CONTRA), I was simply planning on stopping the US attacks against indeginous people's world wide. You are correct, white people need to act as a human sheild for the indeginous people's fighting the WTO. They will be targeting minorities and women. Please be prepared for this. Please take action NOW!

Re: Santa Cruz to Cancun (WTO) Planning Meeting

Um, SED, do you think it would be a good idea to let the CIA know where I am as well? Maybe I should register myself to the FBI while I am down there? Does this sound resonable? You seem to be a patron of logic, could you help me out?

Re: Santa Cruz to Cancun (WTO) Planning Meeting

East Bay (Berkeley-Oakland, CA) Food Not Bombs is interested in being in Cancun as part of the food aspect...particularly maintaining a mini food warehouse, communal kitchen, and bikecarting food and liquids to appropriate locations. Anybody caravanning to Cancun is invited to contact us. Telephone messages: 510-540-0751. Webpage:

Re: Santa Cruz to Cancun (WTO) Planning Meeting

Listen guys. I was NOT joking about registering with the consulate. It is advised whenever you are going to break the law in a foreign country so you can be bailed out by a consular diplomat. If you fuck with Mexican police they can and will jail you for days without a lawyer or a phone call. You will probably be beaten, women are badly harrassed. Grow up. Mexico is a corrupt cartel-ridden mess with bribed police. And they DO NOT enjoy gringos coming down there to fuck with them. Believe.


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