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Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

This was originally a response to a challenge about voting for one of the two party candidates. If you would like to read the thread, it is on this newswire: 3/11 about the March 20th protest. I felt that this was too long and off of the important topic of the protest, so I decided to put it here.

Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different Angle.

As I am thinking on the upcoming election, I am realizing again how the forces that run this country are so much bigger than the person of the president. The machine that is the U.S. government, (all governments in this world?) is so corrupt, so out of touch with the people, the earth, the meaning of truth and justice and liberty that it is hard to fathom. It is false leadership, poisoned by men's greed, overshadowing their innate humanity, sensitivity, and compassion. To be blinded, numbed and disconnected enough from ones own soul to kill another human being is unfathomable, what to say of tens of thousands and more. Of course this has been going on throughout history. It appears the history of this planet is fraught with tragedy of unparalleled proportions.

Our society tries to disconnect us more and more from our natural state of being. The people of this country have become so out of touch that it appears things will have to implode before there can be a rebirth. Healing is not possible at this point in the larger scale without a deeper crises. It has become too acute, entrenched and ingrained in American's cells, minds, emotional bodies, and very blood. Toxified from birth, poisoned with vaccinations, fed a diet of false history, poisoned food, chemical medicines, debt and fear...lies upon lies upon lies. The souls, numbed and identified with lies and toxic distortions, have forgotten their natural being, their true selves. This country has medicated, eaten, vaccinated, entertained, suppressed and scared itself into oblivion and sleep. Human's are very moldable. This has been used against us for so long it is hard to know when it all began. Who are we really? Why are we here? What is our true nature? When we peel the layers of illusion off, when the toxins and emotional wounds and lies and conditioning are washed from us, who are we then?

I agree with you that the system is corrupt to the core. And the hour is late. Global warming is far far worse than they are telling us. Earth changes in the next twenty years are the real threat that is being ignored, and their band aid approach to slow it down through the massive international Aerosol Chemical Spray Operation is soon to be exposed (see and look up). This scramble for oil and world domination is a fear based, last minute power grab. They don't care about the environment or social welfare, or anything, because they see things very differently. They are preparing for Armageddon. Their ideological, biblical based programming says that these are the end times, that there is a battle of good an evil, and that God is on their side.

The secret government is preparing for massive (internally created) calamities that will give them the pretense and PERMISSION from the people to implement their agenda. 9-11 obviously was designed for that. There will be more. As many as they need to make the people succumb, in terror and fear, to John Ashcroft's vision of America. 1984. An enslaved, medicated, controlled population. A prison state, where the people don't even realize they are in prison. We are almost there. Many have been there for a long time. And hardly anyone knows what is happening.
They will stage more terrorist attacks, and eventually there will be a code red and FEMA will take full control of the U.S. government. The Federal Emergency Management Agency externally has the cover of helping us, and being our friend in emergencies. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have any doubt about this do a search about Hurricane Andrew and the massive cover up that happened. It is shocking.
FEMA is the Military police force for the shadow government. They will be manning the check points, taking the resisters to one of the 500 plus concentration camps (already in place in the U.S. fully documented, and manned by FEMA personal, all empty, with barbed wire facing in. Do a search for: Prison camps/American gulag, FEMA) and disappearing those on the front line of the resistance. FEMA creates and manages the national emergences at the direction of the shadow government, just as the Center for Disease Control, in their real purpose, is to create and manage the diseases, the Patriot Act is to slowly enslave the people, Clear Skies and healthy forests...the orwellian doublespeak is endless. Those who do not take their forced mandatory vaccinations will be imprisoned as a "health risk" to the public. They will manipulate the public so they accept and demand this is done for their own safety.
The U.N. plan is ultimately for a massive population cull. They are planning on a planetary genocide (through the deliberate spread of biological and other high tech weapons) that will kill hundreds of millions to several billion over the coming decades. Their greatest resistance is right here in the United States. They are preparing the stage for a full on military police state in the United States, both psychologically and legally. The national security laws that have been passed in the past several decades in preparation for this are shocking. You can find them all. This is all done incrementally so we don't see the larger picture of what is happening, so we stay distracted by the individual events. These events, though shocking in and of themselves, cannot compare in to the depth of evil that is their larger picture. Sadly, both the left and the right is overwhelmingly asleep to what is really going on. The Iraq war, or any particular thing that comes out of this administration needs to be seen in the larger picture of the dark side's agenda. They want they whole cake this time. They do not plan on turning back.

