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Community Service Officer

Community Service Officers seem like cops to me.

What Community do these Officers Service?
And, it what ways?
what is a community service officer?

what's that saying about the duck?

If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if sounds like a duck

then i guess it must be a cop, or duck.

i was at the downtown Santa Cruz farmer's market today and i saw a Community Service Officer patroling the market.

then, i saw he was leaning over and talking to some guy that was just sitting on the curb on lincoln st. by todal fitness and the farmer's market.

i did not see when the guy sat down on the curb, and i did not see when the cop (are we still calling them Community Service Officers?) confronted the guy on the curb. However, i know the guy had been on the curb for less than ten minutes becuase i saw that curb ten minutes and the guy was not there.

i was curious why the Community Service Officer was investigating the guy sitting on the curb so walked up to both watch and listen.

Then, the Community Service Officer picked up the styrofoam Jamba Juice container and pull to top off and smelled the contents.

That's when I spoke up to the guy on the curb and said that his fourth ammendment was just violated, search and seizure.

The Community Service Officer replied, "He said it wasn't his."

To this i huffed in disgust and walked away.

i did not see the Community Service Officer investigate any of the other people that sat down on that particular curb. Maybe the it was because the guy on the curb 'looked homeless.'

i did not see the Community Service Officer investigating any other left behind 'trash' just the Jamba Juice near the guy that 'looked homeless' and, the Community Service Officer said that the guy on the curb said it was not his Jamba Juice container.

Community Service Officers seem like cops to me.

What Community do these Officers Service?
And, it what ways?

I don't think they are usually interested in picking up trash, let alone taking the time to smell it.

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Re: Community Service Officer

COPWATCH TRAINING MAY 8th 1-5 in San Lorenzo Park.
Know how to respond to these violations of privacy and basic rights when they happen in your eyesight and when they happen TO YOU (they will). Know your rights, know when police are taking advantage of the badge because they know they can, know how to call them on their shit, know when to press your luck and when to back off, know how to push and when to chill... Be part of an organization aimed at exposing their role in oppression. SATURDAY MAY 8th 1-5. San Lorenzo Park, 137 Dakota St. Near Ocean St. FREE For more info:
SC Copwatch 621-1726


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