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BTL:Kerry Campaign's Lack of Focus and Swing to the Right Raises Concern of...

...Party Faithful Interview with Doug Ireland, The Nation commentator, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris
Kerry Campaign's Lack of Focus and Swing to the Right Raises Concern of Party Faithful

Interview with Doug Ireland, The Nation commentator, conducted by Scott Harris

As Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry tours the nation and raises funds in his race for the White House, there are growing doubts about the direction of his campaign. Many Democratic Party activists and political observers note that the presumed Democratic Party nominee has yet to find a clear or compelling message for his campaign. There is also concern in recent weeks that the Bush administration has succeeded in putting Kerry on the defensive about his tax policies, his support for the military and his war record.

Despite deepening violence and instability in Iraq, harsh questions what about the White House knew about possible attacks before Sept. 11, and a succession of scandals, Bush is holding his own or gaining ground in recent public opinion polls. Some critics of the Kerry campaign say his early support for the Iraq war, and later contradictory positions, make it difficult for the candidate to differentiate himself from the president. Others point out that Kerry's pro-corporate economic platform, designed to appeal to moderate voters, will fail to motivate the party faithful in numbers large enough to win in November.

Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with New York-based commentator Doug Ireland, who takes a critical look at the direction and strategy of John Kerry's campaign for president.

Doug Ireland's work regularly appears in the Nation magazine and the L.A. Weekly. Read Ireland's recent piece on John Kerry titled, "All Profile, No Courage" online at

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