Various prophecies from many traditions point to a shift that is happening on the planet, culminating in some kind of rebirth. Many talk about 2012 as some kind of marker date. I personally believe that this planet is destined to go through a massive rebirth, a throwing off of the distortions, conditioning, illusions and all energies that are out of alignment with Spirit, both personally and planetary. We may be fast approaching this time of rebirth, which is our destiny. It is possible that there is a small group of beings who are on this planet and want to derail us from this transformation. They may have hijacked the U.S. government, and they may have full control now. It is possible that they have been orchestrating and preparing for this time for not only decades, but hundreds if not thousands of years (see the works of David Icke at Gateways or While this beautiful planet Terra (known throughout the universe as the Garden Planet because of it's unparallel beauty and variety of life) is about to go through the most wondrous rebirth into multidimensional reality and join the Confederation of Light Planets (the Greater Community that we are surrounded by, see: They may have another idea: to confuse us, poison us and enslave us. They want us to forget who we are, and they don't want this rebirth to happen. Eventually they want to microchip every man woman and child on the planet and every baby born. As old people die off, the resistance is "pacified" and time goes on, people will forget what it was like not to have the chip. This is the vision of John Ashcroft. Sounds like some kind of horror movie, doesn't it. Couldn't be true? What a bunch of conspiracy hoax? I wish. They are already conditioning the public to accept the microchip as normal through massive animal microchipping, as well as children and Alzheimer patients.

So then, what's the point? If there is this secret government that will use any Psy Op(psychological operation i.e.: 9-11) they need to further their sick, tragic, agenda, then why vote for Kerry, why in fact vote for anyone?

I do not believe that Bush and Kerry are the same. While the same corrupt system is going to be in place no matter who is elected, there are vast differences in policies and implementation, and I find Kerry to be much more sane and trustworthy than Bush and his ideological bandits. I have listened to Kerry and watched is body language and I understand his past and his voting record etc. Yes he is of the elite, and skull and bones, yes the capitalist system will roll on, but it may be an entirely different sequence of events both internationally and domestically under Kerry than Bush. It certainly could not be worse! :)

There will be massive calamities on this planet over the coming decade. The specifics or timing is unknown, but both natural and manmade disasters will be rampant. We need to figure out where we want to live, how we are going to live, and with who. Many will want to be on self sufficient communities with people they love. The comforts and things we take for granted will be ancient history. We will not be able to rely on Babylon to provide our foundation. We must create alternative societies if we are to survive. This is my opinion. We have time now to get our shit together. But there may come a time when we do not have that time. And we may not have long, no one knows. So why do I think of the two choices that we have (and sadly, but realistically, there are only two choices that we will be given) Kerry is better? I am not looking for government to make this world a paradise. We must take responsibility and realize that it is up to us to create what we want, where we want, and with who. The events of this weary world, manipulated for so long into untold tragedies on every level, are beyond our control. The forces of evil have taken over this planet. But only temporarily. We cannot fix evil. We can fight it, resist it, and wake up as many people as possible in any way possible, while there is still time. We can also have the vision and wisdom to prepare now for the inevitable. Whether we choose to be on the front line, fighting the New World Order Beast, or get out of harms way and create alternative healing communities is up to us. We each have our own calling at this time.
How can we best serve in this transition? We each have to look deep within our soul to see what we can offer, to see what gifts we have to share, to see what it is we really want. Not even Dennis Kucinich or Leonard Pelletier (if they could be elected to the presidency, which sadly they cannot) can give to us what can only come from within. We have to stop looking externally for saviors. Unfortunately, but realistically, voting third party will help only one person, George W. Bush. If you don't want to see four more years of Bush, consider well your choice of idealism and consider tempering that with the choice of reason, and assist in averting the continued nightmare of America under this administration.

I am voting for Kerry rather than bush or a third party or not voting at all because I know that of the two Bush and his crew will drastically accelerate the unfolding of the dark side to such an extreme degree that we will not have time to create and prepare sufficiently for the coming times. Kerry will buy us more time. And we need more time to prepare. For those who do not have the vision of what is to come, they will be taken by surprise no matter what happens. But for those who are blessed to be guided in these times, and know what needs to be done, every day, every moment is precious. We can manifest oases of light, centers of healing and love, planetary service organizations that can both create places of safety for those tribes involved, as well as a context and foundation for serving the planet. People will be desperately looking for family, food, healing, shelter and a place of safety and kindness in a world increasingly threatened and even run by terrorists.

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Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

So let me see if I've got this straight: The whole worlds coming to an end and you're still voting Democrat. Sounds like we actually need a mass political party of the people that will actually do something different than the two parties that have been destroying the planet.

Since the Democrats will never do anything different, despite all of your reality tempered illusions, it sounds to me like we need another political party, one that will have to start small before it gets big. That is what I am working on building.

Leonard Peltier is not a savior; he is one of us. But you'd rather not vote at all than give your vote to him. Or on the flip side you say you'd rather vote for Kerry. Sorry, your train of thought lacks elemental logic.

I have voted my entire adult life and I am proud to say I’ve never voted for a Democrat or Republican (except one registered Democrat for school board that turned out to be a mistake). Yet who you and I vote for is not even the most fundamental question.

