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'Council Approves Impeachment Inquiry Letter'


The City Council voted today to send a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Sub-Committee on the Constitution requesting an inquiry into the President actions and policies after 9/11.

'The staff recommendation:\nThat the City Council direct the Mayor to write to the House Judiciary Committee communicating concerns expressed by many residents of Santa Cruz about President Bush’s actions regarding the recent war with Iraq.

\n\n\nThe following is a draft of the letter:\n

\nDear Honorable Chairman Sensenbrenner:\n

\nThe Santa Cruz City Council has asked me to write to convey the widespread concern in our city about President Bush\'s deeds leading up to and in support of the US war on Iraq.\n\nWe have received public testimony

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'Re: Council Approves Impeachment Inquiry Letter'

'That guy under the \"GOD BLESS...\" sign is the wingnut who spams this site with useless garbage about chemtrails'


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