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LOCAL Announcement :: Peace & War

Bill Motto Post to Commemorate War Dead

When: Sunday, April 10th, 1PM
Where: On Front St. in front of Post Office Downtown Santa Cruz

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Please support the Tannery Art Center!

When: Thursday, April 7th, 7PM
Where: Santa Cruz City Council Chambers

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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth : Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

FSRN: Military Recruiters Forced From UCSC

US military planners are having a tough time finding and retaining new recruits. The US Army fell almost one-third short of its recruiting goal for the month of March. To lure in potential enlistees, they're beefing up scouts, and offering large bonuses. Last month, high profile counter-recruitment protests were staged at City College in New York Seattle Community College, and San Francisco State. Yesterday, some 300 students and community members held a raucous demonstration at the University of California, Santa Cruz campus, where US military recruiters had a booth at the campus' Job and Internship fair. FSRN reporter Vinny Lombardo files this report.

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights

Raza Work to Stop Library Closings

XISPAS, the Los Angeles website & blog dedicated to Chicano culture, art, and politics, reports on the library crisis in Salinas California. The state will be closing three public libraries this coming June for "lack of funds", and raza are spearheading a struggle to keep the libraries open. This fight for public access is only part of our mounting battle for civil and human rights. El Movemiento is revitalized with the energy of a whole new generation working for peace and justice. We're offering an except of our library crisis coverage below... but please visit our web log for the full article and other posts of interest. ¡Si, Se Puede! -Xispas Staff /

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News :: Resistance & Tactics

The Coming Civil War and Repolarization for Revolution in the Present Era

Just to be clear, I didn't choose this title lightly or facetiously, but in all seriousness. In speaking to "a coming civil war" I am "drawing inspiration" from Newt Gingrich (the prominent Republican politician who was formerly the Speaker of the House of Representatives), who has made the observation that what's happening now in the electoral arena and the broader things that it reflects in U.S. society is analogous to what was going on in the U.S. in the 1840s and the 1850s, and that this isn't something that will—I'm paraphrasing, but this is the essence—this isn't something that will go away. It will only be decided when one side or the other wins out.


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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture

TUVALU at Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In

In a desolate and colorless landscape stands a dilapidated bathhouse run by a puffed-up blind man, his long-suffering wife, and their son Anton, who does all the work. He's lonely and unsophisticated, and he falls in love with the beautiful Eva, who comes to bathe with her father. Gorgeous and brimming with humor, Tuvalu is dreamy, creative, and romantic.

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LOCAL News :: Peace & War


rally_file_1.jpgMarch 5, 2005; Santa Cruz CA: After 200 students joined a rally and march to “Kick Recruiters Out of UCSC? eighty sign-carrying, chanting and determined demonstrators gained access to the Stevenson Activity Center Career Fair, surrounded military recruiters and effectively terminated recruiting activities.

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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth

Tent University Santa Cruz, April 18-22: Claiming UCSC As Our Own

From April 18-22, they will camp by the hundreds. UC Santa Cruz students, staff, and faculty -- not to mention dozens and dozens of community members -- will converge on the fields at the base of the campus for Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC), which promises to be among the largest political gatherings in the recent history of UCSC.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth

Statewide Walkout for Public Education on April 20 - March and Rally in Santa Cruz

Wednesday, April 20th


2:00pm Rally at the County Buildings

• No more budget cuts to public education.
• Fully fund Prop 98.
• Tax the top 1%.

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LOCAL News :: Peace & War

UCSC Students Kick Military Recruiters Off Campus


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