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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Peace & War

Atomic Memorial at SC Courthouse

Spirit.jpgCentral Coast residents gathered at noon on Friday, August 5th at a vigil at the Santa Cruz County Courthouse steps to remember the vicitms of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings.

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Announcement :: Peace & War

Woodstock 2005: The Party to End it All- Crawford, Texas- Now!

The Police will clamp down the police state measures at the DC protests, Bush probably won't even be in town... but right now he's on a month long vacation in Crawford, Texas.

He's within a days drive of most of America- pack up the car and go... if we come, in masses, surely some sane human with cash will donate the funds to build provide a mini tent city with free food...

surely tons of bands will come and fire up the crowd with awesome music, just go to Crawford- for our children.

this will be The Party...

we will convince the police that we are Good Americans that merely want to Save Our Country. We will free their minds from the propaganda and get them to join us against this fake Cowboy- Frat Boy from hell.

bring tents and lots of water.... and be prepared to stay.

This is IT.

Send this out to everyone you know then get the cooler, sleeping bags and tent, hit the store and go!

Wouldn't it be cool if George Soros or Move On or somebody would charter some busses and buy train tickets for all of the unemployed? The USA funded Ukraines tent city, who is going to fund ours?

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Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Free Download, Canadian Anarchist Folk Music

I am anarchist folk singer Joey Only here in Vancouver British Columbia. I'm inviting you to my website to download my music for free. Mostly these are political stories about events here in Canada.

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News :: Government & Elections : Peace & War

Former UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cook Dies of Heart Attack

Cook resigned to avoid any association with the dossier on Iraq's WMD August 6, 2005
Apparently in the best of health, Robin Cook collapsed while walking through his favorite hills in Scotland. Less than 2 hours later, after having been flown by helicopter to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, Cook was declared dead at 4:00pm GMT 1. Cook enjoyed a long and vigorous career as a labor party leader. Outspoken, as always, in his views on attacking Iraq, he resigned from Tony Blair's government on March 17, 2003. Since then, he has continued to speak out against the war, and against the deception that led the UK into a war "...for reasons of US foreign policy and Republican domestic politics."

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LOCAL News :: Arts & Culture : Peace & War

Dove of Peace

The Peace Dove puppet created by Santa Cruz Art & Revolution.

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Announcement :: Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

ORANGE FRIDAY: 24 Hours to Resist the Occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan

ORANGE FRIDAY is a day of learning, a day of reflection, a day of resistance. For twenty-four hours we skip class, we skip work, we leave our cars at home, we buy nothing, we fast. For one day we set our lives aside to examine and understand this occupation; professors hand over their podiums to discussion about peace and justice; teach-ins spring up across our communities; businesses close their doors; our cities shut down.

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News :: Media Criticism

Spy v. Spy: Bob Novak, the CIA's MOCKINGBIRD program & the Plame/Wilson Scandal

Is Robert Novak a CIA/Operation MOCKINGBIRD agent?

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Why? Why? Why? What did we ever do to you?

An overwhelming majority of the world's men have hated and feared women for the last 5,000 years since they destroyed the Goddess societies. Today, they continue to do so.

Dangerous wild animals are either caged, "tamed" or killed. So are women.

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LOCAL News :: Transportation

Pedestrian Access at Boardwalk/Trestle Bridge - Boardwalk and City Staff Collaborate?

[It really looks to me like City Staff and the Boardwalk have been caught trying to sneak one over on the public... City Staff is taking the "easy" way out here, by attempting to do this without public input. Debbie makes a number of good points in this article. Maybe this is a reasonable trade off... but we, the public, won't know, unless and until there's been a lot mroe information released. -Thomas]

From: Debbie Bulger
To: dfbulger (at)
Subject: Ped access at Boardwalk/Trestle Bridge
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2005 12:48:14 -0700 (15:48 EDT)

Dear All,

Here is what I have found out about the proposed closing of the ped access at the Boardwalk and re-routing of the bike exit/approach to the bridge on the west:

The item has been pulled from the August 10 meeting of the Coastal Commission at the request of the Seaside Company. It is likely to be rescheduled for October.

On Friday, July 29 I met twice with people at the site to learn more about the proposed project: One meeting was with Chris Schneiter, Cheryl Schmitt (both from the city PW Dept.) and with Ted Whiting III from the Boardwalk. The second meeting was with various Mission: Ped members and other activists who had requested a meeting.

The staff of the Coastal Commission believe that the proposed fencing off of where the bike path currently goes would "preclude future opportunities to provide one-way bike and ped paths on both sides of the Union Pacific RR . . . ." The Coastal Commission staff report is attached.

There have been no public hearings at City Council or at the Transportation Commission so far as I know regarding this re-routing of both ped and bike routes and of permanently closing public access to the beach along Walkway 6 through the Boardwalk.

Since the city is strapped for money, the Public Works staff would like to "trade" the public access to the beach at Walkway 6 and additional fencing of 2300 sq. ft. of land in exchange for Boardwalk funding of most of the costs of the proposed new bike ramp. Ted Whiting told me the Seaside Company would not fund the new bike/ped ramp if they don't get the land they want and the fencing approved.

The land in question is part of the disputed tidelands over which the Seaside Company is currently suing the city. It also appears that this disputed property is controlled by the state and not the city's to trade away.

The proposed new bike/ped ramp would exit from the west side of the trestle bridge and ultimately take a hairpin turn and end pretty much where the existing ramp ends above the parking lot near the levee junction. This proposed ramp would be 8' wide and would be shared by both bikes and peds.

Peds coming across the bridge would have to walk a lot farther than at present. They could not access the train or boardwalk directly along the RR tracks as they do now, but would have to double back. With Walkway 6 closed when the boardwalk is closed, the ped distance to the beach could be increased as much as a quarter mile. Beach access could still occur for much of the year directly under the trestle bridge, however this route would be more difficult for those with strollers. Access along the river is also blocked by water at times during the winter.

It is less than optimal for bikes and peds to share an 8' wide ramp (The new ramp would be ADA compliant.). When building new, it seems better to separate bikes and peds. There is a lot of bike and ped traffic on this route.

Walkway 6 is the shortest route for boardwalk patrons to get to the Boardwalk parking lot. During my meetings, I saw three people hop the illegal 8' fence (2 men, 1 woman). Also many others approached the gate to exit and turned away because it was locked. Although the Boardwalk is proposing to open this gate during operating hours, it was fenced 4 years ago without a permit and remains fenced.

Why hasn't the city had a public hearing on this complicated issue? Would the trade be made and one day all the hundreds of people who use the trestle bridge suddenly find out they must walk further?

Since this route is my main bike route to Live Oak, I agree that we need a better connection between the trestle bridge and the Beach Street bikeway. I do not know if sources of funding other than the Seaside Company have been explored. I am not particularly happy from a pedestrian standpoint with the proposed design and continued sharing of the ramp by bikes and peds. And I certainly don't want to see this trade stand in the way of future bike and ped access on the rail trail. And finally, is the additional 2300 sq ft the city's to give away?


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News :: Media Criticism


A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Spain, Cuba, and Russia.

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