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New Moon

To steal public utility services paid already as owned
completely by IRAQI, (America dying for the bushite
American pension thieves at WorldCom or Britain's
"Dutch"-Shell,) ain't gonna change the business
locations. The evil unAmerican cop killing bushites
think they're gonna party in Manhattan on our dime in
apartments for around $15,000 a month, while sneering at
a homeless beggar on the streets, who thought he was
still in Vietnam.
(from Google 'groups',

Center for American Progress


Reuters reports, "President Bush on Tuesday sought to
blunt criticism he exaggerated prewar intelligence by
saying his conclusion that Iraq had banned weapons was
shared by the U.S. Congress and the U.N. Security
Council." However, writes the NYT, that's not an accurate
portrayal of the facts. Members of "Congress say the
intelligence they were shown by the administration had
been stripped of caveats or ignored dissenting views
about the threats it purported to document." \ \


JFK, 9-11, and the REAL America: Tying It All Together

/ /..Until the full case against Al Qa'eda is made
available for public review, we have absolutely no
assurance that this "proof" isn't exactly like the
"proof" of Iraq's weapons programs -- i.e., a big fat
lie from top to bottom. \ \


New Moon

To steal public utility services paid already as owned
completely by IRAQI, (America dying for the bushite
American pension thieves at WorldCom or Britain's
"Dutch"-Shell,) ain't gonna change the business
locations. The evil unAmerican cop killing bushites
think they're gonna party in Manhattan on our dime in
apartments for around $15,000 a month, while sneering at
a homeless beggar on the streets, who thought he was
still in Vietnam.

An oil-for-Iraq program needs to be reestablished, but
transparent to all as addressing the immediate emergency
needs of Iraqis. Private, in the secret back room with
the bushmob nazi bankers, and their private inept
collaborators flustering as international fraudulent
behaviors, just wont do., try as bush might to murder
perhaps millions of Americans uncovered by his
criminally enforced, reduction in health care coverage

Part 1 - The usual suspects

/ / This latest US intelligence, though, makes little
sense. For starters, al-Qaeda pigeons are highly unlikely
to move around with computer discs in their briefcases:
since early 2002 a disabled al-Qaeda has used women
couriers to deliver strictly verbal messages. \ \

Kimmitt in collusion with the bushmob perhaps? To cover
up an investigation set up to encourage the blind murder
of America as bushite by attempting to divide all the
People of Iraq as Iraqi?, na... not in a tribal based,
enduring practically timeless, inter-woven culture.

Those who ran public healthcare and university are all
the bad guys for thinking, the blind bushite bigots
would conclude illegitimately., and I would say to
yourself: no, the People with equal rights to stay
united for good times, are a people sworn to uphold law
that serves our freedom's best. Iraqi assets are not
bush and bremer's right to steal without question, nor
either, American generosity swindled by WorldCom, Enron,
Dutch-Shell or Halliburton is the final, be all answer
to everything.

You as sure would know that unjustly victimizing the
World in our name because "they" didn't believe in
blindly worshiping with servitude, the war mongering
mass murderer demon bush liar, is freedom stolen from
any. Wide, across the board, ask anyone for comment on
where the bombs dropped from. Needlessly in bush's
name, but to war God's love, and my good life.

Demon bush is not America, America is America.

This is all I'm ever doing as King, but perhaps also,
not going left hungry. If you can help me help you,
we'll be set for something better.

Truth can pose serious problems, when we idolize blindly
the evil demon antiChrist for criminal sacrifice,
instead of arresting him for 9/11 along with cheney, and
bummer rummy, the silent but radio-active cluster dud
dropper who murders American Patriots for a nickel.

Too awe shock embarrassing is it to ameliorate for the
sake of a dying American Patriot Kimmitt?

For, why would Laden want the bushites to stay to
further rob America through creating instability within
his own ranks? without denouncing the demon bush war
lies, that are paying a very real price.. ? What would
it cost commi Halliburton, to face public accountability
(Democracy) in Iraq on where Iraqi money is being
misappropriated for? Do you think they'll get to keep
the oil business, to sell back to all of Iraq at
uncontested mark up freely? To steal food aid to under
pay the third world? Starving?

To steal public utility services paid already as owned
completely by IRAQI, (America dying for the bushite
American pension thieves at WorldCom or Britain's
"Dutch"-Shell,) ain't gonna change the public business
locations. The evil bushites think they're gonna party
in Manhattan on our dime in apartments for around
$15,000 a month, while sneering at a homeless beggar on
the streets, who thought he was still in Vietnam.

Perhaps, he is.

Another American soldier owes me a beer, or will be
dying to steal life from themselves as sacrificed for
the evil criminal dictate of Their Mr. bush Jr.. Don't
go silent as the unknown dying enemy to God and
humanity, stand with Justice and freedom in America for
Americans, and I swear, we won't kill ya as the good
guys in the epilogue.

By the bushmob attempting to create unrest, so
Halliburton at al, can continue in the tommy franks
chaos to rob America blind with false billing, instead
of cash paying, is costing the lives of American teen
soldiers. Who god love'em or hate'em, don't have the
intellect to strategize their way out of an open paper
bag, never mind evil bush's false creeds without real
leadership present as living for. Instead of bruising
our egos, the bushites are dropping bombs illegally on
the family.


Ask a dying soldier how it sits to know commi
Halliburton pocketed Humanitarian Aid? Go ahead,
ask'em?! Then ask'em why they die as cowards by rummy
cluster dud for the bushmob to rob their own direct
families left unprotected? Ask'em! You know what
they'll tell you? They're not happy about these bushmob
war crimes truly destroying America in America,
"freedom", "democracy", Johnny Wizard or otherwise., Or
instead they'll mumble something incoherently while
jaunting away to murder some one found defenseless, or
innocent to pay further while dying to slave under the
criminal dictate of the really evil demon bush Jr..

A proud bushite is a toxic bushite halting from warring
the innocent by stealing your human values truly.

We need to see an apology to come from America, an
apology to Humanity for this carnage waged unnecessary,
but for these contemptible war profiteering practices as
direct assaults to all as God is. Assaults that we have
been unable to remedy by openly communicating to bush's
secret White House, rumsfeld's secret Pentagon, or
Ashcroft's secret Justice Department.

Just who's running this show anyway, I wanna know.

A - g - a - i - n

Will Americans save themselves with help from the rest
of US, by arresting bush and rumsfeld immediately for
high treason?, or will they cower and DIE as the
innocent, in false gratitude to the lying traitors
bushmob? To with their dying breath proclaim
unattested, to be ridding the Universe of their
continuing criminal behavior.. a.k.a. evil?

