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Save The World.... Vote 1 Green!

SACRAMENTO - Following the unprecedented urgent polling of every active county level Green Party chapter in the state, the Green Party of California (GPCA) today announced its endorsement for Green Party member Peter Miguel Camejo for Governor.
The GPCA is the second major endorser for Camejo this week, following Tuesday's endorsement by long-time consumer rights activist Ralph Nader, the Green Party's presidential candidate in 2000. Nader says Camejo, a financial advisor, has a better understanding of the state's fiscal crisis than do other candidates.

Camejo's candidacy offers California voters both fiscal wisdom and progressive values.

Demonstrating his grassroots support, Camejo turned in the most signatures among all certified candidates. Collected on his behalf by volunteers across the state, the signatures made Camejo the only major candidate to qualify by signature support rather than buying his way onto the ballot.

Camejo is also the first candidate in the recall race to be endorsed by a major political party. The endorsement process was unique for the Green Party of California, with such decisions usually made by delegates in face-to-face meetings. With the short timeline of a sudden election, the next such meeting would be just three weeks before Election Day.

"The democratically elected representatives of our eleven regions opted to make a decision now, polling every active county in the state to fully inform this bottom-up decision," said Michael Borenstein, co-chair of the GPCA Coordinating Committee. "We're proud of the Green Party's inclusive politics, and we challenge the top-down parties to try it."

More than 80 percent the active counties had reported by today's deadline; 90 percent of them voted to endorse Peter Camejo.

Peter Camejo has adopted the green party platform and he often points out the disproportional tax burden shouldered by the state's working poor. Camejo calls for a progressive and fair tax plan, a living wage for workers, and Instant Runoff Voting.

"Peter has earned strong grassroots support in his coalition work with unions, farm workers, and other underrepresented communities," said Magali Offerman, co-coordinator of the state Campaigns and Candidates Working Group. "With Camejo in the race, voters can look forward to issue-based debates, instead of the usual hollow sound bites."

Debates between the leading candidates scheduled for September will include Camejo.

"Peter is known for his years of coalition work with other progressive activists and candidates," said Jo Chamberlain, a member of the San Mateo Greens' County Council. "The Green Party of California will bring that cooperative spirit to the capital by working tirelessly to help Peter Camejo become the next governor of California."

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do it or i'll kick your ass, and chop down your trees!


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