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Medical Marijuana Giveaway Coming in June

HUFF activists announce "HUFF 'N PUFF", a Medical Marijuana Give Away to Spotlight the failure of the City to allow access to medical marijuana for poor people.
Coming in June : Homeless United For Friendship & Freedom presents HUFF ‘n PUFF

Access to Medical Marijuana for the Poor in Santa Cruz !

A Legal Direct Action Pot GiveAway for those who have a doctor’s recommendation, prescription,
or letter or a valid ID card under SB 420.

Our Purpose:

To persuade Santa Cruz City Council to change its restrictive medical marijuana ordinance which since 2000 has prevented the opening of any new clubs in the City.

To make medical marijuana directly available to those who are poor and unable to travel to other more civilized places like Oakland and San Francisco where marijuana distribution centers are permitted by city law.

To encourage local doctors to assist those with medical conditions in securing medical marijuana and to end physician profiteering in this important area.

The dates of the GiveAways will be announced soon.

If you wish to be a part of this action, get your documentation ready and let those on the HUFF n PUFF project know.

For breaking news on this project and future announcements

Listen to Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides on Free Radio Santa Cruz (101.1 FM and 6-8 PM Thursdays, 9:30-1 PM Sundays

Call the HUFF hotline at 831-423-4833.

Check in at the HUFF Table Wednesdays 6-9 PM in front of New Leaf Market Thursdays 6-8 PM in front of Borders Book Store in Santa Cruz

Come to the HUFF Wednesday Meeting 8:30-11 AM Baker’s Square Restaurant at 1107
Ocean St. Help Restore Human Rights in Santa Cruz for Everyone !

Check out the HUFF website at

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What are you smoking?

Great work Robert! Creative activism is the most effective! :)


"If you wish to be a part of this action, get your documentation ready and let those on the HUFF n PUFF project know."

Please notify me about "Medical Marijuana Giveaway Coming in June"



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