Evidence is a must to establish a crime scene
provocateur, to deny such privilege is to deny freedom
be served as consented through any government.

Hint: Demon bush, rumsfeld and Ashcroft, they ain't no
struggling democracy entirely.

Look, the thing about God coming down, and having it out
with humanity on some various critical issues, isn't
like going to happen, it is doing.

We had complete unrestricted access throughout Iraq
prior to murdering any innocent child in america's name.

These verbs will strike that antiChrist demon down for
ever and a day, and if I've gone, faded away, these
words will still remain,

till now we meet again,

as you were,

Johnny Wizard


Part 1 - The usual suspects

/ / American commanders and Iraqi police chiefs continue
to repeat the same mantra: the attacks show "al-Qaeda's
fingerprints". Who profits from exploiting these
"fingerprints"? The Bush administration, of course. \ \


The criminal intention is mind boggling to the mortal
mind. Yup, Demon bush Jr. is the real antiChrist, for
doubts about it barely exist. Thank God Your here to
save Yourself.. Na?



/ / This means that many Iraqis now know that in the name
of their "liberation", the Americans have killed or maimed
200,000 people. When something like this happens, you don't
need any help from al-Qaeda to fuel your anger. \ \


Barely seven weeks prior to 9/11

..That idea, they said, came strictly from Ashcroft's
FBI security detail. \ \

/ / The more fundamental question is why, if there was a
threat, did Ashcroft not warn the American public.


No freakin' kidding eh. Ashcroft, America wants to
speak with you about something.


Words from the Son of Man:

/ / Morally equating the rest of Humanity outside
of Universal Justice as US fairly represented? Mr.
bush tells God his plan is to victimize Humanity in
America's name, by hiding behind who's flag again?

Destroy the war criminating, unarrested American cop
killer, our offensive Mr. bush Jr. instead my friend,
and be thanked by God in person.

Look, Mr. bush, rumsfeld, and franks have STOLEN food
and medicine from Iraqi children by confiscating
"Saddam's Money", and, it is now publicly understood
that tommy franks, sabotaged the ORHA plan to create
insecurity and chaos so to rob the central bank of
billions. \ \


9/11 Families Valentines Letter to President Bush

/ / You claim that September 11th made you a war president.
But this is not true. By responding to the terrorism of
9/11 with an unending 'war on terror,'and a doctrine of
pre-emptive war, you and your administration chose this
path. \ \


Iraq's lethal Catch 22

/ / All that matters is that we did not go to war to fulfil
the only task remaining in Iraq - the transformation of
a society and economy ravaged by Saddam's brutal regime. \ \


Bush Administration Officials' Lies

/ / No terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate
threat to the security of our people and the stability
of the world than the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

- Donald Rumsfeld, testimony to Congress, Sept. 19, 2002 \ \

According to whom in our world?



"All of these acts are contrary to the laws of the Geneva
Convention, and all were ordered as written, established
policies from the top down. And the men who ordered this
are war criminals."


WMDs or no WMDs? That ain't the question
Bush backpedals, continues refusing to admit mistake

/ / Bush citing Clinton as a credible source? There you go. Like Pat
Robertson buying a fringed leather skirt because it looked good on
Christina Aguilera.

Bush has even been forced to call for an investigation into his own
intelligence. And you know what's going to happen: they're not going
to find anything. \ \


Blair's New Weapon Of Mass Deception

/ / For the latest in a catalogue of evidence, turn to the Wall Street
journal, the paper of America's ruling elite, which has obtained
copies of the Bush administration's secret plan to privatise the
country by selling off its assets to western corporations while
establishing vast military bases. \ \

Again, I hate to over stress this, but sacrificing the lives of
leaderless American Patriots as measured worthless with is the secret
evil bushmob strategy.

The U.S. Begs for UN Backing in Iraq

/ / So, What Do We Call For?

1) We call for an end to U.S. occupation, and withdrawal
of American troops. Because the U.S. invasion destroyed
the governing capacity in Baghdad and undermined security
for civilians throughout much of the country, the withdrawal
of the U.S. forces should be followed by a temporary
combined mandate for the United Nations, Arab League, and
OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) to provide
direct support for Iraq's reclaiming of sovereignty. That
would include election assistance, humanitarian and
reconstruction aid (including control over all international
funds, including those coming from the U.S. Congress,
designated for Iraqi rebuilding), and peacekeeping/security
deployment. \ \


Ann Coulter - "Liberals just call Republicans names."

Her suggestion is against the common sense of a literate
segment of humanity who knows something is a farce about
this tart, and for me, entertains for words to gain a
better understanding for proper acknowledgment.

Coulter is bigot rousing on purpose I think, just to get
all the american corporate monetary gratitude, in
selling herself not present as a significant baitor
unaddressed publicly in our corporate news circles. She
sells excuses to cowards, of not addressing specific
acts of treason committed by individual traitors, like
rummy or Ashcroft, and instead, suggests all people have
no ability through bushite america to recognize
themselves being robbed their freedoms or murdered
directly for the furthering of the evil bush demon war


A repuglicon nazi bushwhore, who will say anything to
allow bush to steal further from America, is not a tried
and true Republican blue collar. Is it in Ann's
contention, that all Republicans can't imagine
themselves having any independent opinions? Or, is Ann
saying that every Liberal blames Republicans of every
stripe throughout History instead lawless bush
personally for sacrificing the nation as evil
incarnate?, committing to murder individual New Yorkers
as America sacrificing, then further acquiescing to
needlessly feed toxic waste to all American soldiers,
while loyally blowing themselves up dead as individuals
to pieces with sexy rummy cluster dud, all for being
blind disciples of the unAmerican bush demon antiChrist,
their ungodly evil false-deity as enemies of God's love,
America, and our good names?

Naming the repuglicon demon bush a terrorist recruiting
cop killing heroin pusher, who played a central part in
the murder of thousands of New Yorkers is well
established factually, and publicly confessed as all
planned to act upon before hand. Who says? MSNBC's Jim
reported with the White House, as a 'top secret' [Oops,
deceived America wasn't suppose to read this one Condi]
strategy of not following the 9/11 crime scene evidence,
and confessed as 'fully implemented'. A General Ahmad
plan to blame bin Laden as innocent of to secure
invasion of Afghanistan. For Enron et 'al, the
treasonous g-e-t-t-i-n-g . . . a-w-a-y. ... Pension
thievers. Robbing from American Patriots as lead
worthless in value with. Dying.

Remarkable to say the least.

