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'Support Veteran Ham Radio Station'

'Drop by the the sidewalk in front of the veterans building and sign a petition to keep the county from moving the ham radio office from the second floor to the basement.\n\nMaurice Ricketts has spent the last 22-33 of his 81 years operating a ham radio station
call letters N6GOW

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'Wormhoudt calls for a Report'

'Three people spoke during oral communications at the supervisors meeting on tuesday. Among the things said:\n\nRichard Anderson : \'vets are being stored in the bunker and dragged out on holidays\' for flag waving.\n\nMatthew Hartog: \'the board of trustees are not accountable in any sense to the constituents of the board of supervisors\' who appoint them.\n\nWilliam (sorry didn\'t catch last name something like \'Shavier\'): the situation is a \'dishonor to displaced vets\'.\n\nMardi Wormhoudt called for a report on the matter. I don\'t recall that any other supervisor responded. They are not required to respond to matters brought up during oral communications though each supervisor has done so in various instances in the past.'


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