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Urgent Action - Demand Bush Testify before 9-11 Commission - URGENT ACTION!!

URGENT ACTION!! 911 MASS PHONE, FAX, EMAIL CAMPAIGN - Please FWD!! Demand Bush Testify!!
URGENT ACTION!! 911 MASS PHONE, FAX, EMAIL CAMPAIGN - Please FWD!! Demand Bush Testify!!

TO: 9-11 family members, and other activists, researchers, writers, websites, etc.
FROM: and
RE: 911 Truth Mass Phone-Fax-Email Campaign: THIS WEEK to influence public testimony decision-making by 9-11 Commission on Bush's testimony
DATE: March 7, 2004
ACTION REQUESTED: Please ACT, then re-print and distribute widely


A) Please send this email to your contact lists, and urge them to forward this email, using contact numbers listed below and also at, and other 911 sites--and beginning ON MONDAY--contact Hastert, Pelosi, Frist, Daschle, Kean, and Kerry--the six individuals with power, control and microphone to influence public 911 testimony under oath by high government officials like Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Myers, etc. We believe citizen pressure will win out regarding public testimony by Mr. Bush, since President Clinton has been interrogated publicly and under oath by career prosecutors.

B) The next 7-10 days will likely determine the outcome of the public testimony issue. Those wishing to support this effort, please contact Bill Douglas ( wtcqd2000 (at) to let him know approximate times and days of contact so he can make a spread-sheet regarding hours of the day between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday to maximize impact of the contacts. Please contact me at TomFlocco (at) for feedback regarding all important statements from staff members receiving your calls, etc. We are particularly interested in finding out whether they are receiving contacts, how many, how busy it has been, etc....ask questions like "Did you receive my fax (or email) yet?"......"Does the Speaker/Leader understand this issue?......Has anyone else contacted him about this issue?....i.e. We want to find out what effect we are having.


We request to know why President Bush is allowed to dictate to the 9-11 Commission whether he will testify, how long he will testify, to whom he will testify, and why he refuses to testify under oath. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, AMERICANS WILL NEVER ACCEPT THIS COMMISSION'S FINDING UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES. WHY ARE THE U.S. MEDIA/CONGRESS/THE 9-11 COMMISSION NOT PROBING MORE ON BUSH'S ONGOING OBSTRUCTION OF THE 9-11 INVESTIGATIONS?

Before an audience of the American people, the Commission must ask President Bush in sworn testimony, the following questions:

1. As Commander-in-Chief on the morning of 9/11, why didn’t you return immediately to Washington, D.C. or the National Military Command Center once you became aware that America was under attack? At specifically what time did you become aware that America was under attack? Who informed you of this fact?

2. On the morning of 9/11, who was in charge of our country while you were away from the National Military Command Center? Were you informed or consulted about all decisions made in your absence?

3. What defensive action did you personally order to protect our nation during the crisis on September 11th? What time were these orders given, and to whom? What orders were carried out? What was the result of such orders? Were any such orders not carried out?

4. In your opinion, why was our nation so utterly unprepared for an attack on our own soil?

5. U.S. Navy Captain Deborah Loewer, the Director of the White House Situation Room, informed you of the first airliner hitting Tower One of the World Trade Center before you entered the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida. Please explain the reason why you decided to continue with the scheduled classroom visit, fifteen minutes after learning the first hijacked airliner had hit the World Trade Center.

6. Is it normal procedure for the Director of the White House Situation Room to travel with you? If so, please cite any prior examples of when this occurred. If not normal procedure, please explain the circumstances that led to the Director of the White House Situation Room being asked to accompany you to Florida during the week of September 11th.

7. What plan of action caused you to remain seated after Andrew Card informed you that a second airliner had hit the second tower of the World Trade Center and America was clearly under attack? Approximately how long did you remain in the classroom after Card’s message?

8. At what time were you made aware that other planes were hijacked in addition to Flight 11 and Flight 175? Who notified you? What was your course of action as Commander-in-Chief of the United States?

9. Beginning with the transition period between the Clinton administration and your own, and ending on 9/11/01, specifically what information (either verbal or written) about terrorists, possible attacks and targets, did you receive from any source?

This would include briefings or communications from:
a. Out-going Clinton officials
b. CIA, FBI, NSA, DoD and other intelligence agencies
c. Foreign intelligence, governments, dignitaries or envoys
d. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice
e. Richard Clarke, former counterterrorism czar

10. Specifically, what did you learn from the August 6, 2001, PDB about the terrorist threat that was facing our nation? Did you request any follow-up action to take place? Did you request any further report be developed and/or prepared?