Anyway, solid, documented evidence including the
circumstantials, like cheney's "The Dabhol Working
Group", Niaz Niak, and the quietly contacting of allies
publicly to attempt legitimacy of faked collusion, as
such, with rummy's Pentagon arranging a same-time, what
if a 9/11 occurred plan involving everyone misled, like
also dummy rummy's P2OG, where dummy rummy writes to
commit terrorist acts against our innocent families, he
prefers if any connections have to be made, they be made
with the widest banner of "The Pentagon", as to hide
himself from corporate american news scrutiny, who
instead will report it as, the Pentagon isn't speaking
about only rumsfeld's high office involved in blatant
treason, and naked evil doing. Documented, and
admissible evidence during the up coming bushmob trials:
P2OG. Tenet undermining America's CIA assessment with

How Bush misled the world

/ / Once the document was declassified after the war it became
known that it contained 40 caveats - including 15 uses of
"probably", all of which had been removed from the previously
published version. Tenet further ingratiated himself by
remaining silent about the OSP. "That's totally unacceptable
for a CIA director," said Thielman. \ \

(Thielman, the most previous Chief of the INR. INR, the
official State Department's bureau of Intelligence and
Research. )


white house "official" James Canorton the EPA,

/ / For example, on Sept. 16, 2001, a draft press release
from the Environmental Protection Agency said: "Recent samples
of dust gathered by OSHA on Water Street showed higher levels
of asbestos in EPA tests." That was deleted and replaced with
this: "The new samples confirm previous reports that ambient
air quality meets OSHA standards and consequently is not a
cause for public concern." \ \

(EPA tests showed levels of asbestos ranging from 2.1 to
3.3 percent. EPA views levels of 1.0 percent as the
People's scientific definition of asbestos
contamination. MEASURED "material" was as high as 30
percent in some places. (The EPA has by written
mandate, to never play an unknown, as falsely safe, or
directly lie about doing what is officially required to
ensure protection of America. For good elementary
reason, because again, we're talking American lives
risked for what(?,) by still refusing a proper clean
up?) Research: Juan Gonzalez)


and tommy franks, the State Department's ORHA.

/ / The museum was No. 2 on a list of 16 sites that ORHA
deemed crucial to protect. Financial institutions topped the
list, including the Iraqi Central Bank, which is now a
burned-out shell filled with twisted metal beams from the
collapse of the roof and all nine floors under it. \ \

(Also, to succeed in assisting in robbing the Central
Bank, and museum, the nuclear facilities containing
radio-active contaminants were left unguarded, as not
centrally relevant to franks why soldiers were told
they're still sacrificing their lives for. "Duh, why
are we here to kill good people needlessly so the
bushmob back home can further rob our undefended
families bro? Bro?")


This is for all to agree settled as official History.

America devolving into the criminal tyranny of the evil
bushmob is happening. All the while, we witness, the
LEADERLESS nazi bushite soldier cowering as cowardly
sell outs to their very own friends and family being
robbed back home, left undefended through blatant over
billing as UNACCOUNTED, leaving their own sons and
daughters to dutifully eat plutonium, and going further
silent when it comes to rumsfeld and franks needlessly
dropping thousands of land mine cluster bombs to murder
us people indiscriminately, which, kills their own
aplenty, in a more way than one knows. Karma. (rummy's
pentagon is misleading soldiers on how many have so far
died to allow Halliburton to criminally steal
humanitarian aid from The People, as one example,)
Again, as bushite fascist nazi vermin, they let those
responsible for destroying America through the bushmob
war crimes, still sit in the, for sale freedom captain's
chair, high-jacked from US true Loyalists, attempting to
get away the bushmob is doing from 9/11, by going real
fast .. nowhere.

Second, if Liberals include whomever, how could Ann
possibly assess that all would consider calling
ourselves anything but, unique as individuals? Bizarre.

The American Constitution is our souls included in those
timeless thoughts of Justice for all as The People. The
bushmob is destroying freedom by persecuting the
innocent as terrorists, when they, in AMERICA'S NAME,
throw out the concepts of Justice for any. No publicly
understood evidence to form our conclusions, is a
corporate demand your faith be in the unjust bushmob
'cabal', and not in Freedom for all through establishing
the actual "bad guys". Closing the public criminal
investigations on 9/11, is a critically essential part
documented as the evil cabal's "top secret" criminal
treason plans, put together prior to the murder of
thousands of American citizens. Prior to the event as
hidden question, and, confessed as never considered.
Ya, right.


Investigating the Investigation

/ / After playing a tape of Cheney's statement, Russert asked
Daschle, "Did the vice president call you and urge you not to
investigate the events of Sept. 11?" Daschle flatly contradicted
Cheney: "Yes, he did, Tim, on Jan. 24, and then on Jan. 28 the
president himself at one of our breakfast meetings repeated the

...."[T]hat request was made" by Cheney not only on Jan. 24 and
by Mr. Bush four days later, but "on other dates following" as
well. \ \

-- : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

/ / Two veteran FBI investigators say they were
ordered to stop investigations into a suspected terror cell
linked to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network and the Sept.
11 attacks...

`You Will Not Open Criminal Investigations' \ \


It's liken to ourselves a serious player on the world
stage, when you come to think of the significance of
this fictional writing principled by reason, as yourself
truly considered. Alive. Hmm.. Anyway, Jeeze, we're
like the speculating king guy of creation fellow.. and
a.. Iha thought I wasn't really anything too special
until I realized also... somebody might actually give
me a few dollars as well earned for these great works of
inspiration inspiring others to help US out some. I
sure would. (desperate times call for desperate
measures) What'd ya say?...?...!..$?..!!

In confidence as your ever
lasting kinship through
this Royal life line
I call the Devine,

Johnny Wizard


Beat the Press

/ / For instance, Russert could have reminded viewers that during
a nationally televised speech in October 2002, Bush said that
Iraq had a "massive stockpile" of biological weapons. But at
the same time the National Intelligence Estimate-- what was
supposed to be a summation of the intelligence community's
best material on Iraq--reported that the intelligence agencies
had no information on any bioweapons stockpiles. \ \


Stupidity Is All Around

/ / Perhaps that's because even Democratic leaders are afraid to
say what needs to be said: Bush lied about what he knew about
Iraq and should be impeached. \ \

"intelligence failure" fraud

/ / Lie number two: ``Bush was misled''

Were this claim true, it would of itself be sufficient cause
to remove Bush from office, on grounds of criminal negligence
and incompetence. A chief of state who propels his country
into war on the basis of false claims of an urgent threat
is not fit to rule. \ \


"intelligence failure" fraud

/ / In this interview--which is available on the US Department of
Defense's web site--Wolfowitz made the devastating admission
that there was no consensus within the intelligence establishment
of links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. Yet Bush, Cheney,
Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, National Security
Adviser Condoleezza Rice and others in the administration
routinely made precisely this claim. \ \


/ / In fact, the president had said ``The Iraqi regime is a threat
of unique urgency. Saddam Hussein is a threat that we must deal
with as quickly as possible.''

