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New World Disorder Magazine - Summer Edition Online

I perk up when I see weird, woozy efforts like this. I'll be dropping by every so often to see if they can still reach the keyboard. That white-on-black text has got me hallucinating already.
Bruce Sterling, science-fiction author and futurist

Contents include:

All Aboard the Black Magic Bus! by Adam Gorightly

The Ong's Hat Mystery Revealed: An Interview with Joseph Matheny

Nothing Natural///Black Planet by Adrian Gargett PhD

The Montauk PsyOp by Alexandra Bruce

Book Review of TSOG: The Thing that Ate the Constitution by Jaye Beldo

Thou Sayest: Is Brainwashing Possible? By William H. Kennedy

AIDS by Kenji Siratori

Conquest by Convergence: The Case Against Elite Convergence by Paul David Collins

SARS and the New World Order by Barry Chamish

Deprogramming 101 by Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani

You Can’t Always Get What You Want by Jason Lubyk

And don’t forget to check out the New World Disorder Weblog:

For fortean, political, weird and alternative/underground culture news links, everyday.

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