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Are We in Palo Alto or Santa Cruz??? Test the Stupid Laws this Saturday!

Our colorful living town has become so f*cking sterile!!! As I walk down the mall downtown today I am struck by the total sterility. Not a single musician in site or sound. No kids hanging out, no creativity...

This coming Saturday, July 19th, 1:30PM at Cooper and Pacific Ave. Swami X will be appearing to give tarot card readings as a fund-raiser for Mayor Emily Reilly's re-election campaign. Bubble-blowers, frisbee tossers, hacky-sackers, and chalkers are most welcome indeed!!

We might as well test as many of these stupid laws as possible---and how else, but in a massive show of civil disobedience which may not "move-along" after 1 hour. For more info: Call HUFF at 423-HUFF

Full Story and Flyer for Saturday

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