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Goverment lawyers and police faking private property owning

Socialism, labour and labour union ruled states have got two sides. With Socialist or 'low quality capitalist' media you have only news to manipulate people. Who is manipulating you in BBC UK citizen, and why is he/she doing so?
23.2.2004 3:37


FIN – I was watching a TV program the other day on crimes happened in Socialist Finland. It was about crimes not accepted into the Police investigation, 'not valid for making a report of an offence' or something Finnish militia not understanding as a crime.

I say, it is a funny world. Can you imagine, when whole summer cottage had disappeared, the police thinks 'they have better and more important things to investigate' than someone lost a cottage? - I suppose Finnish militia must have meant, it being so small, that one hardly notices the disappearance. At least Finnish militia does not. What about if someone steals your home or house. I suppose it is no longer a crime in Socialist Finland. We have turned into Russia militia State, were State Police is no longer interested anything but crimes against the State or crimes they feel like worth of investigating. Crimes like shop lifting are far more important and has got a higher priority, that someone's lost home. Home is no longer my castle, but my castle has become my home.

An other good example of the Finnish Socialist State immorality and decline;
over three million EUR financial fraud is not worth of investigation. Probably because socialist government lawyers from district level to the supreme court are being bribed or they get their share of the property by trying to own it. They like to own something belonging to someone else, and they can not make the difference to their own property – just like in Russia.
In fact, I know it, since I have such a case myself were based on lawyers documentation and practise I own a small amount land and other property, but because of Finnish Police, Security Police and lawyers, this property has never belong or being shifted to myself. In Socialism Finnish Police, Finnish Security Police and judges agree on people's property, live on it and use it. In other nations it called COMMUNISM, but in Socialistic Finland people have not been able to name it since these things are under censorship.

In Socialist Finland our educated Labour University academicals steal and use other people's property. Our Police and Lawyers live on other people's property. It is shocking to realise, that people with no education at all, or at least no units on financial math, are making their naive attempts in manoeuvring property belonging to someone else. These people are parasites. Usually these 'old boy networks' have all major people with influence represented, or alternatively extreme socialists with no own intellectual property. Finnish Socialist's way of making decisions is simply making a telephone call to his/her old friend, who lacks as much in education as the called, and ask him/her to do a favour. Knowledge hasn't got anything to do with Socialist Finland decisions, when it comes down to normal people.

How can every single victim respond to those people's fraud, were they talk in mass media about 'individual cases', because they have never allowed these victims talk in public. This is how rotten Socialist Finland is and has become. In the 90's our actors refuced to train our politicians, because their learned to act so they could lie. In these days our lawyers and police are telling lies to make innocent into prison, and the circumstance gets worse every day.

A marvellous example of British Government Supporting racism on mass media happened on last Sunday; I was fully shocked on Sunday February 22nd 2004, when I was watching BBC World when they showed a news flash from Valkeakoski. This place is one of the worst labour towns were local solicitors, lawyers, police commissioners, members of local Rotary Club etc. meet in the town's only restaurant. These same people, who steal, fake and lie, have stolen over one million EUR personal property, which according to relatives and lawyers belong to me. From this very same town several businessmen and persons have had to leave because of this town's old boy networks and its 'communist' ideology.
So in a way it does ring a bell, why BBC, UK Labour Union and on Mr Blair's policy on law and justice supports and favours places like Valkeakoski - which I sincerely do hope is not the case. However, Labour U is so different by their manners to those in business like myself. In a way this is a funny situation, after all, even Mr Blair has got house, wife and family. As a PM, representative and head of labour, he should be able to tell, why I do not accept Socialism or Union, specially after I've seen how our end reps live, what they are up to and how UK supports these people. - I am sure MI will assist Mr Blair with the full respect needed in this matter. Mr Blair, our labour and Labour Union is very different from me or ideas I represent, and that is very like to be the case with UK socialists, thus I would like to keep this difference for those values I respect. For those not understanding what I mean by keeping a distance to these kind of 'idealogists', their habits or what they represent, I am sure your MI will give some satisfactory answer. These people did not make the difference to home and something belonging legally and juridically to someone else - do you Mr PM?

Cases on Finns in power with influential position and the tricks they pull to their own citizen you have ask from MI (Military Intelligence UK) or CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), because I would be in risk of loosing my life if I were to tell you. One thing I can tell you for sure; socialism and labour is behind quite few scandals already.

I am not happy to professional level UK intelligence takes care their issues. You cause more harm, than focus on problems causing terrorism and seeking possible terrorists.

I have a different upbringing, manners and I respect old values, and I also make the difference.

Åke Tyvi
Apupoika - Business Intelligence Finland

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