11. As Commander-in-Chief, from May 1, 2001 until September 11, 2001, did you receive any information from any intelligence agency official or agent that UBL [bin Laden] was planning to attack this nation on its own soil using airplanes as weapons, targeting New York City landmarks during the week of September 11, 2001 or on the actual day of September 11, 2001?

12. What defensive measures did you take in response to pre-9/11 warnings from eleven nations about a terrorist attack, many of which cited an attack in the continental United States? Did you prepare any directives in response to these actions? If so, with what results?

13. As Commander-in-Chief from May 1, 2001 until September 11, 2001, did you or any agent of the United States government carry out any negotiations or talks with UBL, an agent of UBL, or al-Qaeda? During that same period, did you or any agent of the United States government carry out any negotiations or talks with any foreign government, its agents, or officials regarding UBL? If so, what resulted?

14. Your schedule for September 11, 2001 was in the public domain since September 7, 2001. The Emma E. Booker School is only five miles from the Bradenton Airport, so you, and therefore the children in the classroom, might have been a target for the terrorists on 9/11. What was the intention of the Secret Service in allowing you to remain in the Emma E. Booker Elementary School, even though they were aware America was under attack?

15. Please explain why you remained at the Sarasota, Florida, Elementary School for a press conference after you had finished listening to the children read, when as a terrorist target, your presence potentially jeopardized the lives of the children?

16. What was the purpose of the several stops of Air Force One on September 11th? Was Air Force One at any time during the day of September 11th a target of the terrorists? Was Air Force One’s code ever breached on September 11th?

17. Was there a reason for Air Force One lifting off without a military escort, even after ample time had elapsed to allow military jets to arrive?

18. What prompted your refusal to release the information regarding foreign sponsorship of the terrorists, as illustrated in the inaccessible 28 redacted pages in the Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry Report? What actions have you personally taken since 9/11 to thwart foreign sponsorship of terrorism?

19. Who approved the flight of the bin Laden family out of the United States when all commercial flights were grounded, when there was time for only minimal questioning by the FBI, and especially, when two of those same individuals had links to WAMY, a charity suspected of funding terrorism? Why were bin Laden family members granted that special privilege--a privilege not available to American families whose loved ones were killed on 9/11?

20. Please explain why no one in any level of our government has yet been held accountable for the countless failures leading up to and on 9/11?

21. Please comment on the fact that UBL’s profile on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives poster does not include the 9/11 attacks. To your knowledge, when was the last time any agent of our government had contact with UBL? If prior to 9/11, specifically what was the date of that contact and what was the context of said meeting.

22. Do you continue to maintain that Saddam Hussein was linked to al Qaeda? What proof do you have of any connection between al-Qaeda and the Hussein regime?

23. Which individuals, governments, agencies, institutions, or groups may have benefited from the attacks of 9/11? Please state specifically how you think they have benefited.

The Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission




Speaker's Office Phone: 202-225-0600 / Email: dhastert (at)
D.C. House Office Phone: 202-225-2976 / Fax: 202-225-0697
Batavia District Office Phone: 630-406-1114 / Fax: 630-406-1808
Dixon Regional Office Phone: 815-288-0680 / Fax: 815-288-0743
Geneseo Regional Office Phone: 309-944-3558


Minority Leader's Office Phone: 202-225-0100 / Email: sf.nancy (at)
D.C. House Office Phone: 202-225-4965 / Fax: 202-225-8259
San Francisco District Office Phone: 415-556-4862


Majority Leader's Office Phone: 202-224-3135
D.C. Senate Office Phone: 202-224-3344 / Fax: 202-228-1264
Nashville District Office Phone: 615-352-9411 / Fax: 615-352-9985
Memphis District Office Phone: 901-683-1910
Knoxville District Office Phone: 865-602-7977
Chattanooga District Office Phone: 423-756-2757
Jackson District Office Phone: 731-424-9655
Kingsport District Office Phone: 423-323-1252


Minority Leader's Office Phone: 202-224-5556
D.C. Senate Office Phone: 202-224-2321 / Fax: 202-224-6603
Aberdeen District Office: 605-225-8823
Rapid City District Office: 605-348-7551
Sioux Falls District Office: 605-334-9596


President of Drew University, Thomas H. Kean
Phone: 973/408-3100 / Email: cadm (at) / Fax: 973-408-3068
Fax: 973-408-3242 / Fax: 973-408-3242
9-11 Commission:
Tel: (202) 331-4060 Fax: (202) 296-5545 info (at)
New York Office Tel: (212) 264-1505 Fax: (212) 264-1595


John Kerry for President, Inc.
Campaign Phone: 202-548-6800 / Fax: 202-548-6801 / Email: info (at)
D.C. Senate Office Phone: 202-224-2742 / Fax: 202-224-8525
Boston District Office: 617-565-8519
Springfield District Office: 413-785-4610
Worcester District Office: 508-831-7380
Fall River District Office: 508-677-0522


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Re: Urgent Action - Demand Bush Testify before 9-11 Commission - URGENT ACTION!!

