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'Post Office Goes Corporate'

'While standing in line at the post office on Front Street in Santa Cruz the other day I noticed what at first looked like a piece of litter. On second look it wasn\'t misplaced trash at all
but a carefully researched display.'

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'Re: Post Office Goes Corporate'

'hey maybe we could print labels to glue over both sides of the cd\'s and use them as flyers for indymedia and other good causes.\n\n\"how do we get the post office to stock \nindymedia DVD\'s ?? \"\n\nunfortunately I think we\'d have to underwrite them. today at 10 am the \'sales associate\' at the counter said that her day would be \'a nghtmare\'; they were understaffed.\n\nthe letter carriers are subjected to a barcode scanning regimen which lets the \'big eye\' know where they are on their route when. they\'re talking about a GPS system next.'


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