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Brits Destroy Home of Terrorist but then Condemn Jews when they do the Same

Slimy British Hypocrisy
I have incredible breaking news
for you.

The British blew up the house of a mass murderer! Yes, the very same
Brits, who have never met a Middle East terrorist they would not
characterize as an activist, the same Brits who denounce Israel as a
terrorist state every time it blows up the home of a Palestinian suicide
bomber or other nazi mass murderer, has actually perpetrated an identical
obstruction to peace and aggression against human rights!

You see, in the town of Soham, which is on the West Bank of the River
Great Ouse in the eastern UK, one Ian Huntley had murdered two
schoolgirl settlers. Yesterday the township demolished the property as a
way to deter other would-be mass murderers and child-murderers. Moreover, this
has come in the tracks of other destroyed properties of mass murderers in
the UK that were also demolished (see below).

Now I just know that you are going to want to report this right away to
the World Court in the Hague, and urge the Belgians to indict Tony Blair
for this abuse of human rights and aggression against peace.

Here is the BBC's version of the report:
Soham murder house is demolished
The demolition of the house where Soham schoolgirls Holly Wells and
Jessica Chapman were killed by Ian Huntley has been completed.
The property, which came with Huntley's job as caretaker at Soham Village
College, has been screened off from public view for months.

Most of the interior was ripped out for evidence in Huntley's trial at the
Old Bailey, which ended in December.

The house was destroyed by a digger at 0830 BST, 35 minutes after work

Police officers and officials from Cambridgeshire County Council and
security staff observed the destruction of the house from the ground in

Cameramen and photographers from the press were allowed to oversee the
work from elevated platforms which were raised above the house's
corrugated steel fence.

Fred and Rosemary West buried nine of their victims at 25 Cromwell Street
, Gloucester - demolished and replaced with shrub-lined 150ft (45.72m)
paved walkway
John Christie murdered his wife and at least five other women at 10
Rillington Place , Notting Hill, west London - demolished and renamed
Ruston Close
Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 children and their teacher at Dunblane
Primary School gymnasium - demolished and replaced with a garden of
remembrance and play area
Howard Gilbert, the Soham Village College head teacher who employed
Huntley, told the BBC the destruction of the house was "a symbolic sign
for the community and a relief that it is now gone".

"It's another chapter finishing," he added.

"But the memories will never go away."

Contractors charged with demolishing the house had signed confidentiality
agreements to prevent anything from the house being sold to collectors.

"The rubble will now be crushed into dust and taken away to secret
locations over the next few days," a council spokesman said.

"But there will be no bricks left. The last thing we want is for bricks
from this house to be sold as souvenirs."

The girls' parents were not present to witness the destruction of the

The 29-year-old caretaker Huntley was sentenced to two life terms for
murdering the two 10-year-olds, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, at the
house in August 2002.

Solicitors for Huntley and his former girlfriend Maxine Carr, 26, wrote to
the police confirming the house could be released back to the local
education authority.

School governors were later told it would not be needed as evidence in an

Cambridgeshire County Council feared the property could be a permanent
reminder of the girls' deaths if left standing.

The two best friends' bodies were discovered in a copse near RAF
Lakenheath in Suffolk almost two weeks after they disappeared.

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Re: Brits Destroy Home of Terrorist but then Condemn Jews when they do the Same

Rubbish. I saw a house in Palestine demolished for no good reason. The owner was a disabled man, and the house was built out of a collection passed around by locals for the old man. The Israeli soldiers assaulted the old man as he tried to defend his house. It was reduced to rubble.
I knew another man whose house was under threat of demolition and was paying half his salary to try to prevent it, but they might do it anyway. He has four children.
The reason? They have no permits. They don't even bother coming up with excuses anymore.
When will people open their eyes?


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