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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Kill Kimmitt for this

Kill Kimmitt for this. Kimmitt pushes American GIs to
die as thieving terrorists, who instead of arresting bad
guys, bomb homes of innocent families, while refusing to
go after those nazi bush bitches in the Berg film who
are whitey overweight slobs with towels on their heads.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

united against torture

international contest

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News :: Peace & War

Fascist Mercenaries Come to Iraq

Previously, I posted an article about Blackwater employing fascist mass murderers and torturers from the so-called dirty wars against leftists in Latin America. Now, it seems former members of South Africa's secret police, who tortured and killed black activists during apartheid, are also mercenaries in Iraq.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Why Fahrenheit 911 is no ringing endorsement of John Kerry

Kerry is unacceptable and unelectable. We must go to the DNC and DEMAND DENNIS!

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News :: Peace & War

NO WAR NO BUSH! Rome, June 4 Photo Reportages

157 PHOTOS in 2 galleries, to those that wanted another day of war

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:Army Conscientious Objector Who Opposed Abuse of Iraqi Civilians and...

...Prisoners Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison for Desertion~ Interview with Maritza Castillo, mother of Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia Castillo, conscientious objector convicted of desertion, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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Commentary :: [none]

Designed Out of Existance: or why the Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana ordinance doesn't work

Despite City Measure C passing in 1994, despite State Prop 215 passing in 1996, Despite a local medical marijuana ordinance passed in 2000, and besides a 9th circuit court decision that found that the drug laws are not meant to apply to medical uses for cannabis, no distribution center has been open in the City of Santa Cruz since 2000. Critics say the law is fatally flawed and must be reformed before any distribution centers can open. This article explains why.

It is 2004, eight years after the passage of Proposition 215, the Medical Marijuana Compassionate use Act. An elderly woman walks with a cane down near the levee. She carries cash with her. Her hip joint aches with every movement, her knees also pain her and both her ankles are swollen. She meets her connection and they both look furtively around before they exchange cash for a small plastic baggy of the only medication she has found that helps her to endure her pain without knocking her into a stuporous non-productive state.

Why can’t this woman go into a clinic or health care center and pick up her medication? Why must she sneak around furtively in some back alley getting questionable quality cannabis when the citizens of Santa Cruz voted overwhelmingly (73% in favor) of legalizing the use of medical marijuana?

How to Defend a Medical Marijuana Patient in California

[ Area 420 I Tax and Regulate I California NORML I Marijuana Policy Project ]

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Commentary :: Alternative Media : Resistance & Tactics

A Media Activist Guide to the Federal Communications Commission

The Federal Communications Commission is an independent United States Government agency, with a direct responsibility to Congress. The FCC was established by the Communications Act of 1934. They are charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable.

Herbert Hoover, the Secretary of Commerce in the 1920s, said that radio was the first industry he ever saw that practically "begged to be regulated." The industry begged for regulation because the key players of the industry wanted the government to keep out any challengers to their oligopoly position in their markets. Their attitude was "We got here first, now protect us from anyone else that wants to set up shop." This was all done, of course, under the rubric of "protecting from interference."

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Announcement :: [none]

Shameless plug for Community-Supported Agriculture

You can enjoy locally-grown organic produce for $7.50 per person per week, from the Homeless Garden Project / Women's Organic Flower Enterprise.

This article is not so much an advertisement as an exploration of alternatives. For some time, I had been planning to write a story about unaffordable food prices and unhealthy gimmick foods at New Leaf and The Food Bin, the two "progressive" markets in the Downtown Santa Cruz area. Instead, I am going to suggest an alternative: the Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program of the Homeless Garden Project / Women's Organic Flower Enterprise.

Basically, you sign-up to receive a portion of the harvest from the Homeless Garden farm. Every Friday afternoon, you pick up your produce at the WOFE store (foot of Washington Street, near the Municipal Wharf; Metro's Route 19 bus, and the free summertime Beach Shuttle, both stop there).

I had wanted to try this for several years, but the pick-up point used to be at Natural Bridges -- not a good location for folks like me, who don't drive. This year, the pick-up point is very convenient!

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Review :: [none]

Protesting BIO 2004

An account of the June 8th protest at the biotech convention in San Francisco.

People who are politically aware follow news events closely and know about the Miami Model. Our country is rapidly becoming a police state and few progressives have any doubts or illusions about that. Conferences and conventions where corporations promote their agendas are closely guarded and to approach one is to step into a danger zone where truncheons can start swinging at any moment.

According to the newspapers, there were between 15 and 18 thousand delegates from 56 countries at this convention. But only a minority of the delegates were involved with gene splicing. Many were from the pharmaceutical industry. There were also patent attorneys, lobbyists and others who make up the corporate teams that manipulate the government, avoid regulations and work out ways to get tax breaks while doing so.

For our part, the protesters came from a broad spectrum of views, ideologies and religions. There were Pagans, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Muslims. There were socialists as well as a sizable and extremely visible contingent of anarchists. The anarchists were especially noticeable because many of them dressed in black and carried black or black and red flags. There were also a good many protesters like myself who just call themselves "progressives." Numerous organizations and affinity groups were represented. Our project was organized by a coalition called "Reclaim the Commons."

The problem is that biotech corporations are currently unregulated and often find it profitable to ignore matters of community health, community need and planetary sustainability. At the very least, we need regulations based on community good to guide these corporations.

Mostly the delegates avoided us, which is understandable. After all, we weren't here to welcome them to California.

"The seeds will grow
when the empire cracks!
Reclaim the commons.
Take it back!"

[ 6/8 The Mass Arrest: Part II of Protesting Bio 2004 I 6/7 Report from the IMC Space in the Convergence Center and the March To The Mexican Consulate ]

More Indymedia Coverage of Reclaim The Commons [ Articles I Audio I Photos I Videos ]

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