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'UCSC Student Bicyclists Harassed and Ticketed'

'On November 5
university police set up traps on campus to ticket unsuspecting students. In just an hour I witnessed 9 tickets

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'Re: UCSC Student Bicyclists Harassed and Ticketed'

'the cops know that ppl don\'t stop at stop signs. once in traffic school the \'instructor\' described a study where they monitored a stop sign and guess how many ppl came to a full stop? zero. so do they think they will change behavior by giving tickets? i wonder how much the tickets are. will the cyclists have to go to traffic school to diffuse the cost? are they educating anyone? changing anyone\'s behavior? generating revenue?'

'Re: UCSC Student Bicyclists Harassed and Ticketed'

'I would like to give the bicyclists the benefit of the doubt in making a judgment call at an empty intersection. \n\nI do however not like the tone this article has towards the police. Why are the police viewed as an enemy only out to ruin our lives? Maybe because your doing something illiagal and don\'t want to get caught. If you don\'t like a law get out there and try to change it. But don\'t blame the police for inforcing the laws. A time will come when they make you feel secure by enforcing laws that you like.'

'Re: UCSC Student Bicyclists Harassed and Ticketed'

'Why is it that santa cruz thinks this is an issue that needs to be put forth on the global site? Does anything real happen in santa cruz?'

'Re: UCSC Student Bicyclists Harassed and Ticketed'

'Comments here that the officer \'harassed\' the photographer/writer are absurd and harmful. Absurd because harassment never occurred and harmful because when people see such an inane thing called harassment then those people are less likely to believe bona-fide incidents of harassment are real.'


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