``he had the capacity to make a weapon, and then let that weapon
fall into the hands of a shadowy terrorist network.'' \ \


A soldier's view of the Iraq war

/ / President Bush said on TV today that Americans are welcomed???
He must be on another planet. A few small towns south of Baghdad
may be somewhat safe to sleep in the truck, but most of that
country is more anti-American than what Bush is telling everyone.
By the way, the Thanksgiving photo-op at the airport was only
open to pro-Bush soldiers. We were screened unknowingly about
four days before he showed up in secret. We didn't know he was
coming, but looking back, all the questions we were asked were
designed to weed out the antiwar soldiers. \ \


For Whom The Death Tolls
Deliberate undercounting of "coalition" fatalities

/ / One thing is certain, there is ample dishonesty creeping into the
counting of the death toll by refusing to count those dying at
hospitals such as the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington. \ \


For Whom The Death Tolls
Deliberate undercounting of "coalition" fatalities

/ / Soldiers are forced to work in a toxic soup [7] and when soldiers
die of horrible diseases this will likely be in the US, and thus
will not be counted.

These dogs of war are safely ensconced in their air-conditioned
think tanks, not really giving a damn about who is being killed
or who is paying for all of this, and now they are banging the
war drums for their next foray. The execrable Richard Perle also
stated that "we" are in Iraq for the long haul no matter the
cost [8]. \ \


Too Easily Persuaded into an Unnecessary War

/ / Bush says Saddam could have developed a nuclear weapon and given
it to a private group to set off in the United States. A lot of
things can be imagined, but the world's mightiest power cannot
go to war over an imagination. \ \


/ / Shami Chakrabarti, director of the civil rights organisation
Liberty, said, ``What is to be left of democracy or the rule
of law in such a topsy-turvy world? No juries? No presumption
of innocence? No defence lawyers or trials held in public?'' \ \


/ / ``surrendering freedom will not purchase security'' and that
``democratic values are strengths not weaknesses'', and that
``open communications networks are a positive force in the fight
against violence and intolerance''. These words voice the concerns
of many organisations across the US.

Bush's National Security Strategy of 2002, published three months
after the West Point speech, argued that countries can legally
defend themselves "against forces that present an imminent
danger of attack." \ \


/ / The press often behaves as if "fairness" dictated not drawing
conclusions in a news story. But if the president insists that
black is white, pointing out the lie is not opinion journalism;
it's reporting fact. \ \


/ / But how can he justify spending much of the $400-billion military
budget on things like Cold War-era high-tech aircraft and other
defense boondoggles to counter the $1.89 box cutters used by the
9/11 terrorists? \ \


/ / 'Rumsfeld set up his own intelligence agency because he didn't
like the intelligence he was getting,' said Larry Korb, director of
national security studies.. \ \


Who are you talking to son?


No Illusions

"WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men
are created equal, that they are endowed by their
Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among
these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness --
That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted
among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent
of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government
becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of
the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute
new Government .."

-- The US Declaration of Independence --


Banking on Empire

/ / ..The money from the U.S. Ex-Im Bank ensures that the investments
of U.S. corporations in Iraq are risk-free. If Iraqi ministries
default on any of their payments to US companies, the U.S. Ex-Im
Bank will pay in their place. \ \


Playing to Win

Bush declared, "and he wouldn't let them in. And,
therefore, after a reasonable request, we decided to
remove him from power."

So, there was indeed no imminent threat posed by Saddam
to Amerka, and inspectors had complete unrestricted
access throughout Iraq without delay prior to the, bush
demon's further war crimes. So, what was the reason for
all the pointless mass murder and destruction again? Oh
right.. to sacrifice American soldiers so terrorist
bush's war profiteering can feed off themselves as
family without leadership present as spoken for. Hey no
problem if Bechtel or Halliburton never actually gets
anything done, or at a good price after their magic
trick "pay here for what?" commissions eat up most of
the investment, it's only the dummy American People bid
payers again left unaccounted to DIE intentionally. The
bushites could make more killings for decades to come,
while flogging the now desecrated American flag as the
new bushmob's being intolerance, greed and true contempt
for all US as Humanity. US, a dying dream that once was
the great American way of living; now war crime bush's
personal enslavement for global tyranny.

The devote bushites tell a Loyal but dumb Soldier to
quietly eat plutonium and get blowed up by rummy cluster
dud, because, it's harmless. Again the marines have got
to come in and save our day, by arresting bush and rummy
for 9/11 now, with truth as the all time word of God
exists within yourself included. Look, don't think I'm
gonna fly down to Washington like some comic hero, and
arrest the entire bush administration, going through
them, one by one from their holding cells, on where all
the stolen cash and American values went all by myself.


All the deaths of American Soldiers in Iraq today, (like
the People who died for the bushmob's 9/11), are caused
from their leaderless weakness to not face bremer and
the bushmob as war criminals continuing to transgress in
America's name high-jacked.

Mr. bremer fired Iraqi school teachers, and hired up
Saddam's secret service, those, who if any, would have
closer relationships to charges of criminal impropriety
in the name of the baathist banner, than any other group
would be. If an American soldier in Iraq today, feels
those from the Saddam Baathist regime should face
American Justice (the real way by thinking) why then, is
bremer not behind bars awaiting his public court
appearance? Mr. bremer as the director of Kissinger
Associates, is as, directly tied to "CRIMINALLY"
providing Saddam his WMD knowhow. The first
"Iraqgate".. [I apologize as Creator for being
partially responsible for this worse than B movie but
true plot line scenario, however, looky here!, there
is so much more to believe!!!]

The bushmob tricks are too cunning to comprehend, see?
Again, for those who can, bush must be stopped from
murdering American Patriots for no good cause, because,
it's really getting US royally miffed way up here also
as the true beings actually committed to Justice as
Freedom for all. That's all folks.

Ya, it's me again,
King of a world forgotten,
Johnny Wizard


How Bush misled the world

Once the document was declassified after the war it became
known that it contained 40 caveats - including 15 uses of
"probably", all of which had been removed from the previously
published version. Tenet further ingratiated himself by
remaining silent about the OSP. "That's totally unacceptable
for a CIA director," said Thielman.

Tom Santoni, U.S. Army veteran
"It would be insane to put the resources into launching an
attack on a foreign country, especially one that has shown
it is not an imminent threat,"


The Bloodstained Path

Unilateral military action by the United States against Iraq is
unjustified, unwarranted, and illegal. The Administration
has failed to make the case that Iraq poses an imminent
threat to the United States.


