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Dirty Vietnam tricks

Today American fundamentalists have officially declared war on Islam
US cretins asserted that suicide bombers carried out simultaneous attacks on Shiite Muslim shrines in Iraq on Tuesday, detonating multiple explosions that ripped through crowds of pilgrims. At least 160 people were killed and 430 wounded β€” the bloodiest day since the end of major killing by US myrmidons last May. U.S. official cretins and Iraqi puppet stooges promptly named an al-Qaida-linked Jordanian militant, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, as a "prime suspect" for the attacks, saying he seeks to spark a Sunni-Shiite civil war to wreck U.S. plans to hand over power to the Iraqis on June 30. The US cretins are in the know instantly about any attackers like 9/11 but they are doing nothing before. This is absolutely not authentic and knowing about this permanent lies the Shiites lashed out at U.S. curs, accusing them of not maintaining security on the holiest day of the Shiite calendar. The blasts in Baghdad and Karbala fanned fear and anger at a time when leaders of the Shiite majority are pressing for more power in a future government after years of oppression under Saddam Hussein. The devastating explosions came on the climactic day of the 10-day Shiite mourning festival Ashoura commemorating the 7th century martyrdom of the prophet Muhammad's grandson Hussein. The bombings also happened about two hours before an attack on a Shiite procession in Quetta, Pakistan, that killed at least 42 people β€” including two attackers β€” and wounded more than 160. Tens of thousands of pilgrims from Iraq, Iran and other Shiite communities were massed around the golden-domed Imam Hussein in the holy city of Karbala and the Kazimiya shrine in Baghdad when the explosions went off about 10 a.m. US military official cretins said three assailants also detonated explosives simultaneously. Iraqi puppet police said a fourth potential attacker was detained. A Police witnesses asserted an explosion was caused by a rocket fired at the crowd at al-Khadhimiya mosque.

This are simply US propaganda lies for western believers 'cause first you cannot see a suicide bomber in the crowds of people other than you are standing near by but then you cannot be a witness 'cause you are totaly paralyzed, frazzled or dead. Second, for a muslim it is tabooed by Koran to kill fellow muslims, especially on a holy day. Only fanatic Christians in Ireland are capable for such murderous perversion. Third, there are hundreds of former Saddam secret service myrmidons under contract of US military and CIA well predestinated to make this dirty job for american authority. Fourth, there are only two profit taker on a civil war in Iraq. The US curs and myrmidons of Sharon, trying to lure Iraq society on to destruction of civil war in same manner like Vietnam to impair Iraqi resistance against US myrmidons, as cogent argument for a endless occupation and for an absolute must of installing a new totalitarian US-friendly regime

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