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Sorry, but this site lags bigtime.

I recently splashed around on the other Inyd sites. Have you ever done it? Very interesting. There is all kinds. But seriously, want to check out a vibrant healthy Indysite? Try Portland:

Really active healthy diolouge, fast moving cutting edge news and commentary etc. Lots of participation. Ours is like a small sleepy town. I don't think there is a fraction of the awareness and activism here as there is in Portland, at least on Indymedia. It's really dissapointing. You would think we would have a very active site, but only sometimes on certain issues. I think this site could use a rebirth in visual aesthetic (check some of the cool indysites around the country) and a boost of promotion. Fire it up! Do a fundraiser and pay someone to do a promotion campaign and a site rebirth. This is the most crucial time in history. So much is going down. It is so important that we use the resources we have to educate and activate while we still can. I am concerned that we are missing this opportunity. Is it because we think we know it all? We are too busy and stressed out to have extra energy for Indymedia? Working, studying, partying, not interested, over it, meditating and totally obvlivious to what is happening in the world, or what? All of the above?!?!?!?

Something to think about. :)

I think i'll visit this site once a week instead of daily.

PS. Do click around on the other indy sites, it is interesting to see how different towns do it. Some are allot less happening than hours. But not too many imo.

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Sorry, but YOUR POST lags bigtime.

The problem as I see it is that "disgruntled," like most Americans, expects SOMEONE ELSE to go out and make indymedia nice for them... Stop whining about aesthetics and go find some news to report.

"pay someone..."

"Do a fundraiser and pay someone to do a promotion campaign and a site rebirth"

Nobody is getting paid here.

SC-IMC just did a fundraiser...
There was a yard-sale and funds were raised to provide free workshops on publishing, editing, etc...

Did "disgruntled" help out at all?
I don't think so.

there are plenty of events listed on the calendar, and (to echo the words of Vinny) go out and start reporting on the news. then publish.

or, just keep checking portland imc so you can feel good about other people working hard to report the news.

Re: Sorry, but this site lags bigtime.

hey. its nice to see random love, but not at the expense of another imc! imc was created as a grassroots independent media outlet and should focus on local communities, thats why there are so many of em!

portland.indy does get a lot of traffic and moves fast and has alot of good contributions. however, we do have many posts from people outside of portland because it is such a vibrant site and people read it.

it would be more useful to put energy into your local imc tactic and make it work for your community. each one of us is a journalist and an activist...we just need to find the time to put some words together, even about something we saw on our block today.

actually, ESPECIALLY about things we see on our streets. that is where the corporate media lags, they want to tell horror stories from far away and keep disassociating people with the local community that already exists.

cover feel-good things and make people realize that there is a better way. and that better way may exist just a few blocks from their own. but we arent connected enough to see it.

so, as a volunteer at portland.indy, i would rather see people from santa cruz reading and posting to santa cruz imc. this is not a struggle about who gets more hits on their website.

this is a real struggle about how we are going to live when the corporationgovernemnt is constantly telling us that we cant be real feeling people, that all we have to do is kill and protect our freedom as it is stripped away.

so. please, use santa cruz imc and make it what you want it to be, post your stories and see them be featured, share visions and hope with people you wouldnt meet otherwise. and, above all else, get out there and make change happen!

scimc rocks!

Re: Sorry, but this site lags bigtime.

Hey, a friend send me a link to this cuz I work with portland indymedia. Thanks for the love! But just to add a thought: indy is what you make of it. The people at santa cruz indy are, no doubt, toiling long and thankless volunteer hours just like all imcistas. They can always use more help. So if you think things should be done differently, I'm sure they would welcome your help with the site. But, PLEASE don't "pay someone to do a promotion campaign" or assume that fundraising will make things better. It's heart and soul that build indymedia, not money. That's for the corporate media. Blech.

Thanks, though, for the kind words re Portland.

Spellcheck, dude

I hate spelling errors. What you meant was:
Indy, dialogue, disappointing, alot, & ours. Somehow you got aesthetic, though. I can't figure it out.

Thank you

Wow. Thanks for all the feedback!

I wrote the original post. I really value this site. What kind of came off with a negative vibe is more just a frustration to see it better. Portland Indy is so inspiring. I also want you know that I have put allot into this site over recdent months and posted many articles about various things, not just chemtrails! I have also learned tons of stuff. I also respond often to various posts. And no, it's not the aesthetic that makes the site, though there are some really incredible models that could be duplicated if someone had the ability. And having a nice looking website is important if you want people to be attracted to spending time on it, no?

How big is Portland compared to Santa Cruz? I'm just curious.

I don't think that very many local people even know about indymedia Santa Cruz. I thought if a public awareness campaign, ads, posters, radio, articles, or whatever was done to promote our site, allot more people would want to participate. Allot of people are looking for good alternative news and dialogue, and I think many would be siked to know this was here.

Whatever, I'm just rambling. If i'm not willing to do it, I probably shouldn't bring it up.

Considering the times we are living in, there is a HUGE need for expression and understanding. Communicating about current events in the way that only a forum like that can consistantly provide is an invaluable tool for many people to not only get educated on the news, but process their thoughts, be challenged and stretched, clarify their perpectives and make their own decisions. Judging from the way things are going, it would appear there is going to be a consistant increase in the intesity of political events, including ways that will progressively effect all of us.
I also think that Indymedia is an important outlet for foreign policy discussion as well, and again, healthy vibrant dialogue is truly healing in it's own way. So this is a healing forum, as well as a learning forum, no?

Any way, ultimately it is not fair to compare indy sites anyway. Each is it's own creation.

Peace within first, i am always remembering.


just out of curiosity, what stylesheet do you have your user account set to sanan? 'margins' or 'sfactive'? under 'themes' in the left hand column.

Re: Sorry, but this site lags bigtime.

I looked at the Portland indymedia site and it does look like there is more activity there than here. They also have a green background, an improvement over the standard black and white. One interesting post was "Leading environmentalist says nuclear power can save the planet."

I posted my response which was to consider Nuclear fusion in about 10 years. Of course in the time it took me to write it, three other posts had been made and the story scrolled to the archives.

For an extensive list of alternative media sites to visit and a bit of news now and then check out .

Re: Sorry, but this site lags bigtime.

Yeah, but does Portland have a hate-monger like Robert Norse who has historically dominated this site. (although much less so over the last year) Only a handful of locals tread here because this site still has the Norse stigma. Why would anyone want to put positive energy into that black comes the Norse defenders, I can feel it already.

Re: Sorry, but this site lags bigtime.

I am a Norse defender I suppose, and not because he is paying rent to me (which he is). He is not a hate monger, Nazi salute to City Council not withstanding. On the other hand some people don't Tolerate criticism, of themselves or of their perceived friends. It is those people who have a problem with Norse.


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