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'Local Schwarzenegger Protest'

'There will be an action at the town clock tomorrow to protest Schwarzenegger’s denial of drivers licenses to \'illegal immigrants\'.'
'Parents who will be keeping their children out of school have organized this action. \n\nSome excerpts from Schwarzenegger’s acceptance speech:\n\nTo those who have no those who\'ve dropped out - too weary or disappointed with politics as usual - I took this oath to serve YOU. \n\nI say to everyone here today and to all Californians...I will not forget my oath and I will not forget you. \n\n...Today I ask all of you to join me in a new \"Partnership\" for California. \n\nOne that is CIVIL and RESPECTFUL of our DIVERSE population. \n\nOne that challenges each and every one of us to serve our state in a joyful

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'What time?'

'This looks like SPAM to me.\nWhat time is the action?\nIt sounds like an ad for Arnold.'

'Re: Local Schwarzenegger Protest'

'Of course this isn\'t spam. And it\'s not an endorsement of AS (is his middle initial S?)\n\nThe demonstration is at noon. \n\nApparenty there will be actions statewide.\n\nHis statements are included so that we can see the disparity between what he says and what he does.'

'High Noon'

'Thanks for putting the word out.'


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