REP. KUCINICH: If I may, there is no evidence that Iraq
represents an imminent threat to the United States.

MR. PERLE: "...There's no evidence. There's no imminent threat."

REP. KUCINICH: I think that when a president commits the
young men and women of this country to battle, that it
should only be when there is an imminent threat to this

-- - Kerry blasts Bush Iraq policy - Jan. 23, 2003

"The United States should never go to war because it wants
to. We should go to war because we have to," Kerry said.
"But we don't have to until we have exhausted the remedies
available, built legitimacy and earned the consent of the
American people, absent, of course, an imminent threat
requiring urgent action."


According to Patrick Lang, the former
head of human intelligence at the CIA, Hardcastle "told [the
Bush administration] that the way they were handling evidence
was wrong." The response was not simply to remove Hardcastle
from his post: "They did away with his job," Lang says.


DASCHLE: ...The president has to make a -- an absolute
commitment that we will show that there is compelling
imminent danger to the United States before we act
militarily, number one.


Confronting The Empire
Noam Chomsky

/ / ...The campaign began in September of last year. Before that,
Saddam was a terrible guy, but not an imminent threat to the
survival of the U.S. The "mushroom cloud" was announced in
early September. Since then, fear that Saddam will attack the
U.S. has been running at about 60-70% of the population. \ \


REP. KUCINICH: I think the president of the United States has a
responsibility to tell the American people, especially since it
cannot be demonstrated that Iraq represents an imminent threat
to this country, why we should be willing to sacrifice not only
our men and women, the treasure of our nation, but also our
national economic priorities to go to war against Iraq.


Since Iraq poses no imminent threat to the United States nor any
of its neighbors, it makes sense to continue to give inspections
a chance. War can always be resorted to later.


Masako Morikawa, a housewife in Tokyo and mother of two. "In my
heart, I don't want force used in Iraq if there is no imminent


"I'm just not convinced that there is justification for this now," she
said. "I'm not sure when we lost our focus on Al Queda and Osama
bin Laden and the war on terrorism. I have seen no case to show
me how Iraq is an imminent threat."


The San Francisco Chronicle Tuesday contended that Iraqi breaches
justify a pre-emptive war only as a last resort. "This drastic step
will require damning evidence of an imminent threat and a broad
alliance of international support," it wrote. "So far, Washington
has produced neither."


Saddam is no imminent threat to any nation, but George W. Bush is a
threat to the whole world.


Howard Dean then said that he was old-fashioned and he didn't think
you could judge or punish Osama bin Laden until you had a trial and
found him guilty.


It has final deranged exhortations from a terrorist leader. His last
letter is found bundled with a "You Too Can Fly a Plane!"
instruction manual and some autographed photos of the great
enemy --the legendary Osama Bin Gadaffi Bin Saddam-Laden.


Hold Bush to His Lie

And Iraq's occupiers just negotiated an $850 million loan from
the International Monetary Fund, giving the lender its usual
leverage to extract future economic "adjustments."


machinations of the OSP meant that whenever the principals
of the National Security Council met with the president and
his staff, two different versions of reality were on the table.


The CIA did eventually produce a National Intelligence Estimate
for Iraq, but only in October 2002, after Bush had already decided
on war. The title of the NIE, "Iraq's Continuing Programs for
Weapons of Mass Destruction," is reflective of a predisposition
that was not supported either by the facts available at the time,
or by the passage of time.


The fact is that McGovern and I, together with scores of intelligence
professionals, retired or still in service, who studied Iraq and its
WMD capabilities, are reasonable men. We got it right.


Blair admits he did not know 45-minute claim

"I fear the awful truth is that Blair did jolly well know on March
18 that any weapons of mass destruction were battlefield weapons
- and suppressed the information from the House before the
crucial vote."


/ / A contract seen by Southern Exposure from Group 4 Falck, a British
security company, offered the CPA two armed guards 24 hour a day for
any building for $6106 a month, of which the Iraqi guards' salaries
amounted to just 10 percent of the costs

WAR PROFITEERING ? is strictly "English " (a euphemism to mean Western food),
provided by Kellogg, Brown & Root sweatshop cooks from India whose
base pay is just three dollars a day. \ \


Americans Deserve Bush's Profound Apology

/ / Underlying the mess was the ugly suspicion that the only people to
get any lasting benefit from the war will be Bush's friends with
multibillion dollar contracts. \ \


/ / Mohsen Hassan tells a different story. "We, the Iraqi engineers,
can repair anything," he says. "But we need money and spare parts and
so far Bechtel has provided us with neither. The only thing that
the company has given us so far is promises." ...Most shocking to
Huda is the price tag : "I could fix everything here for just $1,000.
Mr. Jeff [a Bechtel sub-contractor] spent $20,000 !" she fumes...

When I asked the contractor why they didn't finish the job, they said
"we don't work for you, we work for the Americans." \ \


/ / If I were such a parent, or spouse, or child, or wounded soldier,
I expect my fury would be visceral and overwhelming. I would not let
these men forget what they had done to my family. Blood is on
their hands....

..Now, imagine how appalled the friends and the beloved of Iraq's
casualties must have been last week to hear David Kay, the recently
retired chief U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq tell the world, "It
turns out we were all wrong." \ \


/ / Britain's intelligence services had, in fact, just completed such
a dossier, but Blair's aides were dissatisfied with it. \ \


Blame the masters, not the servants,3604,1137550,00.html

/ / Hutton notes that a draft of the preface to be signed by Blair
contained the phrase: "The case I make is not that Saddam could launch
a NUCLEAR attack on London or another part of the UK
(he could not)." It was taken out of the published version. \ \


Andrew Mackinlay, a Labour MP, urged parliamentary committees not to
take the "soft option". He said: "It's our duty not to buckle under
this. It seems to me that what we want are MPs who are
still prepared to ignore the sign which says, 'no trespass, don't go


In the meantime, the urge to get the now-embarrassing question of
"intelligence" off the table until 2005 has moved to the top of the
administration agenda.


(Money-saving suggestion: let's cut directly to the scene where Mr.
Bush dresses up as an astronaut, and skip the rest of his expensive,
pointless -- but optimistic! -- Moon-base program.)


