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A few events of interest to local civil rights and peace activists.
Tonight at 6 PM at 2nd floor of the library is the Bill of Rights Defense Committee where I'll be presenting final wording of a resolution
urging BORDC support ending the Move Along law and dropping the

Tomorrow (Tuesday 8-12) at 10:30 AM in Capitola, Rep. Sam Farr is walking around with Capitola Councilwoman Stefanie Harlan and talking to Capitola business people. They start at Modern Artifacts (312 Capitola Ave.). Craig
O'Donnell of Farr's office says Farr has still not called for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. If someone wants to raise a sign and walk around with him (bring a tape recorder too--this is Capitola), that might be nice.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 8-12) 5-8 PM is the Santa Cruz Night Out where they close
a block of Pacific Avenue (Del Mar area, I think). Jim Ross has some great
collage/flyers IN COLOR (!) which we may be distributing. We need tablers
during this period. Volunteers? Check the Pacific Trading Company and near
the Del Mar next to Snitch Central.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) 8 PM at 322 Maple St. at Tom Noddy's House--Street Performers are Getting together. Performers and performer allies are invited.

Wednesday 8:30 AM Baker's Square HUFF meeting (natch!) 1107 Ocean St. Planning for next two Tuesday night street closures downtown, the merchant drive to restrict food sterving on the sidewalk, security harassment at local businesses, latest update on the "fight your
vehicular ticket", and more!

Thursday 6-8 Continued radio interview with activist Tad Robinson and ACLU-er Robert Herick from Arcata fighting the Camping Ban up there with the assistance of Green Party Councilmember Dave Meserve Bathrobespierre's Broadsides 96.3 FM

Friday 5:30 PM Press Conference on the Impeach Bush Resolution with Rep. Farr there and headed for City Hall downtown in front of City Hall.

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