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Retail Intervention at the Crap, Starfucks, and Urban (sn)Outfitters

Reverend Billy and the Stop Big Boxes Gospel Choir in Santa Cruz.
April 20, 2004
Retail Interventions are one of the many ways to communicate with corporations.

Retail Interventions send the message that multinational corporations are not welcome in the community.

Church members entered the Gap on Pacific Ave. and then headed to Starbucks for a morning sermon.

Reverend Billy then lead people across the street for singing and dancing at the Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company. Reverend Billy praised the SCCRC for being a locally owned coffee shop and working with farmers in latin america.

Urban Outfitters is the newest corporation leaching money out of Santa Cruz and into the pockets of ultra-conservative republicans.

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Re: Retail Intervention at the Crap, Starfucks, and Urban (sn)Outfitters

I'd rather work in a sweat shop making $0.14/hr in a country with a cost-of-living so low that I can survive, albeit barely, on $15/mo, than live in that same country and be jobless and thus homeless and hungry.

If it wasn't worth it, they wouldn't do it.

Minimum wage laws are an attack upon the poor, because they destroy jobs. A job that is only worth $4/hr, is left undone in America.

Think "minimum wage" requirements help the poor? Why dont you ask those poor guys sitting in front of San Lorenzo Lumber every morning, looking for work. Your "protection" only leaves them jobless.

Who's exploiting who, really? The employers, who extend an offer of trade, or the activists who accomplish little more than their own entertainment?

all i know is that ida no, don't know.....

See the sad thing is, you (or anyone else) can't find out about real sweatshops, cause the companies that use them won't let people in to see the conditions, let alone allow westerners to work there. As for the cost of living arguement, yes it's cheaper to live there, but where do all the products that people need to buy come from?? Produced locally in their country?? Hardly! Most third world markets are stocked with American, European, or Asian goods, and those are often quite expensive. Already, the products that are produced in sweatshops are products that the workders could never afford or really need (Nike is a great example of this, do $200 sneakers sound useful to you if you were starving?) Why is the concept of a living wage so hard to understand?? Workers deserve dignity, respect and the right not to be abused by those who have the power and wealth (the employers). Ida no's faith in the free market philosophies of deregulating everything and letting those with money and power set the terms of employment would only land us back to days of children working the mines and absolutely no unions anywhere. One only has to look to Wal-Fart to see this in action.

"If it wasn't worth it, they wouldn't do it."

Yeah, I'm sure the starving people would love to starve rather than be exploited viciously then tossed out like garbage as soon as they don't make quota or their eyes go bad from squinting all day. It's called, not having a choice. Work these jobs or starve. It's that simple. Once again, the concept of a living wage applies here. Why let these companies brutalize the people and give them just enough so they have to come back another day?? Why not make them pay a few stinking cents an hour more to give these people some dignity and a decent standard of living, for their respective country. These companies could still be immensely profitable and treat thier workers well, but choose instead to put money, the bottom line, and the pursuit of dollars for a few ahead of people's lives. Purely criminal if you ask me.

"Who's exploiting who, really? The employers, who extend an offer of trade, or the activists who accomplish little more than their own entertainment"

Really, there is no need to dignify this sentence with an answer. It's obvious that the Gap only wants to let small children in Thailand make an honest wage making shirts for 12 hours on end, while those mean spirited activists who just want to point out the fact that those shirts have a several thousand percent mark up (when cost to produce, transport, and distribute the shirts are considered) are only out for their own entertainment....
Riiiiiight.... And if you believe that, I got some swamp land in Florida and a bridge in Brooklyn that's for sale.

Look, trade in itself is not a bad thing. But not when its protected by repressive conditions and governments. Not to mention that whole racist Imperialism/Colonialism thingy that lasted for several hundred years. Europe and the US(i.e. the white, vicious, racist, colonial masters) wouldn't be where they are today if the "third world"(i.e. people of color) weren't controled, robbed blind and exploited for several generations. Many coutries are still trying to "develop" their way out of the forced poverty of imperialism, but malquiladora(sweatshop) jobs alone certainly won't make that happen, and in fact are an attack on working people here. Capital will always go to where the labor is cheapest, hence the de-manufacturing of our economy and the recent outsourcing craze. When workers in one country accept a lower wage or are allowed to be repressed, it will only hurt us here because capital will obviously leave behind the protections won by workers here, and go where repression and cost of living differences makes more money.

Wanting to make money isn't a crime (although maybe it should be) but making money with the cold calous heart that one needs to destroy entire lively hoods, families, and communities all for the sake of stinking dollar definately should be.

Make trade fair for all involved instead of making the rich "free" to do whatever the hell their greedy, money grubbing hearts desire.

Y una cosa mas,
Cuando has hablado con la gente en frente de SL Lumber?? Cuando, que dia, que hora? Les conoces a ellos? Vayas a decirme que la mayoria de ellos no quieren seguridad en sus trabajos. Que seria mejor no tener protecciones contra las pinche racistas que prefieren usar gente sin papeles para que pueden abusarlos sin reprecussiones? Mi gente quieren trabajar, mas que la gente de aqui, es cierto. Pero no como esclavos. Somos humanos y tenemos los mimos derechos de trabajadores en todos los lados. "Ida no" sabe nada de mi gente o la gente en frente de SLL. Su nombre dice todo porque es muy obvioso que no sabe nada. Que idiota!

Re: Retail Intervention at the Crap, Starfucks, and Urban (sn)Outfitters

orale sandanista y Billy! ida no- eres un pinche cabron con uno cabeza de caca! vas a trabajar en "el mundo tercero," o Mexico, o en las campas de watsonville. perdoname si me espanol no es perfecto. es mi lingua segundo....


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