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'Mayor Disrupts Council Meeting and has Peaceful Protest Stopped'

'The Xmas shopping season is over. On Pacific Ave. merchants count receipts and take inventory. Outside the Pacific Trading Company (PTC) people walk past a fenced-off planter where once guitarists sat and strummed and young folks lounged. But last June under pressure from the PTC
the City of Santa Cruz paid between $7000 and $12

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Re: Mayor Disrupts Council Meeting and has Peaceful Protest Stopped

Just a quick update. DA Bob Lee called Robert Norse the night before his arraignment and told him there would be no arraingment. So unless Lee re-charges Norse in the next year, all charges have been effectively dropped.

His previous arrest at City Council for giving a fleeting "Nazi" salute (with the wrong hand no less!) resulted in a trip to jail. No charges were filed in that case either. Norse's federal lawsuit on that false arrest is winding its way through the federal court system.

Meanwhile, musician Mike True just settled with the City of Santa Cruz and was paid $14, 500 when police cited him for having his own cd's in his guitar case.

Norse's arrest for "obstructing the sidewalk" back in January of 2002 when he placed a card table on a 20 foot sidewalk, also did not result in the case being prosecuted. Norse's suit on that case is also in court.

I would think by this time, that the Citizens of Santa Cruz should be pretty concerned about our local authorities persecuting activists under the color of the law, and winding up spending enormous amounts of money for frivilous prosecutions, or having to pay big settlements for not reigning in the police.

Please call Mayor Scott Kennedy at 420-5020 and ask him why he is overseeing such repression against activists while squandering precious public funds in the process?


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