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Many children are victims of Israeli aggression in Gaza

Palestinian children are killed in Israeli incursions.
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19 February 04, Mohammed, Rafah, Palestine

They killed him while he was playing near his house in Hay Al Salam area, 13 year old Bashir Abu Armana. He was playing with three other children: Ayman Al Naqla (13) was injured, while Mohammed Juda (12) was arrested.. Abu Armana stayed approximately three hours lying on the ground after being injured in the back of his head as ambulances tried to reach him several times, but were not allowed. Medical workers were faced with shooting towards their ambulances.

A very large number of children participated in the funeral of their friend Abu Armana. Those children began to understand and know the real face of Israel. They had been appealling for the international community but their voices were ignored..

Dr. Ali Mussa in Abu Youif Al Najjar area announced the arrival of 62 year old Suad Al Qernawi at the hospital after she was waiting for permission from the Israeli soldiers in order to get from Egypt into Rafah as she was in Egypt for medical treatment.

Daily incursions, shelling houses, demolishing trees , killing children while they were going to schools, it seems the routine life in Rafah Refugee Camp.. The Israeli troops killed Jamal Al Afifi (45), in addition to killing Mohamed Zourb (25).

At the moment, it is raining, the weather is very cold here, the shelling continues, and many people are leaving their houses because of the tanks and bulldozer movements which made them realize that there will be new incursions. They all chose to get out with their children in the cold weather but not to stay one hour in their houses which would probably be invaded anytime by the Israeli Army.

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