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California Governor Election and PFP/Labor Events

California Governor Election and PFP/Labor Events:
1. TEXT of Peace and Freedom Party statement for October California voter pamphlet

2. 2003 Northern California Peace And Freedom Party Labor Conference

3. "Labor, The Recall & Democracy" with C.T. Weber and Peter Camejo

3. "Challenging for Power- Vote Socialist" event in southern California

4. The Candidates For California Governor

TEXT of Peace and Freedom Party statement for October voter pamphlet:

The Peace and Freedom Party stands for the rights and needs of working people - those without wealth in a society run by and for the wealthy.

We stand for political and economic democratization.

We need full employment, a much higher minimum wage, an end to poverty and homelessness, an end to racism, sexism and all discrimination and oppression.

We need public ownership of public utilities, and to move toward public ownership and democratic control of industry - democratic socialism.

Right now, we need to shift the tax burden to the corporate rich, roll back student fee increases, reverse shameful cuts in health care and "safety net" programs, protect the environment, and adopt election laws that end the stranglehold of money over politics, and safeguard our votes.

We need peace, and we must defend the Bill of Rights.

Vote "No" on the recall, an attempted right-wing power grab. Vote "No" on Proposition 54, designed to cripple the fight against discrimination. And vote for union activist C.T. Weber for Governor to show that you favor a California run by and for the working class.

To send a clear message of support, register to vote "Peace and Freedom Party."

2003 Northern California Peace And Freedom Party Labor Conference, Sponsored By Northern California Peace & Freedom Labor Committee

The New Labor Fightback/ Time For Workers Democracy & Unions That Fight The Bosses

Sunday September 21, 2003 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Fellowship Of Humanities 390 27th St./Broadway Oakland, CA

$10 For Conference $12 includes lunch (no one turned away due to lack of funds)

California workers are under attack. Gray Davis has cut the wages and benefits of tens of thousands of public workers and the response to the Republicans by the Democrats is to attack education, housing, healthcare and social services.

Working people need a political alternative to the corporate controlled Democrats and Republicans and that means that we need democratic unions where the rank and file control their political funds and have a vote on where these funds are spent.

We also need a democratic trade union movement with the principle of one person, one vote and the direct election of all the officers from business agents and all local officers to all international officials and the leadership of the AFL-CIO.

Our union leadership is in bed with the Democratic party and this is an albatross on our ability to fight back and defend our unions. Join rank and file unionists from many unions inside the AFL-CIO and outside, when we discuss and plan to to go on the offensive to defend our unions, our rights and our lives. All workers are welcome to participate.

9:00 AM Registration
9:30 AM Introductions
10:00 AM Issues: Workers Rights, Health And Safety, Immigrant Rights, War & Repression, Democracy & Our Unions, and Internationalism.

Partial List of Speakers: Roland Sheppard, Jennifer Salazar, Steve Zeltzer, Shahram Aghamir, C.T. Weber. Carolyn Lund, and Dr. Larry Rose.

4:00 PM Proposals For Action
5:00 PM Adjourn
Sponsored by Northern California Peace & Freedom Labor Committee

-labor donated-
Peace And Freedom Party Labor Forum

"Labor, The Recall & Democracy"

Sunday September 21, 2003 7:30 PM
Fellowship of Humanities
390 27th St./Broadway Oakland, California

Donation Requested

Speakers(Partial List):
C.T. WEBER Peace & Freedom Party candidate for governor & Chap. Pres SEIU-CSEA 1000 DLC 784
PETER CAMEJO, Green Party candidate for governor
KEN HAMIDI, Libertarian candidate for governor, founder of

Come listen and debate the issues behind the recall and what working people can do about the growing attacks on their jobs and their rights. Sponsored By Northern California Peace & Freedom Labor Committee

Friday August 15th L.A. Peace and Freedom and Radical Women/ Freedom Socailist Party held a forum, "Challenging for Power- Vote Socialist".

The three speakers, Muffy Sunde (Freedom socialist Party & Peace and Freedom Party), Cindy Henderson (Peace & Freedom Party), and Preston Wood (Workers World Party), demonstrated the principled diversity of the Peace and Freedom Party by addressing working class politics, the need to not only vote but organize socialist, although not necessarily agreeing on all issues including the recall.

Due to heat-stroke weather, the turn-out was smaller than expected. Nonetheless, Kevin Bishop incited the crowd in his inimitable Southern manner to give $132.00, all of toward the re-drive debt, and better yet, got several new volunteers to walk precincts for C.T. Weber.

Sincerely, Cindy Henderson

The Candidates For California Governor:

C.T. Weber is the ONLY candidate who is identified as a labor official, activist, member, etc. The most popular listings seem to be businessman and attorney.

This should be pointed out to unions, perhaps by a letter and/or personal contact.

Sincerely, Jim Smith

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