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Call to Action June 5th, 2004

A call to action against the G-8 on the night of June 5, 2004.
On June 18, 1999 the G8 was accompanied by militant action in every country that was represented at the meetings. Major financial institutions were shut down, buildings were occupied and symbols of corporate oppression were ruined. For the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union, capital had something to fear- even in the richest countries in the world. This was a resistance unlike that which had ever been seen before. The anti-capitalist warriors followed no one, they took no orders except those that came from their heart. They showed that their was resistance everywhere to all things that the G8 represents.
Since then the resistance has only been growing as the policies of this institution continue to wreck our planet. We have dismantled their fences, we’ve broken their windows, we’ve burned their banks. Acting like cornered animals they have retaliated with arrests, batons, pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets and gunning down our comrade Carlo Giuliani at the G8 summit in 2001. This has not frightened us away. We know that we must confront them wherever they are.

That includes our own neighborhoods.

Imagine Saturday June 5th thousands of people taking to the streets nation-wide in small groups of trusted friends. Anonymous people spontaneously acting out their passion for a better world. Imagine a flying brick, a burning dumpster, a street torn apart.
Imagine Sunday June 6th the capitalists wake up to find their institutions ablaze. Imagine the SUV drivers staying home because all the roads are blocked by barricades. Imagine the yuppies reading their Sunday morning paper to find that there was a full scale revolt the night before without a shot ever being fired. Imagine our movement once again proving that we are everywhere.

Imagine June 5th as Insurrection Night.

This is our chance to use new ways of protest. We will take them by surprise. Their massive numbers in Georgia will be their undoing. They can guard the summit but they can’t guard every Bank, every Wal-Mart, every Starbucks. They can’t make sure every road stays clear. We will work under the cover of darkness and we won’t get caught.
This night is for all those that oppose the policies of the G8 and hope for a better world. From Anarchists to Raging Grannies, Elf and Alf to Anti-War activists, Labor unions to Anti-Authoritarians, on June 5th we all have a job to do. This world is ours and it is time for those in power to be forced to acknowledge it. They can spend 50 million dollars in Georgia to build a police state and protect people talking about policy, but we will not be distracted.

We will attack those policies in the real world.

In Georgia we can stand and present our radical perspective. We can prove their police state will not intimidate us, but neither will it lure us into their trap of brutal beatings and plastic cuffs. We can take this opportunity to show the strength of our movement and prove that our privilege in America has not placated us.

In Love and Solidarity,
Remembrance of Carlo Collective (South Eastern Anarchist Network)

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