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Why we have to lock our doors and carry guns?

When someone has entered and is harming your private life without any valid reason, then a special precaution must take place. Sometimes normal procedures are not enough.

Finland – Remember how the yesterday I told that I was about to enter auction for a white board because I simply need one in my present work, or should I say I like using white board because it is fun to draw you ideas on the board. -It is more sane to draw on the board than on the wall, specially if you do not own the office space or garage you work in.
So I rent a car from my Easy Rent car service, drove half an hour away from the city, and had some real fun with other businessmen. I am glad I did not had more money with me with all the stuff they were selling. The place was filled with new drills, hot water boilers, chaign saws, lathes, coffeemakers, office furniture, vehicles, tools, clothing, fabrics, safety boxes from small ones to small bank usage, new violins, practically anything one could imagine to need in his house. Well, with the exception one being a man. Gosh I had a fun. -There is nothing like a good auctioneer with his jokes.

The only bloody thing, that was not on sale in this auction was the Jaguar -63 automatic in beautiful shape. It must had been the second time I felt in love. I mean this beauty understood some talk, and she had a body of a woman – once you get hold on one of those I suppose you just do not want to give up, even having one would cost some extra money. For USA citizen I must say it is a British made, but what the heck do you expect them to sell up here in north? On the other hand, last time I visited Oulu the taxi driver giving me a ride told that “we have now two Maybach in Oulu?, so I suppose Oulu can not be that bad place either? However I am sure, they must those model meant for ordinary people without the glass window roof. Anyway I was not able to purchase it. Later on I hear, that place owner had the next hall filled with antique cars, so I suppose I sometimes get carried a bit way. But with something like that, I might want to get a ride, naturally after Crysler's 1961 Turbine, but they are so hard to get up here ;-).

Were was I. Yes, now I remember. I did get my white boards, and while I was away from some place next to home, I understood why we capitalists have to lock our doors, take care of our property, and carry guns.
You see, it just happened to me, that after I came from auction in the eve, I noticed once a again how bad and poor loosers some Finnish people are – and I am talking mainly our government officials and socialists.
You may have noticed me having written some articles on how small Finnish society is, and how everything is ruled in a certain way.
Well, some Finnish people have an other bad habit; they seem to snoop other people's private life, and when a police makes illegal house searches behind one's back, they leak such things outside like “what is inside your fridge?, and usually people tell these stories in our socialist mass media. Sad thing about these things are, that they may the closest thing to reveal these people's attitude and reveal their real attitude on them acting like typical commies.
It is also the reason why we must lock our doors, double check and secure our houses with alarming systems and using blood dogs. Sometimes even these acts are not enough against these people, but one has to carry a gun to be able to protect his rights. Nothing really can change a human nature, and not a single thing has changed in (roughly) 5765 years.

Some Finnish people are simply bad loosers, but thanks to some of our businessmen I had a wonderful day for a long long time.

Apupoika – Business Intelligence Finland
Åke Tyvi

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