Thanks for this post. This work is the cutting edge. I love to see them squirm. I would love to see Bush and others have to answer the basic questions. We can't let them get away with this!!!

9-11 International Inquiry March 26th-28th.
Herbst Theatre San Fransisco

sponsored by kpfa, from the wilderness, veterans for peace and others.

Expose Bush's lies. Stop the 9-11 coverup.

They will never admit to what they have done.

They will never tell the truth. This is Nixon and Clinton on steroids!

Bushco. to International Criminal Tribunal and Kerry into office in 04.

Shave Bush in 2004
4 years were 4 too many.

It's got to be overwhelming, or these idealogue psychopathic armagaddon chicken hawks will Re-steal the election and continue their reign of terror across the planet and domestically.

Nader will just divide the vote and give bush a win. Left people who realize the danger of 4 more years must realize that Kerry is the democratic candidate against bush and we all have to band behind him to defeat the monster and his reptillian crew of war mongering leeches who have taken over the White House and given America a very bad name. This is 1984 on steroids as well.

Don't fall for the lie that they are all the same. Nader does a disservice at this juncture. The ability to see distinction and differentiation is vital now. Kerry is not Bush. He may not be your idea of perfection, but he is going to reverse allot of the damage that has been done. He at least will slow down the reactionary agenda, and derail their momentum.

Don't buy into the skull and bones line. There is diferentiation within skull and bones. Not everyone is the same. Third parties will only help bush. That is the sad but true fact. Once Kerry is the president, not bush, we can continue to move forward with progressive agendas. But if we divide the vote now, and bush takes it, we are all very much up shit's creek. And there will be no more chances.And no paddles. And no constitution, and a draft, and more fear, and more Patiot laws passed until we are living in a prison.

There will be no election in 2008. There will be no more semblence of democracy.

So please, whatever you do, don't think that third party politics, however ritious and progressive they may be, will do anything but directly help the republican party and George W. Bush.

Once Kerry is in, move forward with your activism. For now, we have to use our collective energy to expose the truth about the bush crime family, and the real agenda of the reactionary republican right. In case you do not know what that is, I will tell you. Their agenda is to further stage "terrorist" attacks like Oklahoma City and 9-11, to create fear and to give the context to pass laws related to further levels of the Patriot Act. Preparing the way for the final stage in the enslavement of the people. These have been progessively passed, over the years, out of site and mind of the average American. They like to do things gradually so that we don't notice the larger picture. The larger picture is that they are setting the stage for a Code Red, which would activate a full state of Martial Law including check points, curfews, and possibly forced vaccinations and quaranteen. They know the biggest resistance to their agenda for a New World Order military police state is going to be right here in the United States. There are over 500 concentration camps set up right now all over the country. These are documented and manned by FEMA military personel. This is where the "resistance" will be taken. They know that there will be massive uprising when the public realize what is actually being done. The supression of dissent is going to be even much more intense than it has been. They are just testing the waters for the real police actions that they know will happen when people wake up and realize they are being manipulated and enslaved gradually.
We have seen a taste at the Free Trade Protest in Florida and other protests where police violence has been unprecedented. You need to know that there are many millions of dollars producing tons of the highest tech, "low impact" and "non leathal" weapons to be used on the masses of people who protest the police state agenda. There is so much money that is spent on these weapons we don't know about. They include electro magnetic weapons that can control the moods, emotions, energies and abilities to respond in large crouds.

The Iraq war was a testing ground. The American people are very manipulatable. But millions have woken up, and every day more wake up. It is up to you and me to spread the word about the lies and treachery of the bush crime family. The republican's have been mind controlled and duped to believe that the current administration is a benefit to anyone but themeselves.

They were waving the flags for hitler as well. He was well liked just like the current commander in theif is supposedly well liked by the mind controlled Republican's. Look out for rigged polls and rigged elections. Only a landlide for Kerry will make it too obvious to be messed with. Then we have to pray they don't stage a bio or chem attack and suspend elections for national security reasons or some shit. Anything could happen. Something major probably will.

Look out for the staged capture of Bin Laden right before the election. It is as bogus as the capture of Saddam. Interesting, haven't heard about him lately huh? He has a few things to say the U.S. doesn't want said I guess. :)


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