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When communism takes over

Facts on property owning in Finland.

FINLAND – It must be hard to imagine to western citizen, why we have public education in Finland. Yesterday I myself realised why. That is the reason why I am writing this article to you. In fact, I did not want to go to the lectures any more, not after lies I was told yesterday on how Finnish society works. Our lecture was on business, private property and heritage.

Yesterday I heard such a wonderful lies how our society works, how and why taxies are being paid, and how you are entitled to heritage your parent.

In practice this is not the case however. Finnish Police allows total foreigners access the house and lets them steal property after your parent has he or she has passed on.
Besides this Finnish Police do not care about people’s private property, but tries to fake it either to some of his friends, to the government or to his fellow lawyer.

If you thought this was all, then you are badly mistake; as our lecturer said ?You better make sure, if you ever have had a good childhood friend, who has become a lawyer, as your good friend in the future too?. By saying this he simply meant, ?there is no justice, since we agree on cases and property owning against the law?.

You see in Finland, law does not have anything to do with the fact how much or who’s property you own – it is members of the old boy network, who have agreed how much they take from those, to whom the property would belong to.

So, do me a favour on Texas, or at any other state, were death penalty is still a valid punishment; read few documentation from CIA and get rid of these people. Our lawyers and cops get their property not by following the law, but by stealing. These people are nothing but true blood sucking parasites, who do not care until they are being harmed. They are simply undereducated commies (ISBN 951-98052-2-2), who have to put end.

You can not prosecute one returning one’s own property and house - now after having given them a fair change? Even returning one’s property would mean using violence against lawyers and cops. This is legal in Finland under some circumstance according our law. So, you are allowed to shoot these criminals, but the only problem is, that there are no legal firearms. Could be a good business to someone?
I am asking you also to stop these criminals with violence; Finnish judges, solicitors, lawyers, policemen, civil officials or academicals having abused power.

Finnish lawyer is a person, who has stolen property from my kind and bought his BMVV with stolen money. Finnish cop is a person, who got his cottage from the lawyers so he could get his BMVV. The only problem is, that the cop's cottage used to belong to you.

Simply trash to get rid off, and seems to be impossible without violence.

-- --

Ps. Under normal circumstances I would not say like this, but when you seem e.g. from NY Capital Indy you soon get the picture; our end influental people are commies. I like judges and cops, but they have understand what is the difference between their home and my home ;-)

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Re: When communism takes over

Your English is much better than my Finnish, but this is still a little hard to understand.

I would just like to point out, however, that Finland is not a communist country. Of course you should know this from your history. The White Army succeeded in a bloody counter-revolution that preserved capitalism.


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