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'Urgent Call to Action In Support of Arrested FTAA Protesters'

'Unjustly jailed FTAA protesters need your support to get everyone out of jail and get all charges dropped. Send a free fax to Miami City Mayor below or make calls!'
'To send a free fax to the Miami City Mayor demanding that all charges be dropped for ftaa protesters and that everyone be released: \n\n\n\nPlease Post Widely\n\n Urgent Call to Action: FTAA Protesters Brutalized in Miami! \n\nThis week thousands of protestors came to Miami to oppose the FTAA. The Free Trade Agreement of the Americas is an international trade agreement that aims to extend corporate control throughout the Western Hemisphere. \n\nPrior to the mass action there was a calculated campaign on the part of the police to intimidate and harass protestors. One officer characterized this campaign by saying “You can beat the rap

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