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'Samarra Battle faked by U.S. Psywar Specialists'

'An analysis of the \"Samarra Battle\"\nindicates that U.S. Psychological\nWarfare Operatives faked a \"great\nvictory\" for U.S. troops similar\nto the fabricated Jessica Lynch\n\"rescue.\"'
'A quick analysis of the \"Samarra Battle\"\nand some peculiar aspects of same\nsuggests the following scenario:\n\n \nFIRST: The U.S. got its butt kicked during\nthe month of November: Five helicopters\nknocked down; a cargo plane hit and forced\nto do an emergency landing; dozens of U.S.\nsoldiers killed in ambushes; numerous car \nbombs and truck bombs. Dozens of Iraqi \nofficials (working with the U.S.) and/or \npolice officers assassinated; dozens of\nU.S. allies (Japanese

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