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Anarchist Infoshop Opening this April

509 Broadway in Santa Cruz

With a bit of luck, we'll be opening April Fools Day!
shop.pdf (2819 k)
Anarchist Lending Library! Internet access and computer self-publishing resources! Meeting space! Anarchist discussion group! Free Tea! Nice people! Social center! Hundreds of publications available for sale and free from all over the world - direct action, insurrection, ecodefense, destroying patriarchy, indigenous resistance, diy how-to, foraging and permaculture, self-organization, general prankishness, revolution of everyday life, destroying civilization, prisoner support, gender-funking, ditching leftist/progressive activist mediocrity.... and much more!

hey, we are looking for books, zines, magazine racks, computers, scanners, tea/medicinal herbs, capital, pillows, and a six-foot long couch.

contact us: quiver (at)
or we generally meet mondays 7pm at the 'shop!

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Re: Anarchist Infoshop Opening this April

Congratulations on the opening of your Anarchist Infoshop. I wish you success. I hope there is also room for socialist ideas within the framework of your project as well.

Re: Anarchist Infoshop Opening this April

Anarchists ARE socialists...libertarian socialists, NOT authoritarian socialists.

Re: Anarchist Infoshop Opening this April

I volunteer at an Infoshop/environmental store in Burlingame, perhaps I could help, provide reading material or other stuff. Good luck! No matter if you are anarchists or another label, I hope the space will be accepting to all types of people and ways of life. I'm sure in that neighboorhood there are alot of working class people who could use information contrary to the lies being served to them. Hopefully, Spanish speaking literature will be provided.


With government being as hostile as they are to dissent and any form or presentation of new or free thoughts and ideas,why in the world would anarchists anywhere advertise where the are,what there objectives are and who participants are?

When government on any and every level violate peoples rights,they don't advertise it or announce it before hand.

I'm not attempting to be either a naysayer or dommsayer with regard to this,yet,people need to use proper strategy in order to get the maximum of benefits from what they are doing.

If I were doing something like this,I would be extremely discreet about it realizing that anything open to the public in these bizarre times,could be open to disruption by those who oppose anarchists the most.

Police and other organs of government are successful at smashing and disorganizing all that they don't like because they understand that organizers are open about what they are doing and like to have open participation where they don't know any of the people who might take part.

What I'm saying is that anarchists and others like them should borrow the successful tactics of government and then use them to their advantage.

I wish you success with your plans and I also wish you would keep the things I've written in mind.

Re: Anarchist Infoshop Opening this April

"Anarchists ARE socialists...libertarian socialists, NOT authoritarian socialists."

It sounds like your answer to Steve is no.

I was looking at his site and here is what he says on the opening page, "Liberation News is a socialist site, building a revolutionary movement in the traditions of Rosa Luxemburg. Rosa Luxemburg was a leading German and world socialist who opposed the betrayals of the Social Democratic Parties who at that time supported their own bourgeoisies as they entered the First World War across Europe. Rosa Luxemburg instead advocated revolutionary socialism. In addition, while being supportive of the Russian revolution, she was at the same time opposed to the dictatorial methods of Lenin and Trotsky in the Soviet Union. Rosa Luxemburg instead advocated democratic communism."

I think your anarchist infoshop dogmatism sucks.

Re: Dave's ignorance

Re: "I think your anarchist infoshop dogmatism sucks."

The only thing that sucks is your total ignorance.

You quote, " [Luxemburg was] opposed to the dictatorial methods of Lenin and Trotsky".

Didn't I write that anarchists are NOT authoritarian socialists? To that extent then, wouldn't Rosa Luxemburg's writings fit right in, then?

Get a fucking clue, provocateur moron...

Re: Anarchist Infoshop Opening this April

It seems to me that Dave's concerns are not out of line, although I think his tone could be better.

"SC Anarchist", it does seem that you differentiated those who identify themselves as anarchists as being "libertarian socialists", and those who identify themselves as socialists as being "authoritarian socialists". This also did not seem to me to be a positive response to my congratulations and question.

Despite Dave’s tone, perhaps he did us all a favor in pointing out where we do have common ground.


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