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County Funds Trash Investigation

This morning 10 activists, residents, and academics spoke against the continued funding of a trash disposal study which includes looking at a possible incinerator in Moss Landing.
Citing the harmful effects of such a facility in the evironmentally fragile location of Moss Landing, each speaker expressed dismay that the proposed study included the incinerator. They called for the incinerator portion to be dropped from the study.

Supervisor Almquist stated that the incinerator was just one of the options that will be looked at. He added that we've only got a small span of time (approximately 3-4 years) to solve the trash problem as our landfills will be full in 7-10 years and it takes 10-13 years to get a new alternative going.

If you've got an opinion on this matter and would like to express it to the Board of Supervisors call:


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