> > The CIA for only one example,
> > investigated at least THREE times, officially, the false
> > Niger uranium claims, and found no disagreement on the
> > case as it closed yet again, filed under, never truly
> > happened. The British WMD trucks were for hydrogen
> > production, yet, bush went on again, after the facts
> > were publicly established, about how he wasn't keeping
> > informed, and relied instead on his make believe world
> > of fantasy to bargain the cheap lives of prop soldiers,
> > too weak and stupid to form a cogent sentence on any
> > relevant matter whatsoever.
> >

/ / But active and retired CIA officers kept warning the public and
media (including this writer) that intelligence on Iraq had been
deeply manipulated and politicized by a cabal of pro-war
neo-conservative ideologues in the Pentagon and the vice
president's office.\ \


- The Real Deal -

/ / But the Pentagon's OWN energy support center pointed
out that it also was delivering some gasoline to Iraq -
for only ABOUT $1.00 a gallon. THE PENTAGON'S audit
agency then asked halliburton officials for internal
documents to justify its pricing - but the officials
refused. \ \ (Not Democracy)

Imagine this is why the bushite soldier states the
Humans must not be allowed to disagree with anything the
bushmob in Iraq does, because then we'll all know
together how pathetically weak and cowardly they truly
appear as criminally acting with such betrayals as an
ungodly evil tyranny, without any true leadership to
speak about. Robbing their own nation of America as
immediate family in the process. Dying. All for
intolerant war monger bush's hatred for the American
dream, and contempt for all human good will as kindness.

/ / The Corps unilaterally issued a waiver of
Halliburton's requirement to provide "any cost and
pricing data." The Corps says it issued the waiver at
the request of Halliburton. How convenient. \ \ (N.D.)

Just another PUBLIC bushmob act of sedition against the
old red, white, and blue, to sacrifice an American
Patriot as measured worthless with. So American
Soldier, what are you going to do for US payers being
robbed in the open by the bushmob in Your dying
brother's name like that?, as one American Citizen
censored from speaking publicly at length like all the
rest of US are also in corporate america? Just try to
air an American Patriots concern on american talk radio,
and see how fast your rights are silenced by the
witches, or bushite cultists Art Bell has no problem
giving his National show over and over again to forbid
any protest.

/ / Steven Russell said that "protests are not authorized
and that participation in protests is punishable." \ \

/ / Steven Russell. "These People have always hated US
in this area. It is not surprising that they hate US." \ \

He ain't kidding me he is completely unqualified to hold
any leadership position. A real de-generative paranoid
delusionist, mared likely early on from corporate
neglect he suffers still from. He is what is referred
to as a bigot, and likely therefor, a probable racsist.
The 'area' he forces through threats of murder, are to
demand this vision be no greater than his own. His own
of equality being freedom by Justice Supreme doesn't
stand his scrutiny as aimed for target. Bible or
Constitution, all trash. Innocent guilty, good guy bad
guy, he couldn't divulge as devote blind bushite, war
criminal 'mastermind'. Oh by the way, truly, he breeds
indiscriminate warfare as a bad soldier, while the
bushmob are walking away with who's loyal investment. .
. ? . . . The clock is ticking. If I can teach
Buford and Steve with this breaker, they'll turn around
and kill bush and rummy instead for 9/11 to make the
newspapers. This is why a repuglicon doesn't like to
feed early start programs, that way, Lt. Col. Steven
Russell can pretend he's doing US in this world a favor,
when really, he couldn't care to know if his ACTION
would CAUSE the needless murder of yet another, Patriot
American brother. Steven, you arrest Buford, and
Buford, well you just go ahead and arrest Steven, and
then... well, we'll take it from there.

Instead What?

Instead tell US as an antiAmerican bushite?, you'll
murder US innocent for demon bush and rotten rummy?,
regarding those free speechers who dare voice with FACT,
that, Iraqi banking, university, or health care, is more
intelligent to remain Universal as it was to serve the
People's interests BEFORE baathist bremer sabotaged
communications? The bushmob isn't bringing Freedom, but
stealing it. And as such being consequence, so too,
Amerka. Haven't you heard? Bush's Amerka will be
freeer now that evidence is no longer a requirement to
convince US who is evil incarnate, and protesters can be
shot without CNN making the news over it. It's betterer
I'm sure Ashcroft would say to torture or murder the
innocent, that to arrest the culprits responsible for
high treason in God's America. Right bushites?

/ / commander of the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry
Regimen, Lt. Col. Steven Russell, as saying, "This is
to remind the town that we have teeth and claws and we
will use them." \ \

What an evil dumdum traitor to the town of New York
City steven russell is eh?

Imagine this is why the evil dumdum bushite soldier
states the Humans must not be allowed to disagree with
anything the bushmob does criminally, because then we'd
all know how they ungodly as cowards behave;
treasonously acting in such a inhuman tyrannical manner
without true leadership to speak about. Ask an American
Soldier who proudly states they wouldn't kill unarrested
buford "bush bitch" blount or steven russell instantly
to save the life of one innocent defenseless child, and
I'll show you an enemy of America as just another
expendable soulless nazi bush whore. (ten cents per I'm
paying..) Let's all hope and pray a sexy rummy cluster
dud dropped by bank robbing heroin pusher tommy franks
does them in, instead of US good guys driving in the
designated place at the right time bound for further
criminal bushmob sacrifice as leaderlessly too weak and
cowardly to stand up for 'the Human cause', eh?
An aside: Corporate Americans are publicly taxed twice
as much per capita for their inhuman private health care
exclusions, than Canadians do for public health care
that measures every Canadian as Canadians. (The
bushites are evil, and dumber than dumb I told you
before the election, but your news agencies refuse to
still listen to our top priority concerns regarding the
demon antiChrist's murder rampages against American
principles, and her citizens left uncapitalized.)
Think of it: the criminal bushmob will easily sacrifice
a leaderless bushite nazi soldier, to steal from their
own families back home undefended, maybe a nickel, while
I, as a real man, beg them to be Soldiers from America's
America, by getting to unarrested buford "bush bitch"
blount, death squad recruiter tommy franks, or even
baathist bremer as the actual enemies of true Patriots
everywhere. At the same time, DEMANDING the start to
promoting free fair elections, the solving of tommy's
bank robbery, and the return of the stolen Humanitarian
Aid giving illegally to double biller commi Halliburton.
But so far, they cower as cowards, afraid to protect
their own family from further bushite tyranny that they
don't have a mind to speak of. Nor, an Art Bell to
learn from. (American Talk Radio don't wanta get
political while advocating no concerns about dying
soldiers led by the bushmob. Why? Americans seem to
hate all of their humanity, or so the bushites would
like you to think so through censorship of the dying
victims. However, I'm still holding out on the chances
of one or two in the Marines as loyal to America, who
will if they have to, bravely be taking down bush and
rumsfeld immediately for escaping arrest regarding 9/11.
You can fool some of the people some of the time, but
bush can't fool all of the people as evil incarnate, for
that would just be plain silly.)

