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Review of "The War On Freedom" by Nafeez Ahmed

The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked, September 11, 2001 by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

A shocking and provocative book available at our local library. The central thesis is that agencies and individuals in the U.S. Government knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance and allowed them to happen for strategic reasons.

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When I picked up this book from the Santa Cruz library, I thought it might be a quick, expose-type read. Instead, I found an incredibly well-researched (and somewhat redundant and dense, at times) analysis of who knew what when before 9/11. There are probably in excess of 700 citations in the end notes. When did this guy sleep?

Here are some of the authors stated facts/arguements that stuck in my mind:

  • The Bin Laden family has been financially tied to George W. Bush, who to this day has either blocked or covered up all efforts to investigate the Saudi connection to 9/11. Eleven members of the Bin Laden family flew out of the U.S. on 9/13, without being investigated or interviewed. There is ample evidence that some of the Bin Laden clan had maintained ties with Osama Bin Laden after statements to the contrary and before 9/11.
  • Former National Security Advisor Zibignew Brezinski (1) admitted that the U.S. had started operations in Afganistan long before the Soviet invasion in 1979, not in response to it and (2) wrote a paper a few years ago citing the strategic importance of Central Asia (oil, gas, and China) and said that it would take something like Pearl Harbor to get the American people to support the necessary intervention in the region.
  • Both Bush and Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Meyer were complacent on hearing the news of the 9/11 attacks and continued with their scheduled activities.
  • The Russians had warned the U.S. one week before the attacks, specifying the date, method of attack, and number of hijackers. Other, less specific warnings, had been delivered previously by other friendly sources.
  • The intelligence community was fully aware of terrorist plans to fly civilian aircraft into targets in at least New York. This plan had been captured when a plot based in the Phillipines had been broken up some years back. The flight school where one of the hijackers had trained even called the F.B.I. to say that it appeared one of their students was interested in flying a plane into a building. When Condi Rice said words to the effect that "we had no idea anyone would do such a thing" she was lying. There was no "intelligence failure" - there was a failure to act on the available intelligence.
  • One of the flight schools in Venice, Florida that trained the hijackers had ties to the DEA and CIA. Local law enforcement had been warned to stay away from them.
  • One of the companies that placed (or brokered) the stock market bets against American Airlines and United Airlines (put options) had ties to a top CIA official. The investigations of who profited (by having advance knowledge of the attacks) was stopped by the Administration.
  • The war in Afganistan had a much larger purpose than fighting terrorism and had in fact been planned for some time (9/11 just moved up the timetable.) The U.S. (and Pakistan) had initially backed the Taliban as a means of providing the stability that UNOCAL needed for a pipeline through Afganistan. Things started to change when the Taliban would not follow U.S. orders with respect to Bin Laden. When Sudan had informed the U.S. of Al-Qaeda's pending move a few years before to Taliban-controlled Afganistan from Sudan, the U.S. had given approval.
  • Two CIA agents had visited Osama Bin Laden in a hospital in Dubai in the summer of 2001. This was at a time when he was "most wanted." What did this visit mean?
  • The most disturbing arguement presented was the unexplained breakdown on 9/11 of normal procedures for the interception of deviant aircraft by miliatary fighters. There is a long history of fighters being scrambled rapidly to meet deviations from flight plans within minutes. No order from anyone is needed - just notification from the FAA to the military that a deviation had occurred. That notification happened on 9/11 in a timely manner but the fighters were not scrambled until much later than normal. Vice President Dick Cheney said that Bush had given the order to intercept well after the first plane had hit the first WTC tower. But in fact, no order was needed to intercept the planes. So who gave the orders for the planes NOT to be scrambled as they would normally?
  • Mr. Atta, the lead hijacker, was wired $100,000 in the days before the attack from Pakistan at the request of the head of the Pakistani ISI (heavily funded in the past by the CIA.) The ISI chief's only punishment was to be forced to retire early!
It is all quite fascinating; I'm not sure what, exactly, it amounts to. The author's opinion is that our government knew of the attacks and allowed them to happen, but did not plan them or fund them. He thinks that the magnitude of the attacks took the government by surprise. (And of course there is the video tape where Osama Bin Laden says the effectiveness of the attackes took HIM by surprise.) But if they were allowed to happen for strategic miliatary and economic goals, that would be a treasonous act. Worth a read on those long summer days.

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Re: Review of

Thanks for reviewing this great book! It's so nice to see good information to counteract the offcial government lies.

Another great expose on 9-11 is:

Alice in Wonderland and The World Trade Center Disaster by David Icke. It is available at gateways bookstore or online at:


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