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Homeland Security???

What does this black out show us????
The blacked-out blackout.

Burning transformer on 14th street, lightning strike in Niagara, failed power plant in Pennsylvania, failed power plant in Ohio, problems west of Ontario; we are into day two of the great northeastern blackout of 2003 and nobody knows exactly what went wrong. But two things are clear.

First: Despite the lessons learned in 1965 and 1977, the power infrastructure of the United States is a delicate and fragile system that can be taken down by a single point failure. It is hard to claim to be a world leader when one cannot keep the lights on. We are a first world nation with a third world power supply.

Second: Our much vaunted Homeland Security Department is as much in the dark about what happened as anyone else, if you'll pardon the pun. Had the blackout actually been a terrorist attack, the HS boys would still be scratching their heads, unable to locate the problem, let alone decide how to fix it. And this means that with all their spy cameras on we the people, the "peek-a-boo" scanners that see through our clothes at the airports, the covert searches of our computers and homes, the Homeland Security people are looking in the wrong places, because today we know the homeland ISN'T secure, and that fact caught the Homeland Security people completely by surprise. Just think about it. For all their peeking into our mail, banking transactions, and posing with guns and uniforms at airports, the Homeland Security people were caught off guard by the blackout. Which means that if it HAD been a terrorist event, Homeland Security would have failed their primary mission, indeed HAVE failed their primary mission, which is to identity ALL points of vulnerability in the nation and secure them against attack, not just spy on the citizens to make sure they are not unhappy with the current leadership.

The blackout has taught us all a lesson. We are not secure. We may have shiny new locks on the front doors but the foundations of the nation are cracked and rotted. The roads are falling into disrepair, the power grid has become unreliable, mail service has slowed down, schools do not teach, emergency rooms close, the internet is clogged with viruses and worms; each and every one of these problematic infrastructures is a threat to Homeland Security, and all are being ignored by the people who take our tax money and use it to watch us, while claiming to be concerned for the security of the nation.

Well, the nation is NOT secure. This blackout may not have been an act of terrorism, but it proves that such an act was not only possible but capable of producing a wide area result. and yet the department of Homeland Security has never once taken steps to make the power system more able to survive single-point failures. Nor for that matter have we seen the Homeland security people give more than a passing glance at the MSBlast worm ripping through the internet as I type this. Homeland Security hasn't made the homeland more secure. It just spies on the citizens. Which proves the Department of Homeland Security is really not about protecting the people, but merely keeping an eye on them.

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