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Running for Justice!

Zachary RunningWolf is going on a 1200 mile run to stop George W. Bush who wants to thin the forests of the Sierra Nevada to prevent wildfires.
Zachary RunningWolf Brown

For Immediate Release

Native American Leader Zachary RunningWolf will run 850 to 1200 miles throughout California to rally support to stop President George W. Bush's policy of thinning the endangered forests of the Sierra Nevada to prevent "catastrophic" wildfires.

The run will begin on August 2, 2003 in Piercy, CA (Reggae on the River) and one of the first stops will be at Round Valley Indian Reservation. RunningWolf will be sending a resolution to all 558 Native American Nations in the continental U.S. appealing for their support in halting such a destructive policy. From there Zachary will make his way to the Lassen Volcanic National Park, then on to Reno Nevada, South Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, and complete the 3 week/5 week run to Chico, CA. Along the way Zachary will be raising funds as well as awareness surrounding the potentially destructive policy that George W. Bush is seeking to implement.

In the past several years Zachary RunningWolf has run 1,500 miles from California to Montana raising awareness about the US government policy of forced relocations of Natives peoples, as well as his most recent feat running 4,400 miles from San Francisco, CA to Philadelphia, PA to raise awareness and support for death row political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal.

For a complete itinerary of Zachary's run, or for information and interviews you can reach Zachary RunningWolf Brown at 925-202-8062

For donations or if you can volunteer for his support team please contact Zachary and let him know. He needs a support team who can assist him throughout the run with water and help with logistics.

Donations can be made by check or money order and sent to:
Zachary RunningWolf Brown
c/o CCCO
630 20th Street #302
Oakland, CA 94612

See Zachary RunningWolf at the end of his Run for Mumia in

Support Zachary and the protest against the racist logo of the Cleveland

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