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'The Time is now America.... We are teetering on the brink between a Brave New World of perpetual war and the Peaceful Revolution of our dreams. It\'s not going to happen unless we all act to bypass the mainstream media and educate our fellow Americans. Most people know bush is a puppet.... but they don\'t know just how close America is to unravelling.\n\nThere is something you can do about it.'
\n\n\n\nThe best alternative to bush and the billionaires is\nDennis Kucinich.  This guy will shake things up in a big way. That\'s what we need... not some phony minor changes while we continue\nthe war on terror and the war on drugs and the war on the poor.
\n\n\n\nWe want these Changes:
\n\n\n\nEnd the Drug War!!!
\n\n\n\nRepeal the Patriot Act
\n\n\n\nEnd Health Care for Profit
\n\n\n\nEnd the Occupation of Iraq
\n\n\n\nCancel NAFTA and the WTO
\nFree Education for all- THRU College!
\n\n    --- how? Cutting the Pentagon Budget
(the pentagon has actually  lost $1 trillion  as well as planes

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