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Free Radio Santa Cruz FCC visit at new location

Free Radio Santa Cruz audio of FCC visit.

Listen to the Stream
frsc_visitfcc051304.mp3 (2752 k)
On Thursday may 13 2004 approx 10am Free Radio Santa Cruz was visited by FCC agents David Doon & David Harthsorn posted a notice of unlicensed radio broadcast and were poking around the property where the station resides. FRSC Programmer Vman heard them in the backyard and alerted the station where I was working and grabbed my minidisc recorder and ran to get an interview with the Agents.

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Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz FCC visit at new location

so what does this mean? are they coming back?

vinny needs a new camera.

Send us a camera then!!

The blame lies with Robert Norse. He's the one who put the cheap throwaway camera in the station. Don't hate the player, hate the game...

Send all cameras to:
PO Box 7507
Santa Cruz CA 95061


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