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News :: Environment & Food

Proposed desalination plant endangers ocean and public water rights

Poseidon Inc, a multi-national water privatization corporation, wants to build a publicly subsidized desalination plant in Huntington Beach.

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Announcement :: Media Criticism

Boycott The Drudge Report

Flush Drudge! (His website sucks anyway).

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News :: Peace & War

Analysis: 'Black August' in Iraq

by Martin Sieff, UPI Senior News Analyst
17 Aug 2005
Published August 15, 2005

WASHINGTON -- It is "Black August" for American soldiers in iraq. Devastating improvements in shaped charges and multiple-piled mines used by Sunni Muslim insurgents there have enabled them to inflict massive casualties on U.S. forces.

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism : Government & Elections : Police State

Nigerian Regime Comes Around Full Circle (corrected)

In 1979, General Obasanjo was removed from office, marking the beginning of Nigeria's 2nd Republic. After several regime changes, he returned to power and by now has worn out his welcome. There is special significance in the mention of Jimmy Carter in this recent editorial calling for Obajsanjo's resignation: relating to help he may have received by way of an unexpected source: Edwin Wilson

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Announcement :: Labor & Economics

Announcement "Anticompetitivist Ideology"

Is born the first great ideology of the millenium!
Is born the anticompetitivist ideology of the "full effective and obligatory occupation (of all the families) for law", of the successive and innovative historical phase regarding the Socialism, of the anticycling of the economy, ("the second phase" of the democracy, that one "material") and of the peace.

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Commentary :: Resistance & Tactics

Between the Crosses

Some thoughts that crossed my mind after hearing Cindy Sheehan speak

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LOCAL News :: Environment & Food

Many Hands make "light" work!

In a few years, the price of oil will skyrocked. Oil is used in pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, fuel for farming machinery, and for transporting crops. An oil shortage will cause a food shortage. Heres how to get prepared! Achieve food independance by growing and storing your own organic food!

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Midnight Mystery Ride this Friday (8/19)

bridgeX2.jpgCome join our cycle crusaders as we take back the night, with a mysterious ride at Midnight into the back roads of santa cruz.

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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media

FRSC: Gaza "Withdrawl"

Two Interviews on The Gaza pullout situation as the Occupation of Palestine continues.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Police State : Resistance & Tactics

Whose streets? Our Streets? Environmental group faces legal battle over Critical Mass bike ride.

The future of Critical Mass in New York City remains uncertain, as environmental group TIME’S UP! is forced to foot the bill for an impending court battle.

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