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Hydrogen HUMvee Highway 2 martial law

Arnold's recent visit 2 UC Davis heralded his hydrogen highway HUMvee plan 4 CA. The water needed 4 the hydrogen fuel cells no doubt diverted from the local rivers?
Currently Arnold's 6 HUMvee (military vehicle) burn plenty petroleum mostly from "recovered" crude oil in USA occupied Iraq. Nevermind the Iraqi children who died from US militatry bombs aimed at mosques, Arnold needs to impress the state of CA with his manhood by driving a military HUMvee through people's neighborhoods..

His promise for the future is hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, with clean air emissions of pure H2O. The only source of energy needed is water, though the combustable hydrogen gas (H2) needed for fuel takes ? amount of energy to separate from water initially. Greater amounts of water for H2 production would be taken from rivers under corporate control, then sold to consumers similar to the petroleum pump. Just switch one financial dependency for another, and steal Colorado River water from Mexico (sorry, i forgot, the USa already steals Colorado River water from Mexico for corporate agribusiness). The Mexican government doesn't mind Colorado water theft though, Vincentes Fox, former CEO of Coca-cola Mexico, has sold the natural spring agua aquifers under the feet of indiginas la gente de Oaxaca y Chiapas to Coca-cola. Fox is eager to accept more hush money from the oil baron GW Bush..

Corporate petroleum profits from the fast rate of sales in SUVs and HUMvees are making the stolen Iraqi oil disappear quickly into the air of cities as NOx, Carbon mOnoxide and particulates. Asthma, lung cancer and low level CO poisoning from long term exposure causes inner city residents (LA, Houston, Fresno, Sacto, etc) respiratory health problems..

Petroleum corporations like EXXONMobil, Shell, British Petroleum are also investing their profits from rapid petroleum sales into the future "alternative energy" market of hydrogen and biodiesel (see Monsanto and GME/GE hemp, corn, etc.).

When the corporations and their puppet actor PR politicians like Arnold can't get their petroleum and oxygen combusting HUMvees started because they burnt it into the air, they will turn to control of water and the element hydrogen, bound tightly in the water molecule. Plenty of energy that could feed people or fish would then be needed so Arnold's corporate masters can sell hydrogen and Arnold can show off his steroid enhanced muscles while flexing on the Hydrogen HUMvee highway..

Safety for children? Another HUMvee myth, the large size and mass makes stopping take a long time, anyone in the way (children still run and play last time i checked) is likely to get squashed by the HUMvees large tires. Since when are military vehicles and children compatible? Plan to turn CA into a martial law battlefield Arnold?

Do us activists get to look forward to salt bisquits and barbed wire at the FEMA camps?

Bicycles with multiple chains can carry much weight and travel quite fast, with wind and rain protection and free energy, pedal power!!

Hey Arnold, love the accent hon, but could u do everyone a favor and ride a bike (faehrad auf deutsch) already?

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Re: Hydrogen HUMvee Highway 2 martial law

Then again, new methods of desaliznation have made the plants far more efficient, and affordable.


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