By supporting Kerry you promote a fundamentally different political agenda than I do. Kerry will continue the policies of war, mass incarceration of the poor, environmental destruction, racism, union busting, NAFTA, and the imprisonment of political leaders like Leonard Peltier as we've had for the past twelve years of Clinton/Bush. The only difference will be that Kerry will be better at it than Bush.

By campaigning for the Peace and Freedom Party and Leonard Peltier I am promoting a political alternative to Kerry’s agenda even before he gets into office and I am looking to the future with the hope that in the future a mass leftist party of the working class will spring from the seeds that me and like minded people are planting.

Leonard Peltier for President!

Thinking Strategically.

Yes we need the political party of the people. Do you want to build that campaign, starting small as you say, under the second reign of Bush or Kerry. Cause it is certainly going to be one of them. You say you are looking toward the future. That means far beyond 8-10 months from now, right? So, maybe you don't care if you are living and doing your building of the people's party under Bush or Kerry. I do. I am able to make distinctions between the two. Not blur them over in political jargon.
On the other hand, The system itself, including the corporate/elite, Trilateral Commision, Rockafellers, CFR, etc. as well as the secret societies and movers and shakers behind the scenes who are running the show FAR FAR more than the person hood of the president will remain.

You want to change the entire system, not just the representative of that currupt system (democrat vs. rebublican)? Fine. That's going to take some time. Allot is going to have to happen before the people are ready to accept that. Realistically it could take years and years. We don't really know how many.

I fully, absolutely commend you for working for the vision of an enlightened leadership Steve.
The point is, do you want to do it under the reactionary right wing agenda of W. Bush or a far more sane and tempered administration of John Kerry. If you do not see a difference, than it wouldn't matter. But I do see a difference.

I did not say I would rather not vote than give my vote to Leonard. That is a misquote.
I am saying clearly, though the system is currupt, Kerry will buy us more time. I don't think he will impliment the same policies. Bush's policies are radical and ideologically motivated to an exteme that has never been seen in this country. While changing presidents will not change the underlying system, which is what you are talking about, not acknowleging the distinctions between the two is a serious disservice. Ralph Nader had that angle and it helped Bush get into office. Now many regret believing the lie that there are no differences. Gore may have been a bit colorless as a personality, but he certainly was no George Bush. Neither is John Kerry.
We cannot afford to make that mistake again. No way.

Let's continue our good activism under an administration that will be far more protective of the environment, far less trigger happy to invade other countries and discard international law and public opinion, with a president that is not idealogically blinded and will not create and foster a climate of fear and lies at home and abroad.

Unless you plan on subverting the dominant paradigm in the next 6 months Steve, which it appears you don't, please consider under which administration you want to continue planting your good seeds.

It is called thinking strategically. Sometimes you have to make a short term compromise to realize a greater gain later. I truly believe you will be able to accomplish vastly more in your activism and work in the next four years under John Kerry's presidency than four more years of Bush. The terror they have planned for us will not foster the environment that people will want to hear about a third party.


In the climate of fear that Bush and co. will continue to create, it will be very very difficult to accomplish much.

In a more moderate climate people will be much more likely to entertain higher options, like Leonard or Dennis. I strongly believe this to be true.

Think strategy!

Look to the future but stay in the present.

Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

Kerry a lesser evil? On Spain he states, "In my judgment the new prime minister should not have said he was going to pull out of Iraq."

Kerry is not a lesser evil, but he will be a more effective evil because the American people will have more illusions in him.

Kerry is nothing but an imperialist war monger who voted for this war. How long do will you strategically keep letting the Democrats get away with murder?

Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

I understand your point, but I don't think you are getting what I am saying here. You certainly are not responding to it with anything but the same generalizations.

So, to focus in again: under which administration would you rather continue doing your good work: Bush or Kerry? Clearly a third party vote is going to only help Bush. If you think there is no difference, than fine. Maybe it doesn't matter to you. It does to me.

And let me ask you something. If Kerry is just the same as Bush, than what do you make of the statement that he made candidly to a supporter when he did not know the BBC mike picked it up, that (paraphrazed) "these are the most lying currupt people I have ever seen". If they were working together, why would he have said that?

You are not getting my point. You are the one actually who has more faith in the system than I do. You think you can get Leonard Peltier elected to the Presidency and transform the entire country. While that is certainly a noble idea, and very commendable, in my opinion it is a pie in the sky illusion.

Leonard Peltier will never be elected to the system as it is now. It cannot and will not happen. Ever.