Look, about all those bad names you thought I called you
before, as a messed up son of a gun, listen, we all make
mistakes, and... well, if your willing to work for the
survival of Justice in America, somebody'll be proud to
salute your Patriotism as Freedom truly reining. (Or
perhaps the real Americans, to protect the lives of
their blood brothers and sisters, will bravely demand
the immediate arrest by gun point of the bushmob for
9/11, to be strong and brave, humane and godly. I guess
we'll ask who is the sea, the demon antiChrist bush,
along with Ashcroft and rotten rummy, or still We. -

Communicating knowledge is powerful stuff let me tell
you. (Roar) A person can spend a lifetime of study in
a branch of understanding, and write an illumination
readable by another in just a few short hours, then take
in a play or perhaps a movie, then the weekends over,
and you better get back to work or you'll lose the house
on this next late mortgage payment. I don't claim to
have all the answers, but i do just about. Hidden in
here somewhere...

Step Right Up

I know generally, American people ain't so politically
aware, when it comes to huge amounts of living wasted by
little scary, but far too distant as likely scenarios.
Tell me what you think: can you imagine 10 billion
dollars in one year spent to investigate Laden, (with
perhaps only three officers in total working on those
'secret investigations'? [Connie Chung - CNN], instead
of just dirt cheaply starting, with whom did what when
where went why? (W199i and Barbara Bodine) Evidence
must be crucial to convince US who is stealing
literally, billions. Every year. (Where is some great
King to wake up to this madness, and offer US an ever
changing alternative I kept foolishly asking myself.)
Look,. I know a bushite war monger's lying can spook me
too, on how they manage to have no commitment to
communicate honestly with the facts, while publicly
advocating the indiscriminate murder of ourselves as the
innocent., instead of SEEKING solutions to remedy things
with intelligence bringing kindness as it's territory.
God is all great, and I'm not so bad either.

Of the blind human condition trying to thrive, G is the
last Word on lethal threats to the innocent. Threats
made by war criminals who have high-jacked America's
White House, protected by dying as evil bushite nazi
teen terrorists angers everyone truly. Enemies of our
Humanity whom is still living art within Heaven. I
genuinely dislike devote bushite, American cop killing
cultists with everything I am of honestly, and so too,
it does appear also, the bushmob could care even less
for its disciples. For the demon antiChrist, Your Mr.
Bush Jr., fools all Patriots when he tells them evidence
of his treason. What secrets? He secretly planned and
implements to not work for public criminal
investigations regarding the murder of thousands of
American People. Thousands. With Kissinger. What is
it, that you as a bushite or otherwise, can't figure?
None are seperate from this dying dream we call life's
living end. Time to change your religious convictions
on the true existence of a higher power maybe? (I am
really very easy to believe in, and when speaking face
to face, I leave little of no shadows to doubt I am
simply a, super freak as Natural human Being. I scare
few that shouldn't be, and I can't read anyone's mind,
however, intention, is a whole other matter all
together. You gotta be almost like a god to fool me
into thinking one plus one doesn't equal two.)


America is still a work in progress, alive, willing, and
almost able to defend by rule of individual rights by
wHoly miGht. It makes absolutely no difference on what
you think of me personally, (if you've finalized an
estimation), I mean it, no difference. There are ideas
as this Universe living would concur upon, timelessly,
and see?, I know this as the Son of Man of anyone
already, always have. (I don't need people to tell me
I'm great as the Wisdom of Ages, I just need a few
dollars to tide me over until I can get a steady
paycheck.) I have no intentions of ever forcing the
world against our ability, or getting elected as King
for being just myself as a none-partisan, soft-spoken
well mannered businessman. I am the actual make believe
Lord and Creator of the bushite cesspool labeled
America, and thanks for nothing is not what I'm

Letting the bushmob escape from committing the terrorist
acts of 9/11, can not go further unanswered in this
universe, I'm sorry. That's just not a world I as a
defender of my living purpose would feel comfortable
held up in chains and shackled ever. It's really not
where I dream unbound along with the real world ways of
life's struggle for true freedom, being my commitment
kept honorably by doing some good for my sake is a
virtue for all. God, American People are so ignorant,
cowardly, and duped to not help ourselves sometimes, it
destroys US, instead of the lying bush demon antiChrist.
You know?, the enemy of all People, freedom and Justice?
as a corporatist bushite cult deceiver would want US to
not believe?

(nap break)

Can you believe that demon bush spewed last week that
American Patriot Soldiers have been SACRIFICED because
Saddam, ""did not let us in." Now, if he is that
uninformed on Our documented reality regarding TRUTH in
America, along with his now completely confessed absent
war rational, will You, as an American Soldier, watch
yet another corporately unspoken for Brother or Sister
sacrificed to DIE in servitude for that super evil
bush's bullshit continuing in Your name unchallenged?


The David Kelly Story: Turning Murder into Suicide

/ / When seeking reasons for the cuts and bruises on the
scalp, chest and mouth, why is
murder-made-to-look-like-suicide not properly explored?
Presumably pathologists employed by the Home Office know
better than to mention such a scenario. \ \

This whole Britain Blair thing is so disturbing when
parlayed with the facts outlaid. Look, MI6 (C)
confesses the 45 minute thane was really just based on
how long it might conservatively take for the Iraqi
military to get small caliber weaponry, like grenade
launchers, to anywhere along the Iraqi border. (With an
additional report alleging MI6 obtained those timings
from an out of date Russian military manual. (Likely
therefor, a bit of a brag)) If that is not 'sexing up'
by the devote bushite Blair warranting his immediate
resignation he promised, nothing is. Huge penis shaped
nuclear warheads, as apposed to a sweet pea shooter
aimed at space invaders? Hutton should be considered
for treason when you think about the time spent
privately reading the 45 minute, Weapons of Mass
Destruction thane over and over again, never mind the
fact he is blatantly, nakedly, attempting to cover up
the murder of a Brit. (The British can't be played as
stupid collectively as bush's America, because they're
not. Kinda like Canadians, Norwegians, the Swedes,
Belgians, France, and most other developed, and
semi-developed nations. Hundreds of countries,
comprising near 7 billion People. (Thousands of
millions wiser together, than Americans without public
heath care) US: that Ashcroft, bush and rumsfeld
dictate by ungodly decree, are not of true Human values
when talking about protecting our Justice and Freedom
ruling our ways.. into the mystic. With King Johnny
somewhere partying not stop with women, wine, and song.)

I ask Humanity, shouldn't Annan, if anyone, be speaking
up scientifically on American soldiers eating rummy's
radio-active depleted plutonium, while being blowed up
by landmine cluster dud? now that I come to think of
it... how is this to fit in any public American school
text book without mentioning the dying for nothing as
evil bushites part? Can't fit without some
revolutionary process of evolution to the betterment of
America as dreamt of by big picture planning, no?

