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Senator Byron Sher's voting history

Byron D. Sher, (D-Stanford) Senate District 11

The Independent Business Coalition, an lobby group in support of small and medium-sized businesses, listed Sher as an Enemy, having voted contrary to the IBC’s position on every indicated bill. Sher received an ‘F’ grade for 2003 from The California Taxpayer’s Association, having voted consistent with only 6% of Cal-Tax’s positions – the least of any California senator. Housing California, a coalition for housing opportunities for homeless and very low income Califonians, gave Sher a perfect score of 100.

Sher voted for every bill supported by the Friends Committee on Legislation, a compassion and social justice group. Shere received a score of Outstanding from the California Alliance for Pride and Equality, for voting for all 11 bills supported by the gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/transgenger advocacy group. Sher voted against the Campaign for California Families, a family-values organization, and the pro-life Life Priority Network on nearly all their stated positions. Sher abstained from voting on particularly controversial issues, such as taxpayer-funded stem-cell research (SB 771), school-based health clinics promoting abortion, birth control, and counseling to schoolchildren without parental consent (AB 2556).

Sher voted pro-reform (Yes) on all bills endorsed by the Drug Policy Forum of California. SB 131 was written by Sher. Sher has also written a number of environmentally oriented legislation, and is on various environmental committees, chairing the Environmental Quality standing community.

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