Leonard could only get elected to a different system, and America would have to be a different America. So if you want to wait for that, fine. That is very idealistic. Most of us will be old if not dead by the time happens. I personally would much rather focus on creating alternative healing communities and planetary service organizations than try to fix or change what has to take it's own course. I believe that an election or reselection of Bush and co. will create a greater climate of fear than Kerry will. Even if it's just relative shades of the same crap, I don't care. To me it is not about the perfect government. I do not believe we will find that kingdom of heaven on earth through the system as it is now: currupt and evil to the core. I want to create and live and serve according to a vision within, not try to perfect the U.S. government. But good luck to you. If your success with the "move along" ordinances are any indication, maybe you can do the job. I know you have the passion, vision and certainly the truth on your side.

It's just a different perspective, that's all. We all have different parts to play.


This says it's nobody but Kucinich
It is also important to note that as Kerry goes about touting his military record, his three purple hearts came within the four months he was in 'nam, from injuries treated by bandaids, and he then used them as a reason to go home. Some hero! More like a extended photo op.

Kerry is NOT Bush.

Duh, Ok then, that's a good reason to not give a shit. I mean, you just surveyed the entire situation with your indepth comprehensive analysis of the lack of difference between Bush and Kerry.

I'll just vote for a third party then. No, better yet, I'll just skip that unneccesary step and just cast my vote for Bush. Thanks.

Why I'm not voting for Kerry

Senan, let me make this completely clear, because I don't think you've understood what I've been saying. I do not agree with any of your premises here. I do not think that Kerry will even be a little bit better than Bush.

Kerry is pro-war, Kerry is against single payer, Kerry is in fact no different than Bush except for in one way. Kerry will be less discredited than Bush is. If you are thinking strategically you should understand what this means. If Kerry is less discredited the people will watch him less and let him get away with more. In addition, his arguments of why the U.S. needs to stay in Iraq will have more credibility when Kerry falsely claims that he had nothing to do with starting the war. Because of these illusions Kerry will in fact be WORSE than Bush.

It is the role of a socialist party like the Peace and Freedom Party to challenge those illusions as much as possible. We do this partly in an attempt to prevent Kerry or any other smooth talking Democrat or Republican from getting away with more.

You suggested to me (outside of this thread) that it is in my interests to get Kerry elected because then I could prove that what I am saying about him and the need for a third party is true. Yet such a cynical endorsement would only come back to haunt me. Everything I said about Kerry during his stint in power would be clouded by the fact that I was naive enough, or cynical enough, to endorse him.

Socialists like myself understand the strategic need to remain consistent. That need is two fold. It keeps the pressure on the corporate Democrat and Republican politicians that pretend to be on the side of the people. It also keeps us in the eyes of the people as an alternative when they are fed up with both capitalist parties of war, racism, environmental degradation, strike breaking, and greed.

The socialist politics that I advance have nothing to do with the superficial impressions created in the corporate media. In this entire debate you have yet to point to any meaningful differences between Bush and Kerry's proposed policies. Bush and Kerry oppose each other, perhaps even with some hostility, just as corporations fight each other for their share of the market, but that does not make them any different. Nor does a politician having second thoughts about getting into a war that he actually voted for while he at the same time opposes getting out of the war.

In the final analysis supporting the Democrat Party is kind of like pissing in your wet suit, sure it’s all warm and gushy but after the election what are you left with?

Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

Out of this long winded diatribe, I only noticed two small parts where you actually mentioned Kerry! "Yes he is of the elite, and skull and bones, yes the capitalist system will roll on, but it may be an entirely different sequence of events both internationally and domestically under Kerry than Bush. It certainly could not be worse! :)"!!!!!!! Apparently you think it's going to be a'ok if the capitalist system rolls on and that is precisely where I find fault with your argument. So if it doesn't get worse, it's gonna be sorta ok? You'll settle then? Because I won't. Fuck the democrats and the republicrats. You think things are going to get better with Kerry? I hate to say this but it will be too bad if Kerry does get elected because it would put so many lefties liberals and those teetering on the fence right back to sleep thinking everything's hunkydory because we have a democrat in the white house! Think again! Remember Clinton? Familiar with NAFTA and the bombs he dropped on other countries? Also, Kerry voted for the war in Iraq! How you can conceivably be for peace and support him? By the way I voted for Peltier in the primary.

Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

"Apparently you think it's going to be a'ok if the capitalist system rolls on and that is precisely where I find fault with your argument."

It has nothing to do with me thinking it is a'ok. It is not. But it is going to roll on for now. Like it or not. The country is hardly ready to change from the capitalist system at this point. No matter who you voted for in the primary.

"So if it doesn't get worse, it's gonna be sorta ok? You'll settle then? Because I won't."

