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PA TV continues incitement against Jews

On March 12, 2004 the Friday sermon was delivered on the State-controlled Palestinian Television to all of the Palestinians on the West Bank and in Gaza. The call to kill the Jews is nothing new. But it may be new to many Indymedia readers.
Excerpts from Friday night's sermon March 12, 2004

"The Jews today – there is no doubt – are avenging their ancient forefathers, the sons of apes and pigs. Some of the extremist Jews are demanding today their property in Al-Madina. There are even those who have requested to be buried at the southern edge of Palestine. When the one-eyed Dayan was on his deathbed, he instructed that he be buried at the southern edge of Palestine. When asked why, he said, 'So that I will be close to Al-Madina.' This is the extremist tendency of the Jews. They are the extremists, they are the terrorists. They deserve death, and we deserve life, because we are the people of Truth.

"They avenge their forefathers, they take revenge on us, the Muslims, by taking our holy places and by taking our lands by force. Only last week, this bloody week, they killed from among the sons of our people, children and women, some 40 Palestinians, in front of the entire world, and no one lifted a finger."

Arab States are Abandoning the Struggle

"In light of these massacres, I tell you, I congratulate our people and brothers in Jordan, and bless them for the ties they are establishing with the Jews, and for laying the cornerstone … on the day of the massacre, at the time the massacre was being carried out on the land of Palestine, in Bureij, Nusseirat, Rafah, and Jenin. At these moments, they lay the cornerstone and inaugurate a science institute in order to normalize relations between Jordanian and Jewish students. Blessings to you, the people of Jordan, blessings for the American supervision of this successful project, and blessings to our people in Libya and blessings to all the Arab peoples, as we are slaughtered here on the land of Palestine."

We will Fight the Jewish Cancer

" … We will fight them with Allah's help. The Jews are the ones of whom Allah, who knows them best, said: 'You strike more fear into their hearts than Allah does.' Oh Muslims, it is Allah who tells you this. And this is what we see and know well. But the Arabs and Muslims must know that this is a Qur'anic truth. We strike more fear into their hearts than their Maker. Who stated this fact? The Lord of heaven and earth. Allah is the one who created them and knows their nature well.

"Allah knows that they love life: 'None preserves life more than them' - life, no matter what kind of life. Even if it is a life of humiliation, disgrace, and submission, they preserve it.

"This preservation of life roots miserliness and cowardice in them. The Jews are disseminating their venom, and history repeats itself. They disseminate their venom in the Arab countries, because they cannot live in the Middle East like a cancer, spreading in this land, unless they spark the fire of civil strife and war among the Arabs and the Muslims. And indeed, they spark this fire.

"Furthermore, they incite the world superpowers against the Arab countries. Israel incites the U.S. against Syria. Syria will face great, heavy pressure and we say to them: Be patient and Allah will be with you. Our people in Syria, our brothers in our struggle and our Jihad against this cancer on this land... Our brothers in Lebanon, in Jordan, in Egypt, in all countries of the world, we will never desert them, as long as they fight this cancer.

"We reach our hand out in peace, as the Prophet reached his hand out in peace, but they act ruthlessly towards the Muslims."

The Palestinian Mother Wishes to Receive Her Son as a Corpse, but Not Butchered

"We, the people of Truth, reach out our hand in peace. But they accuse us of being terrorists. Terrorists, because when the Palestinian mother welcomes her martyred son, she wishes to receive him as a corpse. She does not want him to be alive. But she does not want this corpse butchered. The wish of the Palestinian mother is to see the body of her son the martyr.

"Are we terrorists? We, terrorists?! We face burning rockets that leave the martyr no flesh, bone, head, or foot. When the news of the death of her son reached the martyr's mother, she said to the youths: 'I want to see my son.' They were patient with her and took him to the cemetery to be buried. She learnt of this, and went there, asking: 'Where is my son?' Her son is a pile of flesh in a container, in a small sack. She watched while they buried him, and she said: 'If only a foot remained, I would kiss it.' Allah Akbar, is she a terrorist?! A terrorist, this woman who wants to find the foot of her son so she can kiss it before he is buried?! With these statements, Umm Muhammad broke the hearts of those present. "Where are the hearts of the world?! Where are the hearts of the Arabs? Where are the hearts of the Muslims in light of these sights? By Allah, if they didn't see them, we would say, 'Never mind.' But the entire world saw how our martyrs are burned in their cars on the road. Our children – their heads are cut off. Despite all this, we will be patient, because we are a people that deserves triumph, Allah willing."

to read more of this sermon, and last weeks sermon, and Arab editorials translated from Arabic into English read at

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Re: PA TV continues incitement against Jews

The translation is completely false, just like the most other "facts" on
Similar to their friends at Fox News and Weekly Standarts, the authors of this fiction are going far beyond bending the truth. Next time please post the original version of the "translated" information.


