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Ask Amy Goodman to Expose 9-11 cover-up!

Dear 9/11 activists and concerned citizens,

Please participate in our "Waking Amy" campaign and
help us get David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl
Harbor, on Democracy Now. A previous action alert we
sent out in this regard has been having an effect, so
now we are re-doubling our efforts, and we need your
continued help! Everything you need is in this email,
but you can also go to our full campaign web page here:

Thank you and please forward this email to everyone you
can. Get your friends involved!

Emanuel Sferios
Webmaster, 9-11 Visibility Project



Amy Goodman is the host and executive producer of
Democracy Now, a national, daily, progressive,
independent, news program airing on over 140 TV and
radio stations in North America. Democracy Now is a
leading voice in the national, alternative media, and
regularly provides hard-hitting, critical analysis of
the corporate media and US government. While having not
yet asked the important questions surrounding 9/11,
Democracy Now producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous told us
recently they are "seriously considering" having David
Ray Griffin on the show, author of the book, The New
Pearl Harbor. This would be a major step forward for
the 9-11 Truth movement and the national alternative
media in general, as The New Pearl Harbor provides a
sober and compelling analysis of the evidence for US
Government complicity in 9/11. Please read our
recommendations below and then call and email Democracy
Now today!


First off, there is a high probability that Democracy
Now will have David Ray Griffin on the show. They may
also begin to make a permanent shift in their coverage
of 9/11. We have been in contact with a number of the
producers, including Amy herself. They have been sent
copies of the book and have told us they have read it.
They have also told us directly they want to have
Griffin on the show, but they haven't given us a date.
So now we want to increase the friendly pressure, and
we need your help. What we want you to do is email and
telephone the folks at Democracy Now, and get your
friends to as well. Help us wake up Amy!

(copy and paste or use your own words)

Dear Democracy Now producers and staff,

Thank you for your unrelenting critical analysis of US
and World politics. I am a big fan of your show. I am
writing today to ask you to please have David Ray
Griffin on your show, professor, theologian and author
of the new book, "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing
Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11." Dr.
Griffin provides a sober and rational analysis of
evidence strongly suggesting US Government complicity
in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Consider the following: There has been no serious
investigation into 9/11. The current commission is not
asking the important questions being demanded by the
9-11 families, who are now more frustrated than ever.
Also, not a single person in the FAA, NORAD, or any of
the intelligence agencies has been reprimanded, despite
the official claim that 9/11 resulted from a massive
"failure" in our intelligence and air defense systems.
For these reasons as well as other compelling evidence
detailed in Griffin's book, the notion of high-level
complicity can no longer be dismissed as "conspiracy
theory," and must be taken seriously.

Please note also that Howard Zinn has endorsed Dr.
Griffin's book, and Princeton University Professor
Richard Falk has written the foreward. Dr. Griffin is a
highly-respected Professor of Philosophy at the
Claremont School of Theology in California, and is the
author and editor of more than 20 books.

Lastly, a free press is the keystone of democracy, but
it must be willing to ask the difficult questions. If
9/11 was America's version of the German Reichstag fire
(and evidence suggests it was), these questions need to
be asked now, while we are still able to ask them. As
you know, we cannot rely on the corporate media to be
our watchdogs. You are our best hope in this regard.
Please do the right thing. Please respond when you have
a date set. The 9-11 families, all Americans, and the
citizens of the world are counting on you.

Thank you and sincerely,


(Try to do everything below, but if you feel
overwhelmed, just do one or two things. Remember the
best approach is to establish and then MAINTAIN
contact. Call and/or email a few times a week. In your
emails, ask them to respond back. Ask for a date for
Griffin's interview. Be friendly but persistent.
Remember the gravity of the issue.)

PHONE: (212) 431-9090
FAX: (212) 431-8858

(copy and paste)

mail (at), jeremy (at),
mike (at), sharif (at),
jgonzalez (at), ana (at),
elizabeth (at), rich (at),
lee (at), karen (at),
denis (at), jenny (at),
carmen (at), angie (at),
webmaster (at)

(better to use the quick-list above)

General email account: mail (at)
Producer/Correspondent Jeremy Scahill:
jeremy (at)
Producer Mike Burke: mike (at)
Producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous: sharif (at)
Co-Host Juan Gonzalez: jgonzalez (at)
TV Producer Ana Nogueira: ana (at)
TV Producer Elizabeth Press: elizabeth (at)
Assistant Engineer Rich Kim: rich (at)
Digital Media Programmer Lee Azzarello:
lee (at)
Development Director Karen Ranucci:
karen (at)
Outreach Coordinator Denis Moynihan:
denis (at)
Distribution Manager Jennifer Filippazzo:
jenny (at)
Volunteer Coordinator Carmen Mitchell:
carmen (at)
Angie Karran: angie (at)

(use this form in addition to emailing)

(Although they take more time to send, postal letters
are often taken more seriously, for this very reason.)

Democracy Now!
PO Box 693
New York, NY 10013


First, note that the primary reason Democracy Now is
considering having David Ray Griffin on the show is
because his book (certain to be attacked as "conspiracy
theory") has been endorsed by none other than Howard
Zinn, author of "A People's History of the United
States." Zinn--along with Richard Falk, who wrote the
Foreword--is the most prominent left academic in the US
to date (in league with Noam Chomsky) to endorse the
full critique of the official story of 9-11. Others are
certain follow his example, since many have simply been
waiting for an opportune time to come forward. So be
sure in your emails and phone calls to Democracy Now
that you mention Howard Zinn's endorsement of Griffin's

Next, be aware the alternative left media has been
traditionally hesitant to address issues easily
attacked as "conspiracy theories." Unfortunately, the
conspiracy theory label has been effectively used in
the past to marginalize dissident voices. To deflect
these attacks, the left media chooses to frame their
perspective using what they describe as an
"institutional analysis" rather than a "conspiracy
analysis." The idea is that US foreign aggression is
the logical and expected consequence of corporate, profit-based
institutions. Of course there is no contradiction
between the two types of analysis. The point is simply
to be aware of this perspective when you speak or write
to them. For example, you may want to use the word
"complicity" rather than "conspiracy" in your emails
and phone calls.

Lastly, remember to always be polite. Thank them for
their commitment to peace and justice and for covering
issues (like Haiti) typically ignored by the corporate
media. Remind them that the Bush Administration's
complicity in 9-11 is one of these same issues, and
that 9-11 continues to be the driving force behind the
bogus "war on terror."

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Need info for a sponsor who wants somewhere immediate to put energy and funds


I live in Santa Cruz, CA and I have a friend who is asking me for info about the best place to pack his energy, contacts and money in the most immediate and highly effective/visible area.

Any suggestions?

I believe he is wanting somthing with immediate action and biggest effect.

Thanks...I appreciate your time.
Joy K. Haley
408.590.7255 Cell


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