Now, can someone, at least, lend me some credit for the
time being?

To you, for now,
I bid,

King of the cheap stakes,
Johnny Wizard


Johnny wrote - "Mr. bush tells God his plan is to victimize
Humanity in America's name, by hiding behind who's flag again?"

P.S. Why don't you turn me loose? E-mail this to
everyone for your own sake please, for we only have this
one last attempt to reach you as the World, for then I'm
quitting, and flying away forever to another place
somewhere else where God is love and friendship is easy.
How it use to be before corporate america forgot
Americans, and a person like you wouldn't be left
victimized to starve or die unrescued and heartbroken by
evil bushite misruled by Nature. I still love our great
under-appreciated God, how about you still friend?)

From the Johnny Wizard work - "Wait a Moment"

/ / Who cares about yourself if you won't listen as reason
to? What can you lose when you have granted to be
blindly stolen from? \ \


Wolfowitz Committee Instructed White House To Use Iraq/Uranium

/ / the CIA warned Wolfowitz's committee that the
information was unreliable, according to a CIA
intelligence official and four members of the Senate's
intelligence committee who have been investigating the
issue. \ \


No mystery to untangling WMD puzzler

/ / ...We did not investigate to see what the trailers were;
we investigated to prove that they were weapons labs.
In other words, the conclusion was preordained.
... Intelligence was corrupted for political purposes,
not just in the Case of the Two Trailers, but in almost
every aspect of our intelligence effort. \ \


Where's the Apology?

/ / In any case, the point is that a grave mistake was
made, and America's credibility has been badly damaged
-- and nobody is being held accountable. \ \


Ground Zero

/ / Yet Powell dismissed these pointless killings, echoing
George W. Bush's Solomonic declaration on the question of
existing weapons versus hypothetical ones as a basis of
war: "What's the difference?" Powell said the decision to
kill the children was "based on the best intelligence we
had at the time" -- intelligence that, as we've seen,
could not possibly have been substantial or convincing.
But who cares? We heard rumors. "We had questions."
We killed children. We found nothing. We're not guilty.
It was bad advice, an honest mistake.

That's all they have left as a public defense: the ravings
of a man who killed for no reason, who sits in the ghoulish
mire he's created and calls himself good. \ \


An antiChrist demon bush quote: "No president has done
more for human rights than I have,"

Is he trying again to make a funny on the needless
murders of near two hundred thousand innocent People,
while decimating Ameri.. Look. Who doesn't Hate
america's demon bush for deceiving no one as pure nazi
filth? What could he maybe further spew to back up yet
another of his wicked corporately unchallenged evil lies
as Humanity's most heinously EVIL enemy? KILL BUSH NOW!
(Jesus love you)


Arar's list of questions lengthens with passage of time

/ / Who leaked information about Mr. Arar's "confession"
that he had trained at an al-Qaeda terrorist camp in
Afghanistan, a false statement he says he made to end
his torture? Did those who leaked the information do so
to smear him and to cover up their own complicity in his
deportation? \ \

Yeah. Where did the original report come out of?
Anyone know?, or is it still something someone's not
telling US?

Maher Arar complete statement to media

/ / He did not tell me what I was charged with, but told me
to stamp my fingerprint and sign on a document he would not
let me see. Then he said I would be released. \ \

/ / "We have information indicating that Mr. Arar is a member
of al-Qaeda and, therefore, remains a threat to U.S. national
security." \ \

Imagine that bushite evil for a second. The demon
bushmob tortures you to confess they were right to deny
your human rights without prior provocation, or any
justification to do so? Outside that they maybe thought
you were a smart Muslim with a Masters?

God oh yeah, we're looking forward to this developing...

- dtSearch is cool...

"...defaulting as cowards into ungodly tyranny?"

Upon reading this with another go, I laughed, then when
reminded of the results, I realized,. we haven't yet
failed to please our forgiving Nature. (Or the great
lovable, nothing to speak of) By living to do something
good for this world, we hope we can bring happiness to
ourselves, and in thanks, to the wonderment of what it
is for you or me to be present in this living day. You
must be alive as something special too, when you think
about it in that phrasing. We are miraculously
magnificent as God's free graces, and our possibilities
are spectacular, if this true freedom justice thing
catches on as vitally important. To you, I bid, a due.

Being as understanding as I am, I sense a
few might fear knowledge being told
as if one were sitting upon, Mount
Olympus, but I would only ask
you, that you treat us as
fair, as you, yourself,
would be included.
No, really.
I am not
s d

Ahem... When you get to be as smart as me, the world
can seem in some need of our assistance. Now, why we
haven't been able to articulate that until I crowned
myself make believe king, simply, to ask some questions
of myself mostly, I can't say either. But Jeeze, I so
much hope we're able to become what we concieve for the
better, because, then.. Wow! As ground fool Creator, I
have dreamed of crystal clear drinking water, good food,
and further, committing ourselves politically to a
better world for all persons included. How? Arrest
bush and rumsfeld for 9/11 as starters, and we'll take
also the bonus of ending the fight of further terror
wars for the war mongering evil, George Bush Jr. and
twisted rotten rummy; who instead, will be behind bars
awaiting public trial., for the murder of thousands of
God's People in New York City. For, that demon
antiChrist has no right to dictate to the rest as
Earth's new chance Lord, for that would not be me truly.

King of the World!
Johnny Wizard

I know we could go places if we learned quicker why we
have laws to protect the road.

(Don't miss "Johnny Wizard Vs. the bushmob") messages/28.html

(on bush's behaviour during the 9/11 incident.)

/ / Stuck he was then, with no mind to ruse, er.. time to
snooze, Arg! What was the cue? Errrch... If he moves
with priority interest as concerned openly honest public
figure, as he knows a legitimate President would have
been to first learn of such carnage,


why not previous before he left his Hotel room with a
television? Outside the Hotel? In the motorcade? With
school staff as you'd figure would have been present too
laughing, no? Instead he stayed as he had been to give
no orders publicly, nor attempt to make public inqiries,
but to listen with such unbelievable absolute devotion,
equating a beautiful child's story, as if it were Jesus
from the heavens himself, speaking directly on the
living Nature of our Universe.. \ \


From, "Johnny Wizard Here To Tell It Like We Is"
(Written prior to the beginning of corporate america's
evil bushite war against Humanity's Freedom in Iraq)

/ / ...Mr. bush indicates he knows
nothing of economics, or the important function of law
to protect our societies, so what if he should kill
Saddam, and maybe a million Iraqi people, then what? He
hasn't thought that far, and clearly, due to his
evilness we witness daily, couldn't care less. CNN and
other corporate professionals refuse to tell the blood
sucking, carcinogenic, corporate American real fast news

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