I never said it's gonna sorta be ok. The point is that the race is between Bush and Kerry. Like it or not. You can say "fuck the democrats and republicrats" all you want, but it is just political masterbation at this point. The system may be currupt to the core, but It isn't going to become your vision of socialism or whatever you think for a long time. You can whine all you want, and you can not see any differences all you want. The differences may be ultimately different shades of the same agenda, which is being orchestrated by forces much greater (figuratively speaking) than the person hood of the president, but those differences, in my opinion, matter at this point. I do not believe that a Kerry administration will be the same as the Bush administration. There are degrees, and those matter allot right now in my opinion.
"You think things are going to get better with Kerry? I hate to say this but it will be too bad if Kerry does get elected because it would put so many lefties liberals and those teetering on the fence right back to sleep thinking everything's hunkydory because we have a democrat in the white house! Think again! Remember Clinton?"

I totally disagree. There has been a major wake up call in the past 3 1/2 years, and I do not think the left/liberals are going to go back to sleep, as they did during the Clinton years. There is far more awareness now, thanks to W's exteme right wing reactionary agenda.

"Also, Kerry voted for the war in Iraq! How you can conceivably be for peace and support him?"

I am not looking for my politicians to bring peace to the world. It isn't going to happen, and I am not that naive. I certainly am not naive enough to think that Leanord or a third party has any chance at all, so a fantasy of a perfect leader being elected at this stage in the game is totally out of touch with reality.

"By the way I voted for Peltier in the primary."

Good for you. You clearly want Bush reelected so that the left can really wake up this time. I'm sure the Bush administration will welcome your help. This is exactly what the right wing agenda loves. that's why they funded the Nader campaign in 2000. Why not see if they'll fund Leonard's campaign this time around?

Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

I'd rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don't want and get it.

Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

Mahathir Mohamed's endorsement.......

Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

I'd rather vote for someone who can win and defeat the far right wing fascist agenda that is being shoved down the people's throats with the current administration. Sometimes voting for the lesser of two evils is a strategic necessity. Like now for instance.

Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle



If you think Kerry will defeat the rightwing agenda you are dreaming. He is the living-breathing embodiment of it.

Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

Sanan, here is a link for you to check out.
Kerry vs Kerry-lite.

Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

I just got back from the 9-11 Truth Conference. There was allot of amazing activists, teachers, and speakers. It was absolutely amazing. There was a variety of angles, and I learned allot.

As I was listening, I often thought of this thread. How did what I wrote fit in with all this information I was digesting?

Well, here is what I came away with in relation to this thread:

The global fascist agenda is certainly bigger than the person of the president (which I have certainly already acknowledged).

Kerry is Skull and Bones, as is Bush, which is a first (to have two Bonesmen againt each other).

The challenge there of course, is that the allegiance of the Bonesmen is ultimately to the Bones agenda, rather than the American people. Having any higher allegiance than the service of one's country is a very dangerous thing for a president.

That Kerry will surely continue the military industial complex, and surely the capitalist system, but that is obvious.

There were various opinions among these very activated and educated group of 9-11 activists. One side was not going to vote for either, not wanted to perpetuate a system currupt to the core, and not wanting to perpetuate the illusion of anything else beside a one party system that it is.

The majority though seemed to acknowledge all of this and simultaneously acknowledged that there are relative differences (which included less reactionary, idealogically driven policies, more moderate generally etc).

I was puzzled by the fact that on one hand some of the speakers were exposing the Bush/Bush Lite syndrome (how they will install a rep. then a dem. etc but that the New World Order agenda marches on etc), yet also several stated that if Bush was losing so bad they couldn't even get away with rigging the elections, that we could possibly expect another "terrorist" attack (to shock and awe the American Public, potentially suspending the Constitutition and, as Tommy Franks so ominously warned some months ago, implement a full on code red/ martial law.

My confusion was this: if they are just to faces of the exact same agenda, than if Bush is unpopular, than why not just install Bush lite/Kerry, and continue on their merry imperialistic/police state way?

It appears that there are factions within the beast. Differences. Big enough differences that the current administration does NOT and will not under any cirucumstances allow Kerry to take over.

It is a bit of a paradox in a way, but really life is full of paradox.

I went through allot of reflection on the topic, and look forward to more.

I still plan on voting for Kerry rather than Bush or a third party at this point. The Bush administration is so far right wing and ideologically driven extremists (really to a degree that has never been seen before. The key word is DEGREE Steve :) that it would appear this country right now is in a very dangerous situation. I realize all kinds of arguements could be made that it has ALWAYS been in a dangerous situation, and that our foreign and domestic policies have been an absolute nightmare for Billions of people for decades, and I would fully agree.

We are teetering on the brink of a fully implimented military state, which I reference in my original post. The possiblity of that is terrifying for anyone who has a fraction of a clue of what it would mean.

My conclusion in this moment is that while changing the system over all, and specifically averting the full implimentation of Martial Law in the United States within the near future are both the same in the larger picture, they are not the same in the shorter term scenario.

The change of the system overall is going to take years to get to the point where the American people are ready for that choice. If there is a staged attack on U.S. soil and the Constitution is suspended, there will not be that opportunity. There will be so much fear, chaos, people being taken away to internment camps, forced vaccinations, check points, total economic callapse, and police squads arresting and killing the resistance, that no one will be able to do shit, least of which is working to change the government.

