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Bladerunner at the Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In - Friday May 7th 8pm

Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In Presents: Bladerunner
Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In Presents:


A sci-fi noir detective story, a meditation on the value of life, the responsibility of God, and what it means to be human. Hosted by Reverend Johnny.

May 7th 8:00 pm & every other Friday all summer,
Dubois St, Santa Cruz

PLUS selected shorts, previews, yummy popcorn, good company, and an intermission.

BRING blankets, lawn chairs, friends, wine, & snackies for intermission. Donations to support the project are more than welcome.

SANTA CRUZ GUERILLA DRIVE-IN is exactly what it sounds like -- an outdoor movie theatre under the stars that springs up unexpectedly in the fields and industrial wastelands. Guerilla Drive-In is helping reclaim public space and transform our urban environment into the joyful playground it should be.

DIRECTIONS: S on Hwy 17 to Hwy 1, R on River St/hwy 9, L on Encinal, L on Dubois, look for an empty field next to a big white wall

This will be the second summer that Guerilla Drive-In will be entertaining folk for free in the San Francisco Bay area. Last year, we showed such films as Cool Hand Luke, Pump Up the Volume, Repo Man, and Fight Club. This year, our summer series will feature a dozen films, a film every other Friday night.

Our entire summer schedule can be found on the web at

- - - - -

The Third Man

May 21st

Rico's candidate for best film ever made. Great filmmaking in glorious black and white, a twisting plot, a haunting setting in post-war Vienna, Orson Wells, and fantastic zither music. Hosted by Rico.

- -


June 4th

A dark treatment of love and sex in this unexpected, bitterly comic, and sweet sexy film about the kinky courtship between a shady lawyer and his acquiescent stenographer. Hosted by Annie.

- - -

Ghost World

June 18th

A story of two disaffected recent high school grad girls and one strange, obsessive loner and their struggles to come to grips with a culture they are expected to become part of. Hosted by Morgan.

- - -

Nine to Five

July 2nd

Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton take revenge on the sexist, bigoted, boss from hell. Deliciously dated, yet sharp, inventive, and funny. Hosted by Bubba.

- - -

Waking Life

July 16th

Dreams. An escape from reality or reality itself? Waking Life follows the dream of one man and his attempt to find and discern the absolute difference between waking life and the dreamworld. Hosted by Rev Johnny.

- - -

Majo no takkyubi
(Kiki's Delivery Service)

July 30th

From the studios of Hayao Miyazaki, creator of Princess Mononoke. A 13-year-old witch strikes out on her own and learns about self-reliance, interdependence, and her own powers. Possibly a double bill with Kaze no tani no Naushika. Hosted by Rico.

- - -


August 13th

Off-kilter, sweet, and hopelessly romantic, a playfully melancholy coming of age story that plays on the themes of adolescence: teetering invincibility, ambition dogged by defeat, and the swoon of discovering yourself in unguarded moments. Host: Rev Johnny.

- - -

Run Lola Run

August 27th

A high-octane pulse-pounder driven by style, speed, deviously clever flourishes, and a driving techno-beat--a film that moves so fast it almost breaks free of its limited orbit. Hosted by Quentin.

- - -

Punch Drunk Love

September 10th

A simple and surreal oddball love story, at turns funny and harrowing, sweet and heartbreaking. A treatise on the belief in true love against all odds, expectations, and reason. Hosted by Reverend Johnny.

- - -

They Live

September 24th

Rowdy Roddy Piper as an unemployed blue caller worker and lone drifter, intergalactic free enterprising aliens, the Earth as just another third world maquiladora region, and the world's longest fist fight. A cult classic. Your host: Morgan.

- - -

American Beauty

October 8th

Kevin Spacey stars in this bitterly funny, beautiful, and disturbing story about a man who steps out of his middle-aged suburban life to find himself. Hosted by Amy.

- - -

Night of the Living Dead

October 22nd

A grainy little movie about flesh-eating zombies, isolation, and global panic realized on a claustrophobic and intimate scale. Hosted by Dan.

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