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EVENT: Free Speech protest @ Scotts Valley Police Station

A response to repressive action taken by Scotts Valley Police Officers who removed an anti-war banner within 10 minutes of its being displayed.

In response to recent police conduct which directly interfered with the
First Amendment rights of local citizens, mime_type= a protest (including picketing
and other actions) will be held as follows:

FRIDAY, parentid= NOVEMBER 30
1:30 P.M.
1 Civic Center Drive
Scotts Valley

This event is being held in response to repressive actions taken by Scotts Valley
Police Officers on Monday at approximately 7:30am at the Granite Creek Overpass
in Scotts Valley. A banner reading "At What Cost?" with a skeleton pictured at
the bottom, media= was placed next to an American flag and opposite a sign that said
"S.C. loves N.Y." The anti-war banner was removed by the Scotts Valley Police
within 10 minutes of hanging it; the other signs and symbols remained.

The banner was put up to suggest that the American public is being sold this
war at the unreported cost of millions of innocent Afghan's lives, submitted= the
possibility of more American lives, displayable= and our own civil liberties.

Local civil rights lawyer and Constitutional Law Professor Paul Sanford
expressed profound concern about the alleged police misconduct, rating= "When
public officials remove signs based on their political message while
permitting other signs with political messages to remain in place, related_url1= they
jeopardize the free speech freedoms we all cherish. Popular symbolic
speech, related_url2= such as displaying the flag, relationships= does not need Constitutional
protection. It is the unpopular and unconventional speech that the First
Amendment is designed to protect."

This is an outrage, embedded_media= and an example of how we must fight hard to
maintain our freedoms under this repressive regime.

Contact 426-6515 for more information.

Directions to the Scotts Valley Police Department are as follows:

Highway 17 to Mt. Hermon Rd.
Head Left on Mt. Hermon Rd.
Take a Right at Scotts Valley Dr.
Finally a Left at Civic Center Dr.
1 Civic Center Dr. is at the end of the road

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hell yeah!

It's about time someone started exposing the cops' practice of selective enforcement and the clear ulterior motives behind it. Especially here at home.

Now if we only had pictures.


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