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News :: Labor & Economics

Wild Oats fires union organizer-- the next step

Discover what we learned from unhappy Wild Oats employees.

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News :: [none]

Who Let the Pigs Out? Protesting the Central Coast Gang Investigators Association Conference at the Double Tree Hotel in San Jose

This year alone there has been over a half dozen people killed by police shootings in San Jose.

On February 17, 2004 my father, Rudy Cardenas, became one of them. He was taken from my life forever. My father was shot in the back by state narcotics agent Michael Walker.

My father was running away from Walker who was dressed in regular clothing in an alley in Downtown San Jose. Witnesses said that my father had his hands up saying "Don't shoot." My father's death was unjust and our family demanded an open grand jury for the shooter Michael Walker. The open grand jury was held in July. During the grand jury my family, friends, and the community were disgusted by the series of mistakes that led to my father's death. The State Narcotics Agents did not even follow any of their own procedures. Each agent told a different story on what occurred that day and they were caught in lie after lie. My family had no hope that justice would be served. No state agent had ever been indicted in the history of California. In the end of the grand jury my family was very surprised when the jury came out with their verdict. Walker was indicted on voluntary manslaughter. We did our own research on Walker and found out that he was on the Board of Directors of a group called the Central Coast Gang Investigators Association. The CCGIA is an organization that trains law enforcement on how to deal with gangs. Also on the board was Brian Link, another agent who chased my father. CCGIA was scheduled to give a training in San Jose at the Double Tree Hotel in early September. How could Walker and Link be training other officers procedures when they could not even follow their own?

[ Justice for Rudy Cardenas I Indybay's Coverage ]


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News :: Globalization & Capitalism


"Bombs may kill the hungry, the sick and the ignorant, but bombs cannot kill hunger, disease and ignorance. Nor can bombs kill the righteous rebellion of the people…" Fidel Castro

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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media

More photos from friday's Critical Mass

001.JPGSome more photos from friday's Critical Mass. See you out there next month. Whose Streets?

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News :: Labor & Economics

UGSOA - Videos of Beheadings: Slaughter by Terrorists

See the latest beheadings by the terrorists in Iraq.These videos are in their entirety to show the world the vile and despicable nature of the terrorists and the evil they purvey.

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Announcement :: Peace & War

Prisoners Of Conscience Run

The third annual run supporting Prisoners Of Conscience takes place Saturday October 2nd, 2004.

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LOCAL News :: Arts & Culture : Resistance & Tactics : Transportation

Critical Mass Returns to Santa Cruz

Friday September 24, 2004 was the 12 year anniversary of Critical Mass. It also marked a return of Critical Mass to the streets of Santa Cruz. About 30 bikers met at the clock tower and rode around downtown and the westside.

Bikers were generally respectful towards the unfortunate souls rolling around town in metal boxes, however several motor-aided communters were delayed for a short time. The responses were mixed from the people in the cars, but the majority of people, especially ones driving 18 wheelers, were supportive of the Critical Mass.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

How Can Kerry Beat Bush? Just the Facts, Man

If John Kerry is looking for a sure-fire way to fire George Bush and send him on his way, it’s simple: spread the truth about Dubya’s truly horrid record. For more details, read on.

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Ralph Nader vs Washington Post on Israel


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News :: Gender & Sexuality

are YOU the KKKutest of the Castro?


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