I know this all sounds far fetched on U.S. soil...
but it did to the German people as well. If you listen to their "after thoughts", most did not see it comming.

If we can divert that nightmare, we will be able to organize and activate better over the comming years. Even if it means the slightly lessor of two evils. We can use the time that we desperately need to get stronger and healthier, both individually and collectively in our respective angle of activism.

Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

Sorry for the spelling errors and bad editing. I deleted my cookies earlier and was not able to edit this properly after the fact. :(

Re: Why I'm voting for Kerry: A different angle

I do not buy your premise that Bush is to the right of Kerry. Since both agree on going to war and taking away our rights, I'm still waiting for evidence from you on this basic premise that I believe is false.

Likewise you now claim that there will not be a peaceful transition of power between Kerry and Bush. Again you offer no evidence, yet you use this premise as evidence of your claim that there is a difference between Kerry and Bush.

Down With War-Monger Bush!

Down With War-Monger Kerry!

Build the Peace and Freedom Party!

Build the Anti-War Movement!

Leonard Peltier for President!

Peace and Freedom Party Platform

(Adopted March 23, 2003.)

The Peace and Freedom Party, founded in 1967, is committed to
socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality. We
represent the working class, those without capital in a capitalist
society. We organize toward a world where cooperation replaces
competition, a world where all people are well fed, clothed and
housed; where all women and men have equal status; where all
individuals may freely endeavor to fulfill their own talents and
desires; a world of freedom and peace where every community retains
its cultural integrity and lives with all others in harmony. We offer
this summary of our immediate and long-range goals:


We support social ownership and democratic management of industry and
natural resources. Under capitalism, the proceeds of labor go to the
profits of the wealthy few. With socialism, production is planned to
meet human needs.

To us, socialism is workers' democracy, including the principle that
all officials are elected, recallable at any time, and none receives
more than a worker's wage. Socialism can only be brought about when
we, the working class, unite and act as a body in our own interests.
Our goals cannot be achieved by electoral means alone. We participate
in mass organization and direct action in neighborhoods, workplaces,
unions and the armed forces everywhere.

While organizing for the future, we work in the present, challenging
the system with the following immediate and transitional goals:
Labor and Full Employment

· We demand a socially useful job at union pay levels or a
guaranteed dignified income for everyone.
· We support the establishment of a Universal Basic Income
(UBI) to alleviate poverty and homelessness.
· We call for a 30-hour work week for 40 hours' pay and
abolition of forced overtime.
· We demand a legally mandated annual paid vacation of at least
4 weeks.
· We demand expansion and enforcement of job health and safety
laws. We call for the restoration of all labor rights previously won
by women and their extension to men as well.
· We demand paid parental leaves and time off work for
· No prison labor for private profit. Living wage and full
union rights for any prison labor.
· Defend workers' rights to organize, form union caucuses,
strike, and boycott.
· No replacement of striking workers.
· Federally-funded public works programs to rebuild the
nation's infrastructure and restore the environment.
· International solidarity of workers against international
capitalist schemes such as NAFTA and WTO in defense of jobs, wages,
working conditions and environmental laws.
· International trade agreements must guarantee the protection
of workers and democratic rights in all participating countries.
· A rank and file socialist-oriented labor movement to mobilize
working-class people to assume ownership and control of the economy.
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Peace and International Justice

The drive for greater profits by multi-national corporations which
direct U.S. foreign policy is a major cause of war. We stand for
peace between nations and the right of all peoples to self-
determination. We support an ongoing socialist transformation
everywhere. We therefore call for:
· The U.S. to renounce nuclear first strike, and take the
initiative toward global disarmament by eliminating all of its
nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.
· No U.S. intervention anywhere. End all support and aid to
repressive regimes and all military and police training aid
everywhere. End efforts to destabilize foreign governments. End U.S.-
directed economic warfare against other countries. Abolish the CIA,
NSA, AID and other agencies for interference inother countries'
internal affairs. Withdraw all U.S. troops and weapons from all other
· Stop all U.S. arms exports and trade.
· Dissolve all military pacts.
· Convert from military to peaceful production; reallocate the
resulting "peace dividend" for social benefit.
· Abolish the Selective Service System.
· No weapons in space.

Equal Rights and Liberties

The capitalists use every difference in society, including sex,
ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, age, and physical abilities
to divide workers in order to depress wages, maintain a surplus labor
pool, and prevent working-class unity. We demand equal treatment of
all people by employers, businesses and government. We stand for a
world free from all forms of oppression.


