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Karin Zirk

The 2004 Annual Rainbow Gathering is happening in California, Utah or Nevada.

The truth is no one knows where the gathering will be at this time.

In July 2003, Vision Council called for it to be in
California, Utah or Nevada.

In November 2003, Thanksgiving Council discussed planning
for a healthy and safe gathering.

The 1st scout council happened from April 30th to May 2nd outside
of Oroville, California.

Folks have gone out scouting. More energy is needed to scout and
more communication between folks scouting is also needed. If you want
to plug into either area, call the scout contact number: 1-661-702-9199
This number will be available until spring
council. Use it to send possible site suggestion or to contact scouts in the field.
Please, no collect calls.

Then there will be a
2nd scout council June 4th and 5th - Location TBA. All people with information
on sites that have already been scouted should plan on attending the second scout council.

All the scouts and anyone interested in being involved
in site selection then attend Spring Council which starts
June 7 - location TBA. It generally takes 1-7 days for the council
to reach a decision. Often, but not always, the general
area that is used for Spring Council is where the gathering
will be -- I've seen it be 300 miles away and I've
seen it be 20 miles aways.

If you are flying, waiting to see where spring council is held
and aiming for the gathering to be within a few hundred miles is probably
the best bet. The gathering rarely happens adjacent to a major airport anyway. Same tactic for bus/rail transporation applies.

As soon as the site is selected, information is widely
distributed. All the information I have is located

Until spring council reseaches a decision, there is no
answer to the question "where is the gathering?"

However, I will offer this as Karin's personal opinion.
Most of the people who I know that are putting energy
into scouting for this gathering are putting more energy
into California, less into Nevada and only a small bit into
Utah. There may be other scouting efforts that I am unaware
of and no disrespect to those people who are putting in energy
that I am unaware of. This doesn't mean that the gathering
will be in any specific state. Just some informal feed
back on what's happening now.

The main day of the gathering is July 4. Some people come
a few weeks early to create the gathering. Some stay a few
weeks late to help with clean up. Plan on spending at least
a week so you have a chance to get settled in, make friends
and get involved.

I recommend that you read the Mini Manual of
Gathering Consciousness if you haven't been to the annual
gathering yet. You can find a copy on online
If you can't read PDF files, email me and I'll send
you an ASCII text copy.

******* PERMIT INFO************
Some people have expressed concerns about a permit being signed
for this year's gathering. At the current time, I know of
no individual or group of individuals who are working towards
signing a permit. The USFS has been given notice by many
individuals that no permit will be signed this year.

There is an opportunity to have the regulations changed.
A Mailman list has been set up to facilitate topic specific
discussion. The place to post can be found at:

changetheregs (at)

If something can be published in the Federal Register in time for public consideration during the Gathering, every day counts. Please, put your ideas forward.
************END PERMIT INFO*************

If you have any other questions, please ask.


If you want to be on my email list and get updates as they become available, please let me know.

Or write
Cooperations Council 2004
PO Box 3352
Santa Clara, CA, 95055-3352.

PS If you want to share some $$ to help the gathering,
the PO Box is the place to send it to. If you want your donation
to only be spent on Scouting, food, CALM, etc, just include
a note to that effect. All funds received will be held
until Spring Council forms a Banking Council to handle
the money.

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