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Israelis beat and kill in Rafah, Palestine

Family, including children, is attacked by soldiers and their dogs. One person is killed, at least 20 people injured. More trees and homes are destroyed.
9 February 04, by Mohammed, Rafah, Palestine

With tears he told me the story of how the soldiers beat him in different parts of his body. His name is Abu Ashraf Abu Libda who lives in Hay Al Salam. He said: "They killed my son, they beat me, they arrested my family, their dogs beat my wife and children and my son's children"..

It was less than 20 meters between our house and the tanks, where the bulldozers and tanks were parking and shooting from every area.. According to the Israeli media that attack was targeting the resistance leaders.. Their style has changed since they used to say that they attack was because of tunnels but now they say it is because of the media, and who knows what they will say in the future in order to make continue to deceive the world with their news!!

A few pictures that I took from here then three bullets were shot towards my camera from the other tank which was standing near another two bulldozers,, after these three bullets, the bulldozers and tanks came and surrounded the area where we were taking pictures and photographing what was happening. Thousands of people were surrounded in their houses and could not get out of it..

Fifteen hours after the attack, the result was the killing of Ashraf Abu Libda (33) and the wounding of over 20 people, 4 of whom seriously. In addition many olive trees and another few houses were demolished, damaging electricity providers, water supplies and phone lines.

And Rafah is still under different attack by the air forces and Israeli bulldozers and tanks… there is no moment without shelling and shooting, even now as I write, the shelling is continuous.


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