Re: PA TV continues incitement against Jews

So your response is that this didn't happen?
I have heard criticisms of for only translating some articles--i.e. those which contains something which casts aspersions on Palestinian causes or re-enforces an Israeli position. But yours is the first criticism that it't not translated correctly. Since you are so knowledgable, can you provide the corrected translation?


I grant that vicious reactions, unfortunately so natural to humans, are wrong. It's stupid. But when we see clearly that another human being is thus stupid, the mandate upon us is not to damn them, but to show them a better way (should we be fortunate enough to know one). To get Palestinians out of the wanting-to-hurt-back mode the imperative is to give caring guidance, not constant attacks. (Yes, it will take a long time, but it's only thing that will work.)

Re: PA TV continues incitement against Jews

I have lived in Israel and the West Bank for about 15 years and I saw hateful and racist statements and actions from leaders and people in both communities. I never saw anything like what is described on PA tv. I would question the legitimacy of memri, it is run by people with an obvious agenda, some of whom are formerly from the Israeli government. It is an advocacy site and not objective at all.

Re: PA TV continues incitement against Jews

Reply to Matt: Do you understand spoken Arabic? Did you live in Israel prior to 1993, before the advent of the Palestinian Authority and their state-controlled media? I have never been to Israel so I am sure you know much more than I.

Do Palestinians Teach Their Children to Hate?

Do Palestinians Teach Their Children to Hate?
An investigation of the Palestinian Education System

If Americans Knew

Re: PA TV continues incitement against Jews

Here is a defense of from
From a quick search on google I found that while many do not like the materials memri translates from Arabic into English, they do not complain about the accuracy of the translations.

Here is the article:
===== ATTACK ON MEMRI =====

Also this week, the Guardian's Middle East editor, Brian Whitaker, authored a piece entitled "Selective Memri" (August 12):

Whitaker's article is an attack on MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute (, which provides translations of articles and speeches from various Arabic sources.

In his attack, Whitaker acknowledges that "nobody, so far as I know, disputes the general accuracy of Memri's translations." So what's the problem?

For starters, Whitaker quotes Ibraham Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who complains that MEMRI depicts the Muslim world in a bad light. Hardly a valid criticism, considering that MEMRI merely translates the Arabic media!

Whitaker also denounces MEMRI for employing three former members of Israeli intelligence. What Whitaker doesn't tell us is that MEMRI's founder, Colonel Yigal Carmon, was an advisor to the late Yitzhak Rabin and is a supporter of territorial compromise.

Whitaker scoffs at the fact that the names of MEMRI's staff and office address were removed from their website due to concern of attack by Arab extremists. Whitaker calls this an "over-the-top precaution." One wonders if the Guardian would consider itself "over-the-top" for taking such precautions to protect its own staff from violence.


Most surprising of all is that while Whitaker spends 1,700 words attacking MEMRI as a "mysterious organization" and its "air of secrecy," he has forgotten to tell Guardian readers of his own secrets. For in addition to his work as Middle East editor of The Guardian, Whitaker also runs the anti-Israel website Arab Gateway

Arab Gateway lists viciously anti-Israel "associate sites," such as that of the spuriously-named "Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding" (

Whitaker's site has pages about non-Arab minorities in the Middle East, such as Berbers and Kurds -- but no page on Jews. The site's section on "maps" lists a "country map of Palestine" (we didn't know Palestine was a country), but upon clicking the link it takes you to a file at the Univ. of Texas archives with a slightly different name: "israel_map.jpg".

See a beaming photo of Whitaker on the "about" page of Arab Gateway at

Sound to us like a conflict of interest.

Comments can be sent to the Guardian:
letters (at)
Editor: simon.waldman (at)
Writer: brian.whitaker (at)

Comments to Whitaker's Arab website can be sent to:
arabgateway (at)

Re: PA TV continues incitement against Jews

One of the problems with memri is that they only present the most hate-filled vitriol that comes out of certain Arab countries. There is plenty of racist and hateful vitriol coming out of Israel,as well as plenty of religious fundamentalism, but you won't read it at memri. Nor will you read any moderate or liberal Arab views. memri is selective and very slanted, trying to promote the idea that Arabs are all hateful, ignorant racists that are all religious fundamentalists. They are not "objective" as they claim. memri is racist propaganda.


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