We demand full equality for women in all aspects of life. Sexism is a
major instrument for teaching relations of domination and inequality
and for keeping one-half of the workforce underpaid or unpaid. We
work to end oppressive sex roles in society. We must ensure equal
rights and responsibilities in child raising. Unions must do more to
organize women and promote women's leadership. We demand:
· Adoption of an equal rights amendment.
· Equal pay for equal work, and for work of comparable worth.
· Enforce non-discrimination in hiring and promotion with
affirmative action where necessary.
· Provision of free, high-quality, community-controlled child
· Convenient provision of safe, free birth control information
and materials to men and women of any age.
· Free abortion on demand.
· No forced abortions or sterilizations.
· Safe prenatal care.
· End violence against women.

Ending Racism and National Oppression

Accompanying the continuing economic crisis, we see a rise in racial
discrimination, increased terrorism against racially and nationally
oppressed people, and retrenchment in civil rights. Minority families
are disproportionately victimized by cutbacks in health care,
education, child care, welfare, food stamps and jobs.We demand:
· End all forms of racial discrimination.
· Enforce non-discrimination in hiring and promotion
withaffirmative action where necessary.
· Prosecute and punish police and prison officials who
brutalize and murder.

Language Rights

Restore to the State Constitution co-equal status for Spanish as an
official language of California in recognition of its cultural,
historical, economic and demographic importance to the people of this
· Abolish all English-only laws and policies, including those
of private employers.

Undocumented Workers

Immigrant workers are hounded by government authorities, worked and
housed in substandard conditions by unscrupulous bosses, and blamed
by Republican and Democratic demagogues for society's problems.
· We call for open borders.
· We demand an end to deportations of immigrants.
· We demand full political, social and economic rights for
resident non-citizens.

Native Americans

We support self-determination of indigenous peoples and sovereignty
for Native nations. We demand:
· Honor treaty obligations with Native American nations and
recognize California tribes.
· Stop the theft of natural resources located on reservation
· Honor Native American water, hunting and fishing rights.
· Free the prisoners of the FBI/BIA war against Native
Americans, end all harassment.
· Stop destruction of sacred burial sites.

Sexual Orientation

· Equal treatment and benefits under the law for all families.
Guarantee equal child custody, adoption, visitation privileges, and
foster parenthood rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
· Equal treatment for all people in the military regardless of
sexual orientation.
· The right to gay marriage and partners' benefits.
· Accurate sex education courses in public schools. Truthful
information about sexuality in society and history.

The Disabled

The disabled are entitled to special consideration and planning in
education, housing, health, recreation, transportation and attendant
care to enable fuller participation in all aspects ofsociety.
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Retired Workers
Retired workers must be guaranteed a decent living at union wage
levels. We demand:
· Immediate improvements in economic benefits and social
· Free, quality, multi-lingual and multi-cultural medical and
home health care.
· Accessible transportation.
· An end to all forced retirement.
· Stop the segregation and isolation of senior citizens.

Defense of the Environment

The same corporate forces and economic system that exploit and
brutalize the world's working class people are destroying the world's
biosphere. These social policies and ecollogical destruction often
overlap. Socialism is necessary to end the ecological destruction
caused by capitalism. Our goal is a society that is in harmony with
nature as it is in harmony with its own people.
We therefore favor:
· Planning for urban and regional environment based on
principles of sound ecosystems management.
· Create public open spaces in all communities.
· Tighter regulation of pesticides, herbicides, industrial
wastes and genetically modified foods to protect human food, air and
water, employees in theworkplace, and species habitat. No release of
genetically engineered or transgenic organisms into the wild. No
patenting of life forms.
· A multi-source energy system, development of solar technology
and other renewable, non-polluting energy sources. Eliminate nuclear
power plants. End fossil fuel dependence.
· Public ownership of public utilities.
· Protect species habitat such as old-growth forests to
preserve biodiversity.
· Massive development of free public transportation.
· International trade agreements must guarantee the protection
of the environment in all participating countries.
· End environmental racism, including the immediate cessation
of nuclear testing and toxic waste dumping on reservation lands, the
disproportionate creation of landfills in poor communities of color
and eliminate the mass development of maquiladora plants.


· Massive development of public transportation systems that are
reliable, frequent, free or at nominal fares and environmentally
· Expand safe routes for foot and bicycle traffic.


We want an agricultural system that ensures enough food and other
farm products to meet human needs, guarantees a high standard of
living to farmers and farm workers, protects humans and the ecosystem
from environmental degredation and encourages organic farming. To
that end, we call for:
· An end to subsidies and tax breaks for corporations.
· Food distribution by farm and consumer cooperatives.
· Extension of all labor rights to farm workers, including wage
and hour regulations.
· An end to cruel methods of animal husbandry.
· No use of recominant bovine growth hormone (RBGH) in meat or
dairy cattle.
· No genetically engineered organisms in food production.
· A ban on "terminator" seeds.
· No export of chemicals banned in the U.S. or import of
agricultural products treated with them.


Education is critical to individual survival and civilized human
values, but U.S. capitalism is dismantling public
education.Inadequate and unequal funding of schools perpetuates
racism,crime and inequality.We demand:
· Integrated, democratically-run schools with up-to-date plant
and equipment and smaller classes.
· Teach the history of workers' struggles and labor's creation
of society's wealth and progress.
· Multi-lingual and multi-cultural education at all levels.
· A federal law requiring and funding equal average per-pupil
expenditures by every public school district, with extra funds for
students with special needs such as disability or economic
· Tuition-free higher education available to all.
· Restore cutbacks in public education and public library
· No school voucher schemes.
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Housing and Rent Control

We recognize the right of everybody to quality, secure housing. We
· Production and rehabilitation of non-profit, community-
controlled housing through public financing with immediate emphasis
on housing the homeless.
· Rent and eviction control laws and collective bargaining for
· Resident-controlled community renovation programs to create,
not destroy, low- and moderate-income housing.
· Enforce local affordable housing quotas.

Freedom, Justice and Crime

We call for the defense and extension of the liberties guaranteed in
the Bill of Rights, including freedom of speech, press, assembly and
association, and the right to keep and bear arms for individual and
collective defense. The ultimate guarantee of those rights is the
organized strength of the working class.
Capitalism and poverty breed crime and repression. Working class
people are the primary victims both of street crime and of police
reaction to it. The bosses use laws against victimless
activities, "legal" and illegal expansion of police powers, military
and paramilitary occupation of poor and minority communities, and
diversion of resources to police and jails, to keep workers
intimidated and dependent.We demand:
· Stop state-sponsored spying on and violence against
progressive organizations.
· Democratically-controlled police review boards with powers of
subpoena and discipline.
· Abolish the death penalty.
· Repeal the Three Strikes law.
· Stop trials and imprisonment of juveniles as adults.
· Treatment of prisoners as human beings; rehabilitation, not
· Decriminalize victimless activities including drug use and
consensual sex. Legalize marijuana. End the "war on drugs," which is
primarily directed against poor and working-class people.
· Stop unwarranted searches and seizures of persons and
property. Restore constitutional rights.
· Prosecute crimes of the wealthy and powerful against workers
and the environment.
· Freedom for all political prisoners.

Voting and Elections

· Proportional representation to promote legislative
representation of the wide variety of political viewpoints.
· Enforce and extend voting rights for people of color, non-
English speakers, and homeless people.
· Election should be by direct vote of the people. Eliminate
the Electoral College.
· Enforce and extend voting rights for people of color, non-
English speakers, and homeless people.
· Free and equal access to radio and television for all

Health Care

We believe that access to quality medical and dental care is a basic
human right. We stand for a democratically-controlled, publicly-
funded health care system. We support health practices that emphasize
education, prevention and nutrition. We demand:
· Free, high-quality health care for everyone.
· Eliminate for-profit health care.
· Free immunization programs.
· No private patents on drugs developed through publicly-funded
· Price controls on drugs and medical technology.
· Safe pre-natal care, including women's choice of birth
· More medical facilities to provide services and education in
low-income neighborhoods and rural areas.
· More substance abuse treatment and needle-exchange programs.
· More research into diseases and disorders caused by man-made
· More community health care facilities.
· Support non-standard proven methods.
· Special attention to preventing epidemics of communicable
diseases, such as AIDS.


Public services and infrastructure have deteriorated as government
has increasingly shifted the tax burden from corporations to workers.
Our long-range goal is a socialist society without conventional
taxes, with public services to be funded from the proceeds of social
production. We demand:
· Repeal Proposition 13. Tax property for profit, not property for personal use. Remove property taxes on modest owner-occupied homes.
· Repeal the sales tax.
· Include aggregate of real property and stocks, bonds, etc. in
a steeply-graduated property tax.
· Restore the renters' tax credit.
· Double registration fees on luxury vehicles.
· Tax unearned income at a higher rate than earned income.
· Eliminate or reverse income tax on low- and moderate-income
· Re-enact California's unitary tax on multi-national
· Tax the business activities of churches on the same basis as
other organizations.
· Take the cap off social security taxes, make the rates progressive so burden falls on the wealthy.

Mass Media

Ownership of television and radio stations, print media, and other
forms of communication has been increasingly concentrated into the
irresponsible hands of fewer corporations, and any checks and
balances previously available to the people have been eliminated.
· We call for public control of the public airwaves.
· We demand restoration of a strengthened Fairness Doctrine and
the Equal Time Provision.
· We oppose the legislated extinction of the VHF spectrum,
which should be used for public monitoring of legislative bodies and
for other civic purposes.
· We defend the Internet from censors and commercial interests.
· We call for enforcement of antitrust laws on media
· We support new media for grassroots communication to enhance
freedom of self-expression and information distribution.


· We demand strict separation of religious and government institutions and activities.

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