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In need of plants, etc. for guerrilla gardening in SF for J8

help needed for guerrilla gardening actions to take place in concordance with June 8 mobilization against the BIO conference
This call is going out to organic farmers, landscapers, tree-farmers,
native botanical gardens, student groups, and anyone else who might have
a green-thumb, be interested in gurilla-gardening projects or means to
donate to the action. teh specifics of the action will be generated by
the contenct of teh action (ie. details to be figured out at J*th
convergence when all people and plants are accounted for.) WE hoope for
somthing like the Miami barbados cherry tree outreach. A simular call
went out in florida and a good response was had. Lets see how Cali can

Please distribute widley.

To All California Green Thumbs,

This is a call to action; this is a request for help. On June 8th the
International Biotech Conference is being held in San Francisco.
Simultaneously the G-8 Summit is being held on an unreachable island
fortress off the coast of Georgia. The call has been given; voices are rising
(, and amongst
others). There shall be a gathering of bodies in San Francisco, in order
to both speak out against the destructive forces of the corporate
agenda, and to nurture our vision of an abundant future. We believe June
8th, 2004, is time to make a stand, time to Reclaim the Commons. We hold
it as self-evident that our shared water, food, air and land supplies
as well as our genetic pool, right to freedom, and community
institutions must be liberated from the hands of abstract economic and political
The idea is to create an alternative to the dis-enfranchising power of
trans-national corporate capitalism. We hope to manifest a viable
future that people can see, touch, taste, and know in a real and lived
manner. Only then, when the people have inhabited the alternatives too
corporate domination, will real resistance be able to blossom. No one
wants to walk into the unknown, but many will march towards a real and
better tomorrow. In order for these seeds to take hold many people need
to give time, energy, love, support, and wisdom. This is not an attempt
to create a utopia, because each person has his or her own vision of a
utopia. This is an attempt to use our collective voices and visions to
create a real alternative. With this in mind, this call is given.
We are calling for the Greening of San Francisco. We envision all the
empty lots, open spaces, and urban lawns turned into food forest, into
permaculturaly designed organic commons, community shared resources,
food sources, and places to gather. To succeed in this action we need
the help of California’s Green-thumbs. Those people who have their
energies involved with growing food, with tending to native seeds, to the
collection of seed banks, and preservation of non-GM organisms.
California has over 10,000 organic farms, along with countless unlicensed
spray free, biodynamic, community, and native/botanical gardens. People
throughout the state help to keep the seeds sprouting, the trees growing,
and healthy food in our bellies. This summer is time for a bit of
those resources to join the Movement for Global Justice, on the streets and
in the parks of San Francisco.
So to put it simply, we need donations. We need native plant, drought
resistant shrubs, trees, seeds, flowers, etc. We need edible plants,
we need fruit trees, we need annuals, perennials, vines, shrubs, etc.
We need anything people can give. We need compost, we need mulch, we
need trucks, we need hands, and we need shovels and rakes and implements
of re-forestation. If we act organically, spontaneously, and with
intention a better tomorrow can sprout out of the shell of a horrific
today. We can green San Francisco and we can show the world what IS the
alternative to corporate greed. Please respond to this call be emailing
gurillagarden (at), or by coming to San Francisco on June
8th. Thank you for your time, and for the work that you do.